Life's A Bitch

[A] Aiyyo, wassup wassup let’s keep it real sonCount this money, yaknowhatI’msayin?[N] Yea yea[A] Aiyyo, put the Grant’s over there in the safe yaknowhatI’msayin?[N] Yea yea[A] Cause we spendin these Jackson’sThe Washington’s go to wifey, you know how that go[N] I’m sayin, that’s what this is all about right?Clothes, bankrolls, and hoes yaknowhatI’msayin?Yo then what […]


Represent, represent!! [repeat 4X] Straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungleGet murdered on the humble, guns’ll blast, niggaz tumbleThe corners is the hot spot, full of mad criminalswho don’t care, guzzlin beers, we all stareat the out-of-towners (Ay, yo, yo, who that?) They better break Northbefore we […]

One Time 4 For Your Mind

[Intro: Nas and Large Professor] Yeah, it’s Illmatic (yeah)It’s Illmatic (yeah!)It’s Illmatic, huh(yeah kick that shit) [LP] One time 4 your mind, one time[Nas] Yeah whatever[LP] One time 4 your mind, one time[Nas] Yo whatever[LP] One time 4 your mind, one timeAiyyo Nas (whattup Paul) kick that fuckin rhyme [Verse One: Nas] Check it outWhen […]

N.Y. State Of Mind

Yeah yeah, aiyyo black it’s time (word?)(Word, it’s time nigga?)Yeah, it’s time man (aight nigga, begin)Yeah, straight out the fuckin dungeons of rapWhere fake niggaz don’t make it backI don’t know how to start this shit, yo, now [Verse One: Nas] Rappers I monkey flip em with the funky rhythm I be kickinMusician, inflictin compositionof […]

One Love

[Verse One]Whattup kid? I know shit is rough doing your bidWhen the cops came you shoulda slid to my cribFuck it black, no time for looking back it’s donePlus congratulations you know you got a sonI heard he looks like you, why don’t your lady write you?Told her she should visit, that’s when she got […]


(Right..) (Right..)Check me out y’all, Nasty Nas in your areaAbout to cause mass hysteria [Nas]Before a blunt, I take out my frontsThen I start to front, matter of fact, I be on a manhuntYou couldn’t catch me in the streets without a ton of reeferThat’s like Malcolm X, catchin the Jungle FeverKing poetic, too much […]

Memory Lane (Sittin' In Da Park)

(Check that shit)Aight fuck that shit, word wordFuck that other shit, youknowhatI’msayin?We gon’ do a little somethin like this, yaknahmsayin?(Is they up on this?)Keep it on and on and on and on and..KnowhatI’msayin? Big Nas, Grand Wizard, God what it is?(What it is like?) Hah, knowhatI’msayin?Yo go ‘head, do that shit nigga [Nas]I rap for […]

It Ain't Hard To Tell

It ain’t hard to tell, I excel, then prevail The mic is contacted, I attract clientele My mic check is life or death, breathin a sniper’s breath I exhale the yellow smoke of buddha through righteous steps Deep like The Shinin’, sparkle like a diamond Sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket […]