For The Love Of You

When you find a brand new loveisn’t it fun lovethat special one to kiss and hugisn’t it fun love bridge:I want youevery nightheart cries outto hold you tight You walked intimes were bluenothing babyI won’t do chorus:for the love of you-oohfor the love of you-ooh There’