Weakest Property & Casualty in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009
Name State Total Assets ($)
1st Auto & Casualty Ins Co WI 29,811,501
1st Choice Auto Ins Co PA 10,497,267
AAA Mid-Atlantic Ins Co PA 24,720,306
AAASouthern New England Ins Co RI 61,618,240
AAATexas County Mutual Ins Co TX 61,308,797
ACA Financial Guaranty Corp MD 418,183,284
Academic Hlth Professionals Ins Asso NY 120,005,738
ACBG Rrg Inc VT 3,057,839
ACCC Ins Co TX 139,554,616
Acceptance Casualty Ins Co NE 38,964,038
Acceptance Indemnity Ins Co NE 120,236,839
Access Ins Co TX 92,997,782
Accident Ins Co Inc SC 40,568,582
Accredited Surety & Cas Co Inc FL 27,140,918
Ace Indemnity Ins Co PA 35,212,440
Ace Ins Co PR 101,112,765
Acig Ins Co IL 298,733,797
Adirondack Ins Exch NY 246,397,085
Advanta Ins Co AZ 5,682,538
Advocate Md Ins Of The Sw Inc TX 76,558,517
Aegis Healthcare Rrg Inc DC 3,403,637
Aequicap Ins Co FL 46,793,299
Aequicap Property & Casualty Ins Co FL 6,124,826
Affinity Mutual Ins Co OH 13,563,166
Affirmative Ins Co IL 458,496,877
Affirmative Ins Co Of Mi MI 15,417,302
Ag Security Ins Co OK 42,327,905
Agency Ins Co Of Maryland Inc MD 57,396,978
Agent Alliance Ins Co NC 8,043,367
Agents Mutual Ins Co AR 1,510,245
Agri Ins Exchange Risk Retention Grp IN 10,655,371
Agricultural Workers Mut Auto Ins Co TX 53,857,662
Agrinational Ins Co VT 495,109,204
AIG Global Trade & Pol Risk Ins Co NJ 359,225,303
Aimco Mutual Ins Co NC 15,366,872
Alabama Municipal Ins Corp AL 78,001,291

Alamance Ins Co IL 421,096,550
Alaska Timber Ins Exchange AK 18,270,702
Alea North America Ins Co NY 219,388,218
Allegheny Casualty Co PA 23,151,261
Allegheny Surety Co PA 3,761,394
Allegiant Ins Co Inc A Rrg HI 11,302,861
Alliance Ins Co Inc KS 23,166,520
Alliance Mutual Ins Co NC 10,750,246
Alliance National Ins Co NY 7,770,897
Alliance Of Nonprofits For Ins Rrg VT 40,966,712
Alliance United Ins Co CA 48,568,034
Allied Eastern Indemnity Co PA 24,879,157
Allied Professionals Ins Co Rrg AZ 17,582,898
Allied Services Rrg SC 4,311,509
Allied World Asr Co (Us) Inc DE 274,598,552
Allstate NJ Property & Casualty Ins IL 28,342,714
Amalgamated Casualty Ins Co DC 39,201,351
Ambac Assurance Corp WI 9,380,541,793
America First Lloyd’S Ins Co TX 5,961,307
American Access Casualty Co IL 124,656,915
American Assoc Of Orthodontist Rrg VT 25,405,183
American Builders Ins Co Rrg Inc MT 1,061,382
American Coastal Ins Co FL 154,726,961
American Compensation Ins Co MN 97,434,496
American Contractors Ins Co Risk Ret TX 22,225,729
American Country Ins Co IL 48,893,114
American Eagle Ins Co Rrg VT 10,500,612
American Equitable Inc MI 9,868,360
American European Ins Co NH 199,252,280
American Excess Ins Exchange Rrg VT 380,097,387
American Farmers & Ranchers Ins Co ID 19,597,462
American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual OK 91,724,782
American Federated Ins Co MS 21,769,600
American Feed Industry Ins Co Rrg IA 13,695,628
American Fellowship Mut Ins Co MI 7,316,208
American Fire & Casualty Co OH 161,120,005
American Forest Casualty Co Rrg SC 8,970,400
American Freedom Ins Co IL 29,014,961
American General Indemnity Co IL 8,805,297
American Guaranty Ins Co NC 7,664,006
American Hallmark Ins Co Of TX TX 261,598,062
American Healthcare Indemnity Co DE 121,269,384
American Healthcare Specialty Ins Co AR 69,823,998
American Heartland Ins Co IL 12,992,359
American Independent Ins Co PA 79,877,794
American Integrity Ins Co Of Fl FL 84,744,207
American Inter Fidelity Exchange Rrg IN 22,766,762
American Interstate Ins Co Of Texas TX 42,109,967
American Keystone Ins Co FL 14,436,819
American Liberty Ins Co UT 8,542,194
American Manufacturers Mutual Ins Co IL 11,334,769
American Millennium Ins Co NJ 10,527,897
American Modern Ins Co Of Florida FL 21,205,272
American Motorists Ins Co IL 19,499,221
American Mutual Share Ins Corp OH 182,211,462
American Physicians Asr Corp MI 787,339,336
American Physicians Ins Co TX 218,974,973
American Reliable Ins Co AZ 322,707,567
American Resources Ins Co Inc AL 33,718,200
American Road Ins Co MI 564,328,755
American Safety Casualty Ins Co OK 168,731,541
American Safety Indemnity Co OK 266,327,987
American Safety Rrg Inc VT 18,627,055
American Service Ins Co Inc IL 87,507,648
American Steamship O M Prot & Ind As NY 320,941,190
American Sterling Ins Co CA 19,682,653
American Summit Ins Co TX 39,495,031
American Surety Co IN 14,074,443
American Traditions Ins Co FL 29,822,416
American Transit Ins Co NY 354,770,163
American Trucking & Transp Ins Rrg MT 11,907,528
American Underwriters Ins Co AR 6,950,645
American Vehicle Ins Co FL 73,134,603
American West Ins Co ND 10,457,907
Americas Ins Co LA 14,181,358
Ameriguard Rrg Inc VT 10,065,323
Amerin Guaranty Corp IL 36,723,871
Ameritrust Ins Corp MI 80,138,256
AMFED Cas Ins Co MS 1,409,089
AMFED National Ins Co MS 38,920,548
Amguard Ins Co PA 280,951,312
Anchor General Ins Co CA 54,912,103
Anesthesiologists Prof Asr Co FL 80,881,755
Anthracite Mutual Fire Ins Co PA 2,562,916
Apollo Casualty Co IL 41,280,562
Apollo Casualty Co Of Fl FL 14,650,206
Applied Medico Legal Solutions Rrg AZ 57,198,486
Aquagardian Ins Co Inc AZ 17,921,470
Arbella Indemnity Ins Co MA 46,344,096
Architects & Engineers Ins Co Rrg DE 18,360,163
Argonaut Great Central Ins Co IL 143,899,401
Argonaut-Midwest Ins Co IL 70,133,513
Argus Fire & Casualty Ins Co FL 47,748,392
ARI Casualty Co NJ 37,644,404
ARI Mutual Ins Co NJ 67,898,645
Arizona Automobile Ins Co AZ 6,606,113
Arizona Home Ins Co AZ 15,245,389
Armed Forces Ins Exchange KS 138,281,928
Armor Ins Co VT 23,017,791
Arrow Mutual Liability Ins Co MA 46,151,518
Arrowood Indemnity Co DE 2,318,196,735
Asset Protection Program Rrg Inc SC 3,577,738
Associated Industries Ins Co Inc FL 161,510,080
Associated International Ins Co IL 217,508,026
Associated Loggers Exchange ID 26,480,698
Associated Mutual Ins Co NY 27,268,172
Association Casualty Ins Co TX 45,722,502
Association Ins Co GA 63,736,696
Assuranceamerica Ins Co SC 69,095,618
Assured Guaranty Corp MD 1,950,949,811
Assured Guaranty Mortgage Ins Co NY 40,448,149
Astraea Rrg Inc AZ 3,491,404
Atlantic Bonding Co MD 9,849,936
