2 Bad

I’m, I’m, I’m right back where I’d wanna be… Told me what you’re doing wrongWord out shockin’ all aloneCryin’ wolf ain’t like a manThrowin’ rocks to hide your hands You ain’t done enough for meYou ain’t done enough for meYou are disgusting me, yeah yeahYou’re aiming just for meYou are disgusting meJust want your cut […]

A Different Point Of View

When I’m sitting so close to youThere’s only one thing that I wanna doBut I know what you’re likely to sayThat I’m going about it the wrong way We can’t agree about anythingWhere to go or even where we’ve beenAnd I know what you’re likely to doSay that I’ve never cared about you And all […]

13 And Good

I walked in the place very big spaceEvery kind of race dancin’ and niggas made chaseA very pretty face, feel the bassBasses kick, flygirl jumps on my tipThe drink that I sip implies this it itShe looked to be about 26 I ain’t dizzyIt’s time to get busy!!Welcome female is in my arms.Overwhelmed by my […]

9 Teen 90 Nine

Fame you’re claimin’ is the top of the world. This stage I’m claimin’ is the top of the world. Love I’m feelin when you people connect and if you’re out in the crowd you’re gettin’ more than respect. If you’re wondering I got plenty of flows. I’m makin’ plenty of friends and many are foes,but […]

1 Nite Stand

i’ve come to grips unreality through fatality realized just how much happiness brings to me fight lately doubt and worries inflicted my mind with an illness of ego the worst of its kind been so busy unhappy unnerved i can see my destiny is chasing me i am finally happy and ready to go i […]

50 Palabras, 60 Palabras o 100

Esta mañana me he levantadoY al darme la vuelta me he ido rodandoNo hubo mensaje de despedidaSólo unas flores en el suelo del salón. Será que con coloresO el olor que dan las floresEs más fácil ir despiertosSerá que las palabrasNunca expresan demasiado bienAlgunos sentimientos. Ahora sólo quedan Las fotos de las paredesY hay que […]

(Just A) Patsy

Put defenses to rest when justice becomes mootdefy – let others follow suit to start the uprise is to start the warparanoid conspiracies galore What’s the point to maintain your innocence what’s the point to play into their game what’s the use to even try and sway pigs that are out to put you away […]

36 Degrees

We were tight, but it falls apart as silver turns to blue.Waxing with a candlelight, and burning just for you.Allocate your sentiment, and stick it in a box.I’ve never been an extrovert, but i’m still breathing. Someone tried to do me ache (it’s what I’m afraid of) With hindsight, I was more than blind, lost […]

20th Caller Skit

*phone rings three times*Congratulations, you’re the 20th caller! Huh? Yo man, I don’t wanna be the 20th caller man I wanna hear Tha Alkaholiks, damnit! Man y’all don’t never play Tha Liks yo! Y’all play the same damn songs, every damn day Man, them Liks is dopest niggaz on the West coast man C’mon bring […]

A Little Something Refreshing

Yeah yay ohI’m hungry yeahI said I’m starving yeahI want some Pizza Coke and ice cream popcorncotton candyMarshmallows milkshake and peanuts would beso greatPies chips candy apples Twinkies FrostedFlakes And donuts french fries and some chocolatecake with mustardCookies avocados pancakes pineapple juiceWhipped cream on some raw meatThat’s not all I could…EatI’m hungryI want some food […]