UNLIMITED Godfather Points

Learn how to get UNLIMITED Godfather Points on Mafia Wars:

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Zynga earns money with Mafia Wars through various offers and will reward you with Godfather points. Godfather points are like rebate dollars. A great deal a lot of times and a bum deal at other times.

There are many things that you can do with Godfather Points. Plowing your points into energy is the best use. A perfect example of Godfather Points usage is to go for a full energy refill or for the four skill points.
When you first start, hold off using Godfather points. Beginners often will trade their Godfather points for money. SKIP IT!

This could sound like a great concept, but buying cash flowing real estate will give you more than enough money. Large amounts of money in the higher levels is somewhat useless as you will be over flowing with it!Free surveys are another way to obtain Godfather points. However, this is a very slow way to accumulate mafia wars Godfather Points, but every little bit helps right?

The free surveys are the preferred choice for the budget minded Mafia Wars player. To be honest, they can be quite difficult to come by and having a lot of mafia wars Godfather points can certainly can ncrease your progress through the game. If you’re looking for a way to stockpile a huge amount of points quickly I recommend reading the reading one of the many Mafia Wars Cheats guides that I have listed on my website.

Take a quick look at The Dominate Mafia Wars Guide for some incredible information on how to dominate in Mafia Wars.

Use the offers under the Godfather tab. Get the free ones. Most of the offers entice you to pay or buy something.

Be careful! By pass the offers that require real cash. It’s guarded secret that only a select few know! For example, try clicking on the button that says “Free” or “Surveys,” there are many offers that pay out between 4–8 reward points by simply filling out a silly form. You will want to open up a junk mail email address if you want to avoid all the frivolous offers that are sent to you. Hey, free is free-so take advantage of them.

Don’t fall into the traps that Zynga tries to bait you with. Zynga is great and I love them! They have created the best social networking role playing game in history.They will take your money faster than the government. You can buy friends from Zynga! The friends have no power or value and are friends in name only. Powerless. forget the buy friends offers!

Some of Zynga’s offers are great because they offer products or services that you can actually use. Blockbuster Videos is a prime example. Find merchants on the Google that offer Godfather points.

Your best bet on finding free Godfather points is to search Google every day for new Godfather points offers.
The Godfather Points Tips:

Use Godfather points on:
Energy Refills-after you have built up your total energy points
Crates-This can be a gamble, but at least you get something!
New name-Don’t be loser.Otherwise, don’t even bother.
Skill Points-These babies are yours forever!
Never waste your Godfather points on:
Money-You can always rob someone.
Restore Health-Recover at the hospital.
Stamina-There are easier ways to get stamina.
Recruiting Family Members-My website has the ultimate recruiting methods!
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