Atlantic Casualty Ins Co NC 178,127,805
Atlantic Mutual Ins Co NY 258,633,091
Atlas Rrg Inc DC 2,327,177
Atradius Trade Credit Ins Nj NJ 7,024,212
Atrium Ins Corp NY 351,083,644
Attorneys Ins Mutual Of Alabama Inc AL 15,916,798
Attorneys Ins Mutual Rrg HI 25,767,499
Attorneys Liab Asr Society Inc Rrg VT 173,710,095
Attorneys Liab Protection Soc Rrg MT 84,455,496
Austin Mutual Ins Co MN 149,941,463
Auto Club Ins Co Of Fl FL 30,847,302
Auto Dealers Rrg Inc MT 805,623
Automotive Underwriters Ins Co Inc NV 21,649,757
Avera Property Ins Inc SD 1,533,917
AXA Ins Co NY 176,203,965
AXA Re Prop & Cas Ins Co DE 30,141,439
Axis Specialty Ins Co CT 212,170,001
Axis Surplus Ins Co IL 441,133,716
Baldwin Mutual Ins Co AL 7,137,876
Bancinsure Inc OK 104,117,086
Bankers Independent Ins Co PA 25,389,023
Bankers Ins Co FL 113,631,171
Bar Plan Mutual Ins Co MO 58,107,731
Bar Plan Surety & Fidelity Co MO 4,231,618
Bar Vermont Rrg Inc VT 16,429,255
Battle Creek Mutual Ins Co NE 5,586,590
Bedford Grange Mutual Ins Co PA 5,312,195
Bedford Physicians Rrg Inc VT 12,436,955
Bell United Ins Co NV 30,732,567
Bloomfield Mutual Ins Co MN 6,102,534
Bloomington Compensation Ins Co MN 24,626,176
Bond Safeguard Ins Co IL 64,897,033
Bremen Farmers Mutual Ins Co KS 27,978,641
Brierfield Ins Co MS 9,888,435
Bristol West Casualty Ins Co OH 22,845,793
Bristol West Ins Co OH 187,562,839
Bristol West Preferred Ins Co MI 33,658,520
Buckeye State Mutual Ins Co OH 60,652,506
Builders Ins (A Mutual Captive Co) GA 345,808,064
Builders Ins Co Inc NV 27,836,108
Building Industry Ins Assn Inc VA 13,444,230
Bunker Hill Ins Co MA 42,197,551
Burlington Ins Co NC 393,296,399
Business Alliance Ins Co CA 28,146,520
Businessfirst Ins Co FL 35,903,809
Butte Mutual Ins Co NM 1,255,032
California Cas Compensation Ins Co CA 66,033,231
California Casualty Indemnity Exch CA 531,989,688
California Healthcare Ins Co Inc Rrg HI 101,629,776
California Medical Group Ins Co Rrg AZ 19,036,786
California Mutual Ins Co CA 12,604,706
Cameron Mutual Ins Co MO 82,808,269
Cameron National Ins Co MO 12,006,163
Camico Mutual Ins Co CA 172,474,437
Campmed Cas & Indem Co Inc Of MD MD 34,026,072
Canonsburg Mutual Fire Ins Co PA 1,799,963
Capacity Ins Co FL 9,421,377
Capital City Ins Co Inc SC 139,665,332
Capital Markets Asr Corp NY 128,266,200
Capitol Casualty Co NE 17,332,237
Capitol County Mutual Fire Ins Co TX 22,613,453
Capitol Ins Co PA 5,531,604
Capitol Preferred Ins Co FL 30,327,651
Cardif Property & Casualty Ins Co TX 9,837,822
Care Rrg Inc DC 38,163,191
Care West Ins Co CA 104,963,645
Caregivers United Liab Ins Co Rrg SC 25,560,156
Caring Communities Recip Rrg DC 60,708,131
Carolina Farmers Mutual Ins Co NC 8,503,995
Casco Indemnity Co ME 23,221,443
Cassatt Risk Retention Group Inc VT 5,980,761
Castle Key Ins Co IL 353,087,094
Castlepoint Ins Co NY 339,087,994
Casualty Corp Of America OK 4,223,550
Casualty Underwriters Ins Co UT 3,887,016
Catastrophe Reins Co TX 1,645,908,752
Catawba Ins Co SC 13,648,906
Caterpillar Ins Co MO 338,994,819
Catholic Relief Ins Co Of America NE 77,253,650
Cbia Comp Services Inc CT 18,420,322
Celina Mutual Ins Co OH 49,038,994
Cem Ins Co IL 9,372,372
Censtat Casualty Co NE 13,160,893
Centennial Ins Co NY 89,838,522
Center Mutual Ins Co ND 35,153,675
Central Co-Operative Ins Co NY 9,779,011
Central Pa Physicians Rrg Inc SC 42,364,121
Centre County Mutual Fire Ins Co PA 4,625,063
Centre Ins Co DE 265,257,835
Centurion Medical Liab Protect Rrg AZ 9,338,492
Century Casualty Co GA 7,561,774
Century Surety Co OH 469,825,513
Charitable Service Providers Rrg AZ 2,808,072
Chattahochee Rrg Captive Ins Co GA 5,031,654
Chautauqua Patrons Ins Co NY 15,313,961
Chc Casualty Rrg VT 28,435,317
Cherokee Ins Co MI 223,358,422
Cherry Valley Cooperative Ins Co NY 1,289,986
Chrysler Ins Co MI 235,267,553
Church Ins Co NY 45,714,868
Cifg Asr North America Inc NY 254,393,411
Cimarron Ins Exch Rrg VT 5,743,737
Circle Star Ins Co Rrg VT 4,226,734
Cities & Villages Mutual Ins Co WI 38,767,028
Citizens United Recip Exch NJ 80,288,461
Civil Service Employees Ins Co CA 186,628,815
Claim Professionals Liab Ins Co Rrg VT 3,027,460
Clarendon America Ins Co NJ 247,760,316
Clarendon National Ins Co NJ 681,790,245
Clarian Health Rrg Inc SC 21,975,508
Clearwater Ins Co DE 1,274,659,715
Clearwater Select Ins Co DE 104,373,862
Clinical Trials Recip Ins Co Rrg AZ 2,384,932
Cmg Mortgage Reins Co WI 40,718,607
Cnl/Ins America Inc GA 29,199,479
Coast National Ins Co CA 562,050,337
Coastal Casualty Ins Co NC 3,774,648
Coastal Ins Rrg Inc AL 48,870,894
Coface North America Ins Co MA 109,415,191
Coliseum Reins Co DE 572,519,047
College Liab Ins Co Ltd Rrg HI 9,888,247
Cologne Reinsurance Co Of America CT 108,262,552
Colonial Cooperative Ins Co NY 7,027,890
Colonial Lloyds TX 30,656,000
Colonial Mortgage Ins Co TX 9,947,281
Colonial Surety Co PA 36,841,920
Colony Specialty Ins Co OH 121,351,171
Columbia Federal Ins Co DC 2,988,020
Columbia National Rrg Inc VT 2,330,621
Comcare Pro Ins Reciprocal Rrg VT 2,406,026
Commerce Protective Ins Co PA 6,013,589
Commercial Alliance Ins Co TX 24,730,705
Commonwealth Ins Co PA 1,557,126
Commonwealth Ins Co Of America WA 50,423,589
Commonwealth Mortgage Asr Co Of TX TX 568,081,382
Commonwealth Mutual Ins Co MA 6,009,153
Commonwealth Mutual Ins Co MD 1,120,171
Commonwealth Reins Co MA 35,400,283
Communities Of Faith Rrg Inc SC 10,091,472
Community Blood Centers Exchange Rrg IN 22,138,824
Community Health Alliance Recip Rrg VT 97,220,721
Community Hospital Alternative Rrg VT 154,220,906
Community Ins Corp WI 18,302,554
Community Mutual Ins Co NY 4,161,722
Compwest Ins Co CA 230,387,618
Conemaugh Valley Mutual Ins Co PA 4,477,460
Consolidated Ins Asn TX 13,985,419
Consolidated Lloyds TX 2,391,077
Constitutional Casualty Co IL 20,135,526
Consumers County Mutual Ins Co TX 115,261,953
Consumers Ins Usa Inc TN 59,452,829
Consumers Specialties Ins Co Rrg VT 6,480,208
Continental Heritage Ins Co FL 7,750,415
Continental Mutual Ins Co PA 1,127,775
Continuing Care Rrg Inc SC 7,867,603
Contractors Ins Co Of North Amer Rrg HI 39,507,599
Controlled Risk Ins Co Of Vt Rrg VT 82,821,125
Conventus Inter Ins Exchange NJ 78,984,056
