Shot Down In Flames

(Yow! One, Two) Out on the town, looking for a woman Gonna give me good love Anybody want to hang out with me? And maybe burn me up? She was standing alone over by the jukebox Like she’s something to sell I said, "Baby what’s the going price?" She told me to go to hell […]


I look at my watch to find out the right time of the dayI look at her libido hey hey heyGotta get up and climb her to roll her on the hayMakin’ a sweat, temperature rise all through the day Man it’s getting hot hot hotI said man it’s getting hot hot hotIt’s getting hotter […]

Girls Got Rythm

I’ve been around the world I’ve seen a million girls Ain’t one of them got What my lady she’s got She steals the spotlight Knocks me off my feet She’s enough to start a landslide Just a walkin’ down the street Wearing dresses so tight And looking dynamite Enough to blow me out No doubt […]