Kicked In The Teeth

Two faced woman with your two faced lies I hope your two faced livin’ made you satisfied Ya tell me baby I was your only one While you been runnin’ round town with every mother’s son, hey! Two times told about a woman like you Two times told about the things you do I used […]

Riff Raff

See it on television every dayHear it on the radioIt ain’t humid but it sure is hotDown in MexicoBoss man tryin’ to tell meBeginnin’ of the endSayin’ it’ll bend meToo late my friendRiff raffIt’s good for a laughRiff raffLaugh yourself in halfNow I’m the kind of guy that keeps his big mouth shutIt don’t bother […]

Stiff Upper Lip

Well I was out on a driveOn a bit of a tripLookin’ for thrillsTo get me some kicksNow I warn you ladiesI shoot from the hipI was born with a stiff Stiff upper lip Like a dog in a howlI bite everythingAnd I’m big and I’m drawlAnd I’ll ball your thing I keep a stiff […]

Get It Hot

Going out on the town Just a me and you Gonna have ourselves a party Just like we use to do Nobody’s playing Manilow Nobody’s playing soul And no one’s playing hard to get Just a good old rock ‘n’ roll CHORUS: Get it hot, get it hot Come on baby, get it hot Get […]


Ridin’ down the highwayGoin’ to a showStop in all the by-waysPlayin’ rock ‘n’ rollGettin’ robbedGettin’ stonedGettin’ beat upBroken bonedGettin’ hadGettin’ tookI tell you folksIt’s harder than it looksIt’s a long way to the topIf you wanna rock ‘n’ rollIt’s a long way to the topIf you wanna rock ‘n’ rollIf you think it’s easy doin’ […]

Let There Be Rock

In the beginningBack in nineteen fifty-fiveMan didn’t know about a rock ‘n’ roll showAnd all that jiveThe white man had the smoltzThe black man had the bluesNo one knew what they was gonna doBut Tchaikovsky had the newsHe said –"Let there be light", and there was light"Let there be sound", and there was sound"Let there […]

Give It Up

Well there be no words of fighting around here‘Cause nothin’ don’t matter ’cause it ain’t clearWell it could be on a MondayOr it could be even SundaySo if you can’t stand the distanceYou better disappearDo I make myself clear I’m ready to rock I’m gonna rip itReady to rock yeah I’m gonna stick it Give […]

All Screwed Up

You think your kinda toughYou’re walkin’ kinda roughWhen you want any moreYou go fast wo’ wo’ wo’Things go toughAnd you strut your stuffAnd I want your thingThen you’re out of luckYes you are It’s all screwed upAll screwed upIt’s all screwed upAll screwed up Take you out to kick some buttWork you over screw you […]