Cooperative Mutual Ins Co NE 23,708,061
Cornerstone National Ins Co MO 52,537,322
Countryway Ins Co NY 57,308,998
Countrywide Ins Co NY 142,563,188
Covenant Ins Co CT 65,336,214
Cpa Ins Co MI 20,460,289
Cpa Mutual Ins Co Of America Rrg VT 21,193,497
Cranbrook Ins Co TX 32,331,964
Crown Captive Ins Co Inc DC 3,315,592
Cruden Bay Rrg Inc VT 10,733,319
Crum & Forster Indemnity Co DE 36,769,325
Crum & Forster Ins Co NJ 37,070,366
Cse Safeguard Ins Co CA 76,244,693
Cumberland Ins Co Inc NJ 93,508,882
Cypress Property & Casualty Ins Co FL 100,118,502
Cypress Texas Lloyds TX 46,898,048
Dakota Fire Ins Co ND 182,470,706
Dakota Truck Underwriters SD 77,958,019
Dallas National Ins Co TX 269,528,964
Danbury Ins Co MA 16,447,082
Danielson Ins Co CA 8,765,696
Danielson National Ins Co CA 16,715,040
De Smet Farm Mutual Ins Co Of SD SD 31,196,367
De Smet Ins Co Of Sd SD 11,560,624
Dealers Asr Co OH 61,379,296
Deerfield Ins Co IL 56,486,329
Delaware Grange Mutual Fire Ins Co DE 1,101,782
Delaware Professional Ins Co DE 10,072,808
Delos Ins Co DE 571,441,797
Delphi Casualty Co IL 9,565,383
Delta Fire & Cas Ins Co GA 7,633,346
Delta Lloyds Ins Co Of Houston TX 8,459,804
Dentists Benefits Ins Co OR 15,767,318
Diamond Ins Co IL 44,784,022
Direct General Ins Co IN 377,680,154
Direct General Ins Co Of La LA 42,518,537
Direct General Ins Co Of Ms MS 47,658,720
Direct Ins Co TN 70,858,448
Direct National Ins Co AR 22,216,482
Discovery Ins Co NC 33,260,685
Distributors Ins Co TN 16,569,158
Districts Mutual Ins WI 11,787,833
Doctors Direct Ins Inc IL 7,595,915
Dongbu Ins Co Ltd HI 30,263,783
Dorchester Ins Co Ltd VI 20,695,319
Dorinco Reinsurance Co MI 1,641,367,586
Drivers Ins Co OK 16,595,599
Drivers Ins Co NY 7,482,109
DTRIC Ins Co Ltd HI 77,964,030
DTRIC Ins Underwriters Ltd HI 6,038,351
Dubois Medical Rrg DC 4,154,642
Eastern Alliance Ins Co PA 119,349,658
Eastern Atlantic Ins Co PA 47,149,001
Eastern Dentists Ins Co Rrg VT 36,980,469
Eastern Mutual Ins Co NY 16,251,983
Echelon Prop & Cas Ins Co IL 5,604,644
Edison Ins Co FL 37,968,655
Eldercare Mutual Co Rrg Inc AZ 1,752,965
Elite Transportation Rrg Inc AZ 12,207,842
Ellington Mutual Ins Co WI 5,555,173
Emergency Medicine Professional Asr NV 11,788,840
Emergency Medicine Rrg Inc SC 29,643,280
Emergency Physicians Ins Co Rrg NV 33,601,659
Employers Assurance Co FL 457,704,923
Employers Direct Ins Co CA 375,567,890
Employers Ins Co Of Nevada Inc NV 2,005,846,699
Employers Preferred Ins Co FL 454,661,567
Employers Security Ins Co IN 27,301,918
Encompass Floridian Indemnity Co IL 5,968,778
Encompass Floridian Ins Co IL 6,567,778
Encompass Ins Co Of MA MA 6,220,958
Encompass Ins Co Of NJ IL 26,948,458
Enumclaw Prop & Cas Ins Co WA 7,720,694
Equitible Liability Ins Co DC 4,367,163
Equity Ins Co TX 56,362,007
Essential Rrg Inc SC 9,002,563
Essex Benefits Ins Co Inc MO 2,750,813
Esurance Ins Co WI 427,616,090
Esurance Ins Co Of New Jersey WI 21,764,399
Esurance Prop & Cas Ins Co CA 101,486,525
Ethio American Ins Co GA 6,983,821
Eveready Ins Co NY 20,153,821
Everest Reinsurance Co DE 8,598,801,697
Everett Cash Mutual Ins Co PA 61,392,676
Evergreen National Indemnity Co OH 47,228,282
Evergreen Usa Rrg Inc VT 12,881,000
Ever-Greene Mutual Ins Co PA 3,379,313
Excess Share Ins Corp OH 61,871,278
Executive Ins Co NY 3,867,876
Explorer Ins Co CA 175,481,662
EZ Auto Inc Co UT 3,398,052
Facility Ins Corp TX 195,759,948
Fairmont Ins Co CA 38,567,322
Fairmont Premier Ins Co CA 210,137,637
Fairmont Specialty Ins Co CA 205,927,069
Fairway Physicians Ins Co Rrg DC 17,672,571
Faith Affiliated Rrg Inc SC 6,736,185
Farm Bureau Cnty Mutual Ins Co Of TX TX 15,247,220
Farm Bureau Mutual Ins Co Of Ar AR 257,792,925
Farm Bureau New Horizons Ins Co MO MO 7,612,236
Farmers & Mech Mu I Asn Of Cecil Cty MD 1,333,332
Farmers & Mechanics Fire & Cas Ins WV 3,617,854
Farmers & Merchants Mutual Fire I C MI 19,539,629
Farmers Alliance Mutual Ins Co KS 291,110,504
Farmers Ins Co Of Flemington NJ 56,451,219
Farmers Mutual F I C Of Branch Cty MI 2,011,510
Farmers Mutual F I C Of Mccandless PA 5,664,961
Farmers Mutual F I C Of Okarche OK OK 11,661,369
Farmers Mutual F I C Of Salem Cty NJ 90,652,114
Farmers Mutual Fire Ins Co Of Marble PA 16,886,523
Farmers Mutual Ins Co MI 2,664,951
Farmers Mutual Ins Co PA 3,642,428
Farmers Mutual Ins Co Of Ellinwood KS 5,545,332
Farmers Union Mutual Ins Co MT 45,501,383
Farmington Mutual Ins Co WI 5,451,490
Fcci Commercial Ins Co FL 11,891,164
Federal Motor Carriers Rrg Inc DE 25,402,336
Federated National Ins Co FL 98,935,449
Federated Rural Electric Ins Exch KS 351,468,224
FFG Ins Co TX 130,623,270
Fidelity Fire & Casualty Co FL 34,681,896
Fidelity National Indemnity Ins Co TX 22,926,154
Fidelity National Ins Co CA 259,406,525
Fidelity National Prop & Cas Ins NY 143,083,923
Fiduciary Ins Co Of America NY 53,509,077
Financial Advisors Asr Select Rrg NV 1,186,157
Financial Casualty & Surety Inc TX 19,411,019
Financial Security Asr Inc NY 4,194,867,691
Finial Reins Co CT 1,270,656,707
Fire Districts Of Ny Mut Ins Co Inc NY 49,748,274
First Acceptance Ins Co Inc TX 215,815,969
First Acceptance Ins Co Of Georgia GA 67,479,058
First Acceptance Ins Co Of TN Inc TN 21,264,470
First American Prop & Cas Ins Co CA 77,365,382
First American Specialty Ins Co CA 102,287,819
First Chicago Ins Co IL 20,747,722
First Community Ins Co FL 64,527,303
First Dakota Indemnity Co SD 33,025,361
First Financial Ins Co IL 499,427,275
First Founders Asr Co NJ 2,717,689
First Guard Ins Co AZ 13,926,616
First Home Ins Co FL 74,854,880
First Indemnity Of America Ins Co NJ 5,184,868
First Jersey Casualty Ins Co Inc NJ 13,569,154
First Keystone Rrg Inc SC 19,115,683
First Medical Ins Co Rrg VT 68,722,114
First Mercury Casualty Co MN 71,877,618
First Mercury Ins Co IL 618,208,385
First Mutual Ins Co NC 4,379,256
First Net Ins Co GU 11,963,977
First Nonprofit Ins Co IL 124,818,461
First Protective Ins Co FL 72,063,419
First Sealord Surety Inc PA 13,091,955
First Surety Corp WV 6,523,757
Firstcomp Ins Co NE 253,654,485
Florida Doctors Ins Co FL 45,770,430
Florida Family Ins Co FL 66,794,334
Florida Peninsula Ins Co FL 211,724,387
