2 A. M.

I get in from work at 2 a. m.and sit down with a beerTurn on late night t.v.and then wonder why I’m hereIt’s meaningless and trivialand it washes over meAnd once again I wonderis this all there is for me Here I am againLook at me againHere I am againOn my onTrying hard to seeWhat […]

A different corner

I’d say love was a magical thingI’d say love would keep us from painHad I been thereHad I been thereI would promise you all of my lifeBut to lose you would cut like a knifeSo I don’t dareNo I don’t dare ‘Cause I’ve never come closeIn all of these yearsYou are the only one to […]


Are you ready for attack?Yeah, Yeah, YeahStargate ah yeahYeah etcFive have been around and livin’ it upWe’re changin’ it around just keeping you rightWhen we get excited no we never stopEverybody knows we can’t get enoughPeople say we’re dark but we’re the light‘Cause we’re the only ones that are keeping you tightEverybody’s gonna feel high […]

89.9 Detrimental

[El-P]For all intents and purposes I ram prideResonate pussy rapper get the long donkey cockI keep telethon MC’s clinging to Jerry’s personMotherfuckin Tourette’s syndrome MC’s can’t freestyle without rehearsingCrossed T’s and dotted I’s but still caught a liquid shit surpriseRappers got on colored contacts but they better real-eyesContact CoFlow shit equals El, Bigg Jus distortionTry […]

Quién Pintó Las Estrellas De Carmín?

Quién pintó las estrellas de carmín?¿Quién plantó un árbol seco en mi jardín?¿Quién abrió la ventana del balcón?¿Quién dejó entrar un hada en mi salón?¿Para quién guardas tan bien tu corazón?. ¿Dónde fue esa sonrisa que voló?Yo también fui a cogerla y escapóPudo ser un duende en la oscuridadQuiso hacer de un sueño una realidadDónde […]

50 Niggaz Deep

{Record Stratching}Alright now here we go [Drunken Master]Fifty niggazFifty niggaz deepWe fifty niggaz deepWe fifty we fifty niggaz deepWe fifty niggaz deepI’m nifty-nifty niggazI’m fifty niggaz deepFifty niggaz deepI’m fifty niggaz deepYou fifty niggaz deepYou fifty I’m fifty niggaz deepFifty niggaz deepI’m fifty niggaz deepI’m fifty I’m fifty niggaz deepFifty niggaz I’m fifty niggaz deep […]

(I've Got No) No Self Control

I’m into sweet sensations you’re my one temptationI’ve never felt beforeI feel a strong attractiona strange reactionthat leaves me wanting more I’m outta my mind I’m outta my headI’m losing my heartI’m easily leadlike nothing beforeas good as it getsyou’re making me hot you’re making me sweat I got no no self controlwhen I’m with […]


What up on my Harlem niggasMy BK niggasBack uptown babyLennox Ave.My Oyas on Broadway all day Aye yo you love the way I rep blackStep the f back‘Fore I bring out the gunsAnd chest checkRespect thatAny girl I met that Hit thatLove the way I spit thatI don’t kit katPush your wig backGet you shit […]


(sample – "Back in the days I knew rap would never die" – KRS One) Verse One: J-Ro The year is 2004, people talk about warI had to hit the floor when the bombs began to pourTen minutes ago I was mad cause my stomach was grumblingNow the whole world is crumblingI hear people scream […]

A Little Respect

I tried to discover a little something to make me sweeterOh baby refrain from breaking my heartI’m so in love with youI’ll be forever blueThat you give me no reason, you know you’re making me work so hardThat you give me no . . . SoulI hear you callingOh baby please give a little respect […]