2 Can Play That Game

I lost all the love I had for you the day that you cheated on me boo and there can never be no me and you cause lately you been asking foney I’m sorry you can’t do me like those other busters from around the way so if you wanna play then lets play believe […]

A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow

May dreams be brought that I might reach…the gentle strains of midnight speechand frozen stars that gild the forest floor Through the swirling snowVolkh’s children cometo run with me, to hunt as oneto snatch the lambs of christfrom where they fall…

13 Steps To Nowhere

Whores Your windows boarded up, your private lives exposed The talk shows pump it up, lab rats diseased for show We’re doomed to use the slang, outbreak of drug roulette A church burned to the ground, not even noticed yet 13 Steps (To Nowhere) Whores A backwards swastika, the black skin riddled in lead A […]


ft. TD Jakes [Daughter:] Hello [Kirk:] Hey, it’s me, Kirk, I need to speak to Bishop [Daughter:] Sure, hold on… [Jakes:] Hello…[Kirk:] Hey… I got some stuff I need to talk to you about Lately, pastor I’ve been…having all these crazy kind of dreams It’s hard to sleep, I can’t eat…scary, you know [Jakes:] I […]


Let me start this from the day we met.You looked so beautiful, I never will forget.Then you opened up your eyes, looked at me and kinda smiled.I was scared, but still happy at the same time.I never wanted us to be a superficial family.But in the end it was the only thing we could be. […]

500 Degreez

[Lil Wayne talking]It’s the real shit, yeah500 Degreez this time biotchYes sir, you already know [Lil Wayne verse 1]You see me? I eat, sleep, shit, and talk snaps; so fuck rapMan I got weed, pills, pistols, all crackBitch niggas where ya hearts at?Ya’ll ain’t stuntin’ like usBitch niggas where ya cars at?They like, "Wayne why […]

(Love Lives In) Strange Places

[Verse1:]Clover walked inIn his baggy jeans and his Prada shoesHe had a nice shirt, nice scent, nice iceBut he’s not the one–the one I’d chooseHe was the type I never hadCountry and thug with lots of classSomething inside me made me hesitateSo I made him wait Didn’t think he was the one to treat me […]

360 Degrees (What Goes Around)

[GPM] Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah"There’s just one thing I wanna say.."[GPM] The reel to reel to reel to reel yo"There’s just one thing I wanna say.."[GPM] Copy copy copy copy copy"There’s just one thing I wanna say.."[GPM] We gonna hit it down like this, y’all know the flav"There’s just one thing I wanna say.."[GPM] […]

21 and Under

Intro: Tash ("Yes yes y’all, and you don’t stop" – repeat 12X)HelloLet me tell ya about the LiksSee it *echoes* say it *echoes*Ah, yo Verse One: Tash I walked into a store I stepped straight to the freezerI grabbed some forty ounces and a few Bacardi BreezersI threw em on the counter then I went […]

A Lot Like You

My friends, they’re so worriedOh they say girl there’s something definitely wrongIt ain’t natural to go from one to anotherLover to lover moving alongThey don’t know It takes 10 of their kisses to make 1 of yours10 times baby oh they feel a lot like youWhen they kiss me and they touch me say they […]