Florists Ins Co IL 11,558,704
Forestry Mutual Ins Co NC 48,203,941
Fort Wayne Medical Asr Co Rrg AZ 3,375,546
Foundation Reserve Ins Co Inc NM 17,639,094
Founders Ins Co NJ 6,581,934
Founders Ins Co IL 215,696,977
Frandisco Property & Cas Ins Co GA 56,394,168
Frank Winston Crum Ins Inc FL 67,184,721
Franklin Casualty Ins Co Rrg VT 7,660,075
Franklin Homeowners Asr Co PA 13,343,971
Fredericksburg Professional Risk Exc VT 25,579,063
Freedom Advantage Ins Co PA 11,092,399
Fremont Ins Co MI 84,881,780
FSA Ins Co OK 2,090,653,719
Fulmont Mutual Ins Co NY 4,829,407
Galen Ins Co MO 7,370,012
Gateway Ins Co MO 37,220,887
Geisinger Ins Corp Rrg VT 11,688,531
Gem State Ins Co ID 6,439,061
General Eastern Ski Ins Rrg Inc VT 4,734,098
General Security Ind Co Of AZ AZ 107,789,248
General Security National Ins Co NY 282,274,794
Generali – Us Branch NY 59,868,621
Genesee Patrons Coop Ins NY 6,793,819
Geneva Ins Co IN 4,259,646
Genworth Financial Asr Corp NC 74,822,632
Genworth Home Equity Ins Corp NC 12,441,423
Genworth Mortgage Ins Corp NC 2,839,036,038
Genworth Mtg Ins Corp Of Nc NC 603,439,202
Genworth Residential Mtg Ins Corp NC NC 231,926,305
Georgia Casualty & Surety Co GA 39,710,983
Georgia Mutual Ins Co GA 7,827,525
Georgia Transportation Captive Ins GA 1,419,382
Geovera Ins Co CA 94,149,632
Geovera Specialty Ins Co CA 70,581,350
Germania Ins Co TX 57,051,987
GHS Property & Casualty Ins Co OK 45,044,374
Gibraltar National Ins Co AR 4,929,820
Global Hawk Ins Co Rrg VT 4,879,948
Global Intl Ins Co Rrg DC 17,050,714
Global Liberty Ins Co Of NY NY 43,515,285
Global Reins Corp Of America NY 499,044,041
Gmac Ins Co Online Inc MO 13,598,575
Golden Bear Ins Co CA 98,058,735
Good Shepherd Reciprocal Rrg SC 2,709,329
Government Entities Mutual Inc DC 47,618,879
Graco Rrg Inc SC 1,564,714
Grain Dealers Mutual Ins Co IN 48,577,627
Gramercy Ins Co TX 31,006,243
Granada Ins Co FL 27,878,639
Grange Mutual Fire Ins Co PA 2,932,513
Granite Re Inc OK 27,939,859
Gray Casualty & Surety Co LA 16,772,065
Great Lakes Casualty Ins Co MI 13,797,758
Great Lakes Mutual Ins Co MI 4,410,222
Great Northwest Ins Co IN 25,751,153
Green Hills Ins Co Rrg VT 18,553,426
Greenville Casualty Ins Co Inc SC 11,680,836
Greenwich Ins Co DE 889,935,647
Guarantee Co Of North America USA MI 179,560,988
Guarantee Ins Co FL 142,297,564
Guardian Rrg Inc MT 4,951,557
Guilford Ins Co IL 356,377,922
Gulf Guaranty Ins Co MS 4,857,178
Gulfstream Prop & Cas Ins Co FL 59,979,065
Guthrie Rrg SC 35,181,666
Halifax Mutual Ins Co NC 5,280,116
Hallmark County Mutual Ins Co TX 2,103,394
Hallmark Ins Co AZ 174,109,844
Hallmark Specialty Ins Co OK 98,395,116
Hamilton Mutual Ins Co IA 68,741,620
Hannahstown Mutual Ins Co PA 2,355,173
Hanover Fire & Casualty Ins Co PA 3,237,343
Hanys Member Hosp Self Ins Trust NY 66,945,448
Harbor Ins Co OK 11,230,178
Harleysville Ins Co PA 138,453,220
Hartland Mut Ins Co ND 7,678,988
Hawaii Employers Mutual Ins Co HI 267,287,325
Hawaiian Ins & Guaranty Co Ltd HI 24,134,532
Hay Creek Mutual Ins Co MN 3,421,400
Hdi-Gerling America Ins Co IL 190,675,607
Health Care Casualty Rrg Inc DC 30,660,716
Health Care Indemnity Inc CO 1,600,304,299
Health Care Industry Liab Recip Ins DC 125,597,015
Health Care Ins Reciprocal MN 20,574,139
Health Care Mut Captive Ins Co GA 11,227,699
Health Facilities Of Ca Mut I C Rrg NV 5,023,156
Health Future Ins Exchange Rrg NV 2,890,435
Health Network Providers Mut Ins Co DC 7,900,320
Health Providers Ins Reciprocal Rrg HI 58,869,942
Healthcare Professional Ins Co Inc NY 178,974,900
Healthcare Providers Ins Co Rrg SC 54,157,707
Healthcare Providers Ins Exch PA 98,307,692
Healthcare Underwriters Group Of KY KY 27,646,161
Healthcare Underwriters Grp Mut OH OH 21,496,086
Healthcare Underwriters Grp Of FL FL 42,553,824
Heartland Healthcare Reciprocal Rrg VT 13,808,333
Heartland Mutual Ins Co MN 3,675,391
Hereford Ins Co NY 108,406,993
Heritage Warranty Ins Rrg Inc SC 3,829,947
Hermitage Ins Co NY 267,576,865
Highmark Casualty Ins Co PA 215,560,446
Hillcrest Ins Co FL 29,201,842
Hingham Mutual Fire Ins Co MA 92,537,475
Hochheim Prairie Casualty Ins Co TX 44,468,548
Hochheim Prairie Farm Mut Ins Asn TX 138,829,872
Home & Farm Ins Co IN 4,088,086
Home Construction Ins Co Rrg NV 5,926,837
Home State County Mutual Ins Co TX 122,577,811
Homeowners Choice Prop & Cas Ins Co FL 137,450,711
Homeowners Of America Ins Co TX 7,348,532
Homesite Indemnity Co KS 63,458,028
Homesite Ins Co CT 142,082,414
Homesite Ins Co Of CA CA 75,566,669
Homesite Ins Co Of FL FL 12,420,082
Homesite Ins Co Of IL IL 22,673,282
Homesite Ins Co Of NY NY 29,440,168
Homesite Ins Co Of PA PA 15,218,215
Homesite Ins Co Of The Midwest ND 159,393,581
Homesite Lloyds Of Texas TX 16,480,451
Homewise Ins Co FL 32,989,896
Homewise Preferred Ins Co FL 154,854,272
Horace Mann Lloyds TX 3,039,455
Hospitals Ins Co Inc NY 832,343,923
Housing & Redevelopment Ins Exch PA 38,386,053
Housing Authority Risk Ret Group Inc VT 276,148,715
Houston General Ins Co TX 26,589,841
Houston General Ins Exch TX 23,855,431
Hudson Ins Co DE 412,676,957
Hudson Specialty Ins Co NY 203,024,073
Icat Specialty Ins Co FL 19,352,805
Icm Ins Co NY 10,480,295
Id Counties Risk Mgmt Program Undw ID 41,673,860
Ifa Ins Co NJ 89,484,515
Illinois Casualty Co IL 79,697,869
Imperial Casualty & Indemnity Co OK 39,556,833
Imperial Fire & Casualty Ins Co LA 72,290,952
Indemnity Co Of Ca CA 23,720,848
Indemnity Ins Corp Of Dc Rrg DC 21,096,363
Indemnity National Ins Co MS 14,472,389
Independence American Ins Co DE 73,378,582
Independence Casualty Ins Co MA 3,687,155
Independent Nevada Doctors Ins Exch NV 46,397,353
Indian Harbor Ins Co ND 201,457,964
Indiana Healthcare Reciprocal Rrg VT 18,317,127
Indiana Lumbermens Mutual Ins Co IN 104,704,372
Indiana Old National Ins Co VT 1,613,970,261
Inland Mutual Ins Co WV 5,434,571
Innovative Physician Solutions Rrg AZ 5,933,790
Ins Co Of The Americas FL 38,104,387
Ins Co Of The West CA 784,956,555
Insura Property & Cas Ins Co Inc IL 33,740,185
Insuremax Ins Co IN 16,698,359
Insurors Indemnity Co TX 14,884,316
Insurors Indemnity Lloyds TX 3,342,311
Integon Specialty Ins NC 52,847,562
