Love at First Feel

You never told me where you came from,You never told me your name,I didn’t know if you were legal tender,But I spent you just the same.I didn’t think it could happen to me,But I fell in love in the first degree –It was love at first feelrepeatrepeatThey said it was disgustin’They told me it’s was […]

Night Prowler

Somewhere a clock strikes midnight And there’s a full moon in the sky You hear a dog bark in the distance You hear someone’s baby cry A rat runs down the alley And a chill runs down your spine Someone walks across your grave And you wish the sun would shine No one’s gonna warn […]

Go Down

Ruby, Ruby, where you been so longDone took to drinkin’ whiskeyBaby since you been goneAin’t no one I know do it as good as youLickin’ on that lickin’ stick the way you doYou got the lips to make a strong man weakAnd a heathen prayTell you ain’t just the way you speakYou know it’s just […]

Come And Get It

Picking up the sleaze in my carHell no distance too farBurning down the road in the nightDon’t you scold me or I’ll bite These are the finer things in lifeDon’t think you live in paradiseI’ve got my filly wrapped in redUpon my double decker bed If you want it come and get it (come and […]


Don’t smoke don’t fight don’t light no cigarettesOr else you’ll wind up in the canNo jokes no rights sit tight don’t fool aroundYou are a guest of Uncle SamStand up look right don’t slouch and stand at easeAllow no sex above the kneesWhen I snap you jump into the master planI’ll be damnedWell I’ll be […]

Little Lover

Saw you in the front rowMovin’ to the beat(Just movin’ and groovin’)Killed me when I sawThe wet patch on your seat(Wasn’t Coca Cola)Ooo babyI hope you liked the showWhen the band said good nightI had to say helloCHORUS:Little lover, I can’t get you off my mindLittle lover, I’ve tried hard to findSomeone like youOoo baby […]


I never smoked with no cigarettesI never drank much boozeBut I’m only a man, don’t you understandAnd a man can sometimes loseYou gave me something I never hadPulled me down with youPulled me up, think I’m in loveHope you can pull me throughCHORUS:I overdosed on youI overdosed on youCrazy but it’s trueAin’t nothing I can […]

Down Payment Blues

I know that it’s evilI know that it’s got to beI know I ain’t doing muchDoing nothing means a lot to meLiving on a shoe stringA fifty cent millionaireOpen to charityRock ‘n’ roller welfareSitting in my CadillacListening to my radioSuzy baby get on inTell me where she want to goI’m living in a nightmareShe’s looking […]