Integra Ins Inc MN 1,822,661
Integrand Asr Co PR 146,951,270
Integrity Prop & Cas Ins Co WI 13,197,255
Interlex Ins Co MO 35,278,879
Intermed Ins Co MO 134,440,150
Intermodal Ins Co Rrg DC 7,034,780
International Credit Of N Amer Rein NY 2,386,043
Interstate Auto Ins Co MD 5,630,633
Interstate Bankers Casualty Co IL 19,087,170
Ironshore Specialty Ins Co AZ 139,481,002
Island Premier Ins Co Ltd HI 8,316,648
James River Ins Co OH 452,334,907
Jamestown Ins Co Rrg SC 7,560,268
JM Woodworth Rrg Inc NV 8,573,676
Joliet Area Rrg Captive Ins Co GA 7,896,381
Kansas Medical Mutual Ins Co KS 170,660,892
Kemper Casualty Ins Co IL 20,867,657
Kensington Ins Co NY 13,080,375
Kentuckiana Medical Rrg & Ins Co Inc KY 39,779,396
Kentucky Employers Mutual Ins KY 628,918,623
Kentucky Hospital Ins Co Rrg KY 21,461,596
Kentucky National Ins Co KY 6,253,735
Keystone National Ins Co PA 5,689,234
Kingstone Ins Co NY 22,182,199
Kodiak Ins Co NJ 44,491,383
Lackawanna American Ins Co PA 53,244,437
Lackawanna National Ins Co PA 17,175,138
Lake Street Rrg Inc VT 2,775,231
Landcar Casualty Co UT 9,286,382
Landmark One Ins Co FL 37,829,641
Laundry Owners Mutual Liab Ins Asn PA 10,813,162
Laurier Indemnity Co WI 18,165,456
Lawyers Mutual Ins Co Of Kentucky KY 20,415,461
Leading Ins Group Ins Co Ltd Us Br NY 64,039,401
League Of Wi Municipalities Mut Ins WI 41,243,624
Leatherstocking Coop Ins Co NY 12,115,831
Lebanon Mutual Ins Co PA 23,785,351
Legal Mutual Liab Ins Society Of MD MD 3,393,301
Lemic Ins Co LA 68,780,051
Lenders Protection Asr Co Rrg NE 2,517,158
Lewis & Clark Ltc Rrg Inc NV 14,515,536
Lexington National Ins Corp MD 53,700,588
Lexon Ins Co TX 96,907,011
Liberty American Ins Co FL 31,474,910
Liberty American Select Ins Co FL 28,849,103
Liberty County Mutual Ins Co TX 14,106,064
Liberty First Rrg Ins Co UT 3,326,761
Liberty Ins Co Of America IL 11,856,629
Life Services Network Recip Ins Rrg DC 7,413,848
Lincoln General Ins Co PA 894,137,770
Lincoln Mutual Ins Co NC 2,778,893
Lion Ins Co FL 333,775,027
Litchfield Mutual Fire Ins Co CT 7,170,729
Little Black Mutual Ins Co WI 4,743,535
Lone Star National Ins Co IN 3,711,335
Long Island Ins Co NY 6,638,705
Louisiana Pest Control Ins Co LA 2,620,420
Loya Casualty Ins Co CA 41,851,380
Loya Ins Co TX 226,511,186
Lumbermens Mutual Cas Co IL 1,267,928,362
Lumbermens Underwriting Alliance MO 342,159,979
Lutheran Mutual Fire Ins Co IL 9,127,674
Lyndon Southern Ins Co LA 24,167,908
Machinery Ins Inc An Assessable Mut FL 2,259,862
Majestic Ins Co CA 336,740,423
Make Transportation Ins Inc Rrg DE 4,840,804
Manitowoc Mutual Ins Co WI 5,717,714
Manufacturers Alliance Ins Co PA 210,036,240
Manufacturing Technology Mut Ins Co MI 29,154,542
Mapfre Ins Co Of Florida FL 47,410,092
Marathon Financial Ins Inc Rrg SC 13,044,908
Markel Ins Co IL 654,766,920
Marysville Mutual Ins Co KS 23,473,751
Max Specialty Ins Co DE 199,734,239
Maxum Casualty Ins Co DE 11,924,477
Maxum Indemnity Co DE 183,712,485
Maya Asr Co NY 16,700,186
Mbia Ins Corp NY 5,833,409,100
MCIC Vermont Inc Rrg VT 170,235,191
Mcmillan Warner Mutual Ins Co WI 12,736,020
MD Rrg Inc MT 9,122,211
Mdadvantage Ins Co Of Nj NJ 301,078,440
Medamerica Mutual Rrg Inc HI 52,760,479
Medical Alliance Ins Co IL 38,658,261
Medical Ins Underwriters Rrg Inc AZ 1,480,576
Medical Liability Alliance MO 44,445,725
Medical Liability Mutual Ins Co NY 4,761,907,327
Medicus Ins Co TX 63,776,006
Medmarc Casualty Ins Co VT 98,343,035
Medstar Liability Ltd Ins Co Inc Rrg DC 4,073,581
Members Ins Co NC 6,101,046
Mennonite Mutual Ins Co OH 16,975,757
Mental Health Risk Retention Group VT 19,171,988
Merced Mutual Ins Co CA 18,351,732
Mercer Ins Co PA 242,959,016
Merchants National Ins Co NH 62,014,168
Merchants Preferred Ins Co NY 35,143,985
Mercury County Mutual Ins Co TX 9,719,407
Mercury Indemnity Co Of America FL 47,206,469
Mercury Ins Co Of FL FL 60,938,135
MFS Mutual Ins Co IA 3,835,499
Mga Ins Co Inc TX 219,803,055
MGIC Credit Asr Corp WI 43,604,236
MGIC Mortgage Reinsurance Corp WI 33,118,825
MGIC Reinsurance Corp WI 373,958,881
MGIC Reinsurance Corp Of Wi WI 1,002,598,819
MGIC Residential Reinsurance Corp WI 32,438,765
Miami Mutual Ins Co OH 27,048,779
Mic Property & Casualty Ins Corp MI 137,214,670
Michigan Commercial Ins Mutual MI 119,416,244
Michigan Professional Ins Exchange MI 102,299,507
Mid-Century Ins Co CA 3,177,633,760
Mid-Continent Cas Co OH 707,555,538
Mid-Continent Ins Co PA 41,590,820
Middle Georgia Mutual Ins Co GA 13,788,893
Middle States Ins Co Inc OK 5,249,326
Mid-Hudson Co-Opertive Ins Co NY 13,115,528
Midrox Ins Co NY 5,659,355
Midwest Employers Cas Co DE 369,014,379
Midwest Family Mutual Ins Co MN 116,246,156
Midwest Ins Co IL 57,526,552
Midwest Ins Group Inc Rrg AZ 9,411,588
Midwestern Equity Title Ins Co IN 2,795,642
Millers Classified Ins Co WI 23,067,670
Millers First Ins Co IL 36,936,247
Minnesota Surety & Trust Co MN 2,293,010
Missouri Doctors Mutual Ins Co MO 5,876,953
Missouri Professionals Mutual Ins Co MO 74,407,023
Missouri Valley Mutual Ins Co SD 5,991,443
Mlba Mutual Ins Co MI 11,891,367
Mo Employers Mutual Ins Co MO 342,812,388
Modern Usa Ins Co FL 24,749,541
Monroe Guaranty Ins Co IN 29,042,660
Montpelier Us Ins Co OK 58,613,716
Mortgage Guaranty Ins Corp WI 7,491,352,903
Mound Prairie Mutual Ins Co MN 3,957,570
Mount Carroll Mutual Fire Ins Co IL 3,216,211
Mountain Laurel Rrg Inc VT 13,209,360
Mountain States Healthcare Recip Rrg MT 66,322,340
Mountain States Indemnity Co NM 67,012,665
Mountain Valley Indemnity Co NH 43,830,746
Mountaineer Freedom Rrg Inc WV 17,758,729
Mower County Farmers Mut Ins Co MN 2,861,806
Mt Morris Mutual Ins Co WI 17,248,353
Mt Washington Asr Corp NH 4,662,038
Municipal Mutual Ins Co WV 24,123,379
Mutual Savings Fire Ins Co AL 5,710,970
Mutualaid Exchange KS 28,855,112
N A D A Indemnity Inc CO 1,328,335
Narragansett Bay Ins Co RI 33,098,730
National American Ins Co OK 151,760,841
National American Ins Co Of Ca CA 38,690,912
National Assisted Living Rrg Inc DC 6,024,794
National Automotive Ins LA 19,250,978
National Builders & Contractors Ins NV 6,396,021
National Building Material Asr Co IN 3,073,631
National Catholic Rrg VT 58,827,798
National Continental Ins Co NY 260,677,755
National Contractors Ins Co Inc Rrg MT 20,789,291
National Fire & Casualty Co IL 8,930,669
National Fire & Indemnity Exchange MO 10,844,416
National Group Ins Co FL 7,885,434
National Guaranty Ins Co AZ 12,985,087
National Guardian Rrg Inc HI 21,827,578
National Home Ins Co Rrg CO 72,356,274
National Home Warranty Inc NV 3,568,994
National Independent Truckers Ic Rrg SC 7,856,115
National Ins Co PR 130,400,433
National Ins Co Of Wisconsin Inc WI 46,265,230
National Interstate Ins Co Of Hawaii OH 25,859,897
National Medical Professional Rrg SC 3,441,075
National Merit Ins Co WA 31,133,770
National Mutual Ins Co OH 51,793,666
National Security Fire & Cas Co AL 68,235,803
National Service Contract Ins Co Rrg DC 15,886,291
National Trust Ins Co TN 27,138,933
National Unity Ins Co TX 38,096,789
Nations Bonding Co TX 3,401,592
Nationsbuilders Ins Co DC 152,493,863
Nationweld Rrg Inc DC 1,594,611
Nationwide Indemnity Co OH 3,657,372,160
Nationwide Ins Co Of Florida OH 446,255,666
NAU Country Ins Co MN 522,704,938
Nazareth Mutual Ins Co PA 10,349,928
Nevada Direct Ins Co NV 3,419,576
Nevada Docs Medical Rrg Inc NV 3,525,516
Nevada Mutual Ins Co Inc NV 57,455,786
New Century Ins Co TX 3,549,667
New England Guaranty Ins Co Inc VT 32,168,802
New Jersey Phys United Recip Exch NJ 43,662,326
New Jersey Skylands Ins Assn NJ 91,611,173
New Jersey Skylands Ins Co NJ 44,729,881
New Mexico Mutual Casualty Co NM 255,778,042
New Mexico Property & Casualty Co NM 4,756,643
New Star Rrg Inc SC 5,369,338
New York Healthcare Ins Co Inc Rrg DC 10,986,128
New York Municipal Ins Reciprocal NY 121,194,693
Newport E&S Ins Co TX 30,179,432
NHRMA Mutual Ins Co IL 22,949,230
Nlc Mutual Ins Co VT 238,653,362
Noetic Specialty Ins Co IL 95,384,601
North Carolina Grange Mutual Ins Co NC 19,451,544
North Country Ins Co NY 18,726,504
North East Ins Co ME 63,170,894
North Pointe Casualty Ins Co FL 43,368,500
North Pointe Ins Co MI 115,836,752
North Sea Ins Co NY 13,379,285
Northern Capital Ins Co FL 78,227,817
Northern Casualty Co (Mutual) IA 2,515,731
Northern Mutual Ins Co MI 22,476,641
Northwest Dentists Ins Co WA 16,084,617
Northwest Gf Mutual Ins Co SD 10,332,942
Northwest Physicians Ins Co OR 129,326,335
Nova Casualty Co NY 94,882,672
Novus Ins Co Rrg SC 16,730,439
Obstetricians & Gynecologists Rrg MT 2,539,953
Occidental Fire & Cas Co Of Nc NC 204,798,385
Ocean Harbor Casualty Ins Co FL 98,880,734
Ocean Marine Indemnity Ins Co LA 13,278,778
Ocean Rrg Inc DC 15,446,543
Oceanus Ins Co A Rrg SC 43,685,267
Oha Ins Solutions OH 44,193,171
Ohic Ins Co OH 226,642,254
Ohio Indemnity Co OH 104,661,124
Ohio Security Ins Co OH 16,939,704
Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Ins Co OK 45,765,645
Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Ins Co OK 277,070,079
Oklahoma Property & Cas Ins Co OK 4,375,620
Old American Cty Mutual Fire Ins Co TX 82,782,191
Old Glory Ins Co TX 12,198,304
Old Reliable Cas Co MO 10,770,672
Olympus Ins Co FL 67,076,333
Omega Ins Co FL 27,958,800
Omega One Ins Co AL 10,675,262
Omni Indemnity Co IL 71,005,387
Ontario Ins Co NY 12,562,447
Ontario Reins Co Ltd GA 14,715,198
Ooida Risk Retention Group Inc VT 61,273,211
Optima Ins Co PR 34,990,362
Optimum Property & Casualty Ins Co TX 3,551,445
Orange County Medical Recip Ins Rrg AZ 3,309,128
Ordinary Mutual A Rrg Corp VT 37,020,045
Oriska Ins Co NY 9,138,977
Oswego County Mutual Ins Co NY 15,395,292
Otsego County Patrons Co-Op F R Asn NY 1,880,419
Pace Rrg Inc VT 34,117,383
Pacific Indemnity Ins Co GU 17,587,310
Pacific Pioneer Insurance Co CA 23,463,376
Pacific Select Property Ins Co CA 109,979,945
Pacific Specialty Property & Cas Co TX 3,299,241
Pacific Star Ins Co WI 8,711,368
Paco Asr Co Inc IL 47,661,641
Palisades Ins Co NJ 26,923,806
Palisades Property & Casualty Ins NJ 97,602,891
Palisades Safety & Ins Assoc NJ 768,573,241
Palmetto Casualty Ins Co SC 5,970,948
Panhandle Farmers Mut Ins Co Of WV WV 3,919,234
Paramount Ins Co NY 62,378,988
Paramount Ins Co MD 7,666,713
Paratransit Ins Co A Mutual Rrg TN 19,599,921
Paris Re America Ins Co DE 305,393,850
Park Avenue Property & Casualty Ins OK 60,197,083
Partner Reinsurance Co Of The Us NY 3,681,830,144
Partners Mutual Ins Co WI 41,056,842
Pch Mutual Ins Co Inc Rrg DC 9,986,153
Peace Church Rrg Inc VT 19,186,097
Peachtree Casualty Ins Co FL 11,663,393
Pediatricians Ins Rrg Of America DC 2,410,735
Pegasus Ins Co OK 10,567,032
Pelican Ins Rrg VT 15,768,909
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Asn Ins PA 743,423,287
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Ind Co PA 219,857,920
Pennsylvania Physicians Recip Ins PA 41,124,041
Pennsylvania Surface Coal Min Ins Ex PA 3,338,718
Peoples Trust Ins Co FL 36,181,989
Permanent Gen Asr Corp Of Ohio OH 94,429,896
Permanent General Asr Corp TN 203,869,654

Personal Express Ins Co CA 21,251,347
Personal Service Ins Co PA 45,674,844
Petroleum Marketers Mgmt Ins Co IA 22,581,899
Phenix Mutual Fire Ins Co NH 40,467,285
Phoebe Reciprocal Rrg SC 3,647,865
PHP Rrg Ltd AZ 10,084,448
Physicians Ind Rrg Inc NV 7,033,966
Physicians Ins Co FL 16,492,667
Physicians Ins Program Recip Exch PA 25,549,413
Physicians Liability Ins Co OK 163,320,802
Physicians Proactive Protection Inc SC 28,939,777
Physicians Professional Ind Assn MO 15,400,853
Physicians Professional Liabilty Rrg VT 41,906,232
Physicians Reciprocal Insurers NY 1,437,235,978
Physicians Reimbursement Fund Rrg VT 25,028,084
Physicians Specialty Ltd Rrg SC 8,651,970
Piedmont Mutual Ins Co NC 2,806,378
Pilgrim Ins Co MA 37,757,703
Pine Tree Ins Reciprocal Rrg VT 15,903,551
Pinelands Ins Co Rrg Inc DC 8,327,955
Pinnacle Consortium Of Higher Ed Rrg VT 5,150,886
Pinnacle Rrg Inc DC 2,071,937
Pioneer Specialty Ins Co MN 35,303,964
Plateau Casualty Ins Co TN 19,517,687
Platte River Ins Co NE 126,229,359
Plaza Ins Co MO 32,668,996
Plymouth Rock Asr Corp MA 391,388,588
Pma Capital Ins Co PA 240,193,088
Pmi Ins Co AZ 531,488,877
Pmi Mortgage Guaranty Company AZ 14,465,515
Pmi Mortgage Ins Co AZ 3,466,399,444
Podiatry Ins Co Of America A Mut Co IL 298,103,702
Ponce De Leon Ltc Rrg Inc FL 16,822,114
Positive Physicians Ins Exchange PA 30,394,772
Preferred Auto Ins Co Inc TN 6,898,306
Preferred Contractors Ins Co Rrg Llc MT 32,394,695
Premier Group Ins Co Inc TN 53,340,237
Premier Physicians Ins Co Inc A Rrg NV 9,203,354
Pre-Paid Legal Cas Inc OK 24,417,230
Preserver Ins Co NJ 118,765,077
Prime Ins Co IL 36,208,491
Prime Ins Syndicate Inc IL 22,807,480
Primero Ins Co NV 17,594,459
Princeton Ins Co NJ 975,012,592
Proassurance National Capital Ins Co DC 235,214,213
Proassurance Wisconsin Ins Co WI 373,147,919
Probuilders Specialty Ins Co Rrg DC 206,406,437
Producers Agriculture Ins Co TX 134,615,073
Producers Lloyds Ins Co TX 4,147,297
Professional Casualty Assn PA 51,421,072
Professional Ins Exchange UT 6,823,560
Professional Liab Ins Co Of America NY 39,466,508
Professional Quality Liability Ins VT 1,446,855
Professional Security Ins Co AZ 19,288,841
Professional Solutions Ins Co IA 13,418,569
Professionals Direct Ins Co MI 20,283,370
Progressive Direct Ins Co OH 3,364,530,906
Proselect Ins Co MA 77,272,283
Public Utility Mutual Ins Co Rrg VT 4,823,175
Pxre Reinsurance Co CT 193,263,803
Qbe Specialty Ins Co ND 378,301,613
Quality Casualty Ins Co Inc AL 2,593,811
Quanta Indemnity Co CO 150,677,551
Quanta Specialty Lines Ins Co IN 86,573,702
R&Q Reins Co PA 264,821,295
Radian Guaranty Inc PA 4,019,150,850
Radian Ins Inc PA 682,221,330
Radian Mortgage Ins Inc AZ 65,825,646
Ram Mutual Ins Co MN 66,518,563
Ranchers & Farmers Ins Co TX 8,148,489
Ranchers & Farmers Mutual Ins Co TX 11,481,643
Real Legacy Asr Co Inc PR 154,125,740
Reamstown Mutual Ins Co PA 5,467,123
Redland Ins Co NJ 201,913,772
Regional Health Ins Co Rrg DC 3,803,954
Regis Ins Co PA 16,673,784
Reinsurance Co Of America Inc IL 11,880,691
Reliable Lloyds Ins Co TX 10,128,652
Reliamax Ins Co SD 6,598,979
Republic Lloyds TX 6,585,411
Republic Mortgage Ins Co NC 1,985,218,170
Republic Mortgage Ins Co Of Florida FL 49,539,923
Republic Mortgage Ins Co Of NC NC 686,121,475
Republic Mutual Ins Co OH 15,738,151
Republic Rrg SC 2,371,590
Republic Western Ins Co AZ 234,202,660
Residential Ins Co AZ 8,514,161
Residential Ins Co Inc Rrg HI 3,015,219
Response Indemnity Co Of CA CA 7,978,125
Response Ins Co CT 71,344,279
Response Worldwide Direct Auto Ins CT 50,953,289
Response Worldwide Ins Co CT 90,639,348
Restoration Rrg Inc AZ 28,813,431
Retailers Casualty Ins Co LA 52,743,590
Retailers Mutual Ins Co MI 13,874,289
Rider Ins Co NJ 46,622,660
Road Contractors Mutual Ins Co TN 10,596,845
Rochdale Ins Co Of New York NY NY 165,180,997
Roche Surety & Casualty Inc FL 17,029,421
Rockford Mutual Ins Co IL 66,902,655
Rockhill Ins Co AZ 195,829,253
Rockingham Casualty Co VA 42,671,379
Rockwood Casualty Ins Co PA 247,062,277
Rocky Mountain Fire & Cas Co WA 24,347,851
Royal Palm Ins Co FL 191,816,061
Rutgers Casualty Ins Co NJ 54,796,145
Rvi National Ins Co CT 14,528,504
Safe Auto Ins Co OH 470,966,618
Safe Harbor Ins Co FL 15,766,696
Safe Ins Co WV 6,812,611
Safeway Property Ins Co NE 38,091,854
Saint Lukes Health System Rrg SC 14,203,016
Samaritan Rrg Inc SC 14,551,207
San Antonio Indemnity Co TX 2,827,854
Sanilac Mutual Ins Co MI 856,596
Santa Fe Auto Ins Co TX 21,373,242
Sauquoit Valley Ins Co NY 3,723,185
Savers Property & Casualty Ins Co MO 176,121,407
Scaffold Industry Ins Co Rrg Inc DC 3,420,121
Scf Premier Ins Co AZ 13,034,562
School Boards Ins Co Of Pa Inc PA 184,678,198
Schuylkill Crossing Reciprocal Rrg VT 22,505,309
Scor Reinsurance Co NY 1,517,467,661
Scpie Indemnity Company CA 479,085,831
Scrubs Mutual Asr Co Rrg NV 4,553,032
Seabright Ins Co IL 790,810,224
Security America Rrg Inc VT 4,822,882
Security First Ins Co FL 82,543,670
Security Mutual Ins Co NY 74,917,611
Security National Ins Co FL 131,767,197
Security Plan Fire Ins Co LA 4,937,186
Select Markets Ins Co IL 13,830,986
Selective Ins Co Of New England ME 30,170,740
Seminole Casualty Ins Co FL 52,259,572
Seneca Specialty Ins Co AZ 28,128,735
Sentinel Asr Rrg Inc HI 16,284,837
Sentruity Casualty Co TX 24,184,315
Sequoia Indemnity Co NV 15,972,099
Service Ins Co FL 18,813,048
Service Ins Co Inc NJ 9,731,014
Sfm Mutual Ins Co MN 356,582,779
Sfm Select Ins Co SD 5,516,666
Shared Service Ins Group Inc PA 2,025,999
Sheffield Ins Co TN 13,524,855
Silver Oak Casualty Inc LA 144,380,980
Simed PR 140,994,618
Somerset Casualty Ins Co PA 23,640,218
Sophia Palmer Nurses Rrg Inc NV 1,385,464
Southeastern Us Ins Inc GA 40,647,110
Southern Casualty Ins Co GA 6,955,162
Southern County Mutual Ins Co TX 26,545,667
Southern Eagle Ins Co FL 29,188,484
Southern Fidelity Ins Co Inc FL 177,115,069
Southern General Ins Co GA 49,616,972
Southern General Underwriters Ins Co GA 32,975,476
Southern Mutual Ins Co GA 19,312,788
Southern Oak Ins Co FL 53,559,006
Southern Pioneer Prop & Cas Ins Co AR 22,368,982
Southern States Ins Exchange VA 40,515,326
Southern United Fire Ins Co AL 22,938,868
Southland Lloyds Ins Co TX 3,118,365
Southwest Casualty Co NM 22,997,720
Southwest General Ins Co NM 5,203,057
Southwest Physicians Rrg Inc SC 26,639,144
Spartan Ins Co TX 7,336,278
Spartan Property Ins Co SC 29,621,542
Spirit Mountain Ins Co Rrg Inc DC 5,449,161
Spring Valley Mutual Ins Co MN 8,656,651
Springfield Ins Co Inc CA 81,226,472
St Charles Ins Co Rrg SC 10,554,051
St Johns Ins Co Inc FL 156,412,000
St Lukes Health Network Ins Co Rrg VT 39,922,208
Standard Casualty Co TX 17,203,812
Standard Mutual Ins Co IL 64,785,000
Star Casualty Ins Co FL 20,614,632
Star Ins Co MI 678,137,404
State Farm Florida Ins Co FL 2,014,499,732
State Farm Guaranty Ins Co IL 13,608,585
State National Fire Ins Co LA 2,170,696
States Self-Insurers Risk Ret Group VT 19,719,842
Sterling Cas Ins Co CA 25,454,574
Stico Mutual Ins Co A Rrg VT 18,924,535
Stonetrust Commercial Ins Co LA 64,751,313
Stonewood Ins Co NC 100,064,443
Stonington Ins Co TX 498,519,348
Stonington Lloyds Ins Co TX 6,785,572
SU Ins Co WI 12,528,143
SUA Ins Co IL 336,493,615
Sublimity Ins Co OR 18,500,395
Sun Surety Ins Co SD 12,283,787
Sunderland Marine Mutual Co Ltd AK 8,538,334
Sunshine State Ins Co FL 37,834,304
Sunz Ins Co FL 20,072,701
Superior Ins Co Rrg SC 20,894,706
Syncora Guarantee Inc NY 3,482,844,378
Synergy Comp Ins Co PA 12,474,476
Synergy Ins Co NC 9,202,724
System & Affiliate Members Recip VT 2,690,176
T H E Ins Co LA 179,870,349
Tank Owner Members Ins Co TX 22,652,278
Taxisure Exchange NJ 6,103,547
Teachers Auto Ins Co NJ 15,195,869
Technology Ins Co Inc NH 576,248,214
Texas Builders Ins Co TX 14,756,059
Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters TX 18,700,922
Texas Heritage Ins Co TX 35,020,294
Texas Hospital Ins Exchange TX 28,151,442
Texas Lawyers Ins Exchange TX 71,047,108
Texas Medical Ins Co TX 21,527,725
Thames Ins Co Inc CT 35,931,433
Tift Area Captive Ins Co GA 5,368,498
TIG Ins Co CA 1,781,639,870
Titan Ins Co Inc Rrg SC 23,243,493
Title Industry Asr Co Rrg VT 9,014,521
Title Reinsurance Co VT 15,656,720
Torus Specialty Ins Co DE 68,121,215
Tower Hill Preferred Ins Co FL 49,076,649
Tower Hill Prime Ins Co FL 88,669,926
Tower Hill Select Ins Co FL 52,197,436
Tower Ins Co Of New York NY 881,045,410
Town & Country Mutual Ins Co AR 2,777,398
Toyota Motor Ins Co IA 344,058,926
TPA Captive Insurance Co Inc GA 9,262,674
Traders Ins Co MO 13,291,230
Trans City Casualty Ins Co AZ 19,988,157
Transguard Ins Co Of America Inc IL 196,631,632
Transit Mutual Ins Corp Of WI WI 11,407,981
Tri Century Ins Co PA 19,782,604
Triad Guaranty Ins Corp IL 870,856,190
Triangle Ins Co Inc OK 40,894,884
Triple S Propiedad Inc PR 270,113,798
Tri-State Consumer Ins Co NY 101,482,329
Truststar Ins Co MD 2,163,651
Twin Lights Ins Co NJ 12,899,665
U S Lloyds Ins Co TX 18,376,380
Ulico Casualty Co DE 232,463,630
Umialik Ins Co AK 44,414,213
Underwriters At Lloyds KY 209,933,757
Underwriters At Lloyds London IL 670,979,612
Union Mutual Ins Co OK 4,385,200
Unique Ins Co IL 34,826,122
United Automobile Ins Co FL 494,667,774
United Business Ins Co GA 3,834,299
United Casualty & Surety Co Inc MA 11,063,532
United Central Pa Rrg VT 24,988,060
United Contractors Ins Co Inc Rrg DC 25,991,211
United Equitable Ins Co IL 14,963,623
United Frontier Mutual Ins Co NY 11,615,518
United Group Captive Ins Co GA 2,293,484
United Guar Residential Ins Co Of NC NC 963,653,890
United Guaranty Coml Ins Co Of NC NC 246,696,250
United Guaranty Ins Co NC 238,323,744
United Guaranty Mortgage Indem Co NC 371,054,813
United Guaranty Mortgage Ins Co NC 238,099,810
United Guaranty Mtg Ins Co Of NC NC 238,717,101
United Guaranty Residential Ins Co NC 2,488,191,777
United Heritage Prop & Cas Co ID 18,828,632
United Home Ins Co AR 12,595,085
United Ins Co UT 6,391,415
United Medical Liability Ins Co Rrg HI 2,718,591
United Property & Casualty Ins Co FL 183,682,260
United Security Ins Co CO 11,389,241
Unitrin Advantage Ins Co NY 3,089,898
Unitrin Auto & Home Ins Co NY 144,134,806
Unitrin Preferred Ins Co NY 41,184,735
Universal Casualty Co IL 98,063,493
Universal Fire & Casualty Ins Co IN 8,840,864
Universal Ins Co NC 24,952,072
Universal Ins Co Of North America FL 117,671,802
Universal North America Ins Co TX 52,860,711
Universal Property & Casualty Ins FL 427,505,355
Upland Mutual Ins Inc KS 17,409,939
Upper Hudson National Ins Co NY 6,095,354
Urgent Care Asr Co Rrg Inc NV 2,110,358
Us Agencies Casualty Ins Co Inc LA 76,756,408
Us Fidelis Ins Co Rrg Inc MT 725,403
Us Ins Co Of America IL 3,220,370
Us Rail Ins Co A Rrg VT 3,032,218
Us Security Ins Co FL 81,454,031
USA Ins Co MS 8,088,340
USF Ins Co MI 156,082,158
USIC Of Florida Inc FL 6,014,213
Usplate Glass Ins Co IL 18,502,985
Utah Builders Ins Co Inc UT 10,631,610
Utica National Asr Co NY 55,715,844
VA Farm Bureau Town & Country Ins Co VA 52,000,767
Vasa Spring Garden Mutual Ins Co MN 2,742,313
Versant Casualty Ins Co MS 15,049,430
Veterinary Pet Ins Co CA 169,005,023
VFH Captive Ins Co GA 6,017,744
Victore Ins Co OK 4,356,156
Victoria Specialty Insurance Co OH 23,021,316
Victory Ins Co Inc MT 4,468,047
Vinings Ins Co SC 44,854,875
Virginia Farm Bureau Fire & Cas Ins VA 42,370,100
Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Ins Co VA 267,457,519
Virginia Health Systems Alliance Rrg VT 97,144,265
Vision Ins Co TX 13,302,309
Waco Fire & Cas Ins Co GA 39,127,392
Wallrose Mutual Ins Co PA 1,053,997
Warner Ins Co CT 26,285,568
Warranty Underwriters Ins Co TX 43,159,666
Warren Rrg Inc VT 8,273,822
Washington County Co-Operative Ins NY 6,092,095
Washington Mutual Fire & Storm Ins PA 3,206,754
Wayne Cooperative Ins Co NY 19,985,093
Wayne Mutual Ins Co OH 28,637,819
WEA Property & Casualty Ins Co WI 14,295,078
Wellington Ins Co TX 34,597,923
Wellspan Rrg VT 23,388,147
West Virginia Employers Mutual Ins WV 1,430,579,484
West Virginia Farmers Mut Ins Assoc WV 4,543,855
West Virginia Ins Co WV 37,069,143
West Virginia Mutual Ins Co WV 155,282,691
West Virginia National Auto Ins Co WV 9,045,972
Westchester Fire Ins Co NY 2,457,455,838
Western General Ins Co CA 75,258,555
Western Home Ins Co MN 33,750,488
Western Ins Rrg Inc AZ 1,083,073
Western Mutual Ins Co CA 47,103,437
Western Pacific Mut Ins Co Risk Ret CO 125,528,010
Western Protectors Ins Co OR 13,745,950
Western Underwriters Ins Co CA 16,815,137
Westguard Ins Co PA 31,578,183
Westminster American Ins Co MD 11,383,258
White Mountains Reins Co Of Amer NY 2,384,187,571
Whitecap Surety Co MN 1,317,315
Williamsburg National Ins Co MI 97,443,275
Wilmington Ins Co DE 4,849,385
Wilshire Ins Co NC 137,698,664
Windhaven Ins Co FL 8,188,147
Wisconsin American Mutual Ins Co WI 4,543,576
Wisconsin County Mutual Ins Corp WI 53,610,756
Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Ins Co WI 49,505,162
Wisconsin Mutual Ins Co WI 90,326,306
Wisconsin Reinsurance Corp WI 72,325,004
Wolverine Mutual Ins Co MI 38,875,109
Work First Casualty Co DE 35,791,193
Workers Compensation Exchange ID 7,953,243
Workmens Auto Ins Co CA 62,735,995
Worth Casualty Co TX 4,986,333
X L Ins Co Of NY NY 203,520,312
XL Ins America Inc DE 632,275,037
XL Select Ins Co DE 129,578,562
YEL Co Ins FL 13,733,175

Yellowstone Ins Exch Rrg VT 20,932,041
Young America Ins Co TX 37,929,229
Zale Indemnity Co TX 14,093,760
ZC Specialty Ins Co TX 98,643,185
Zephyr Ins Co Inc HI 55,269,417
Zurich American Ins Co NY 29,925,071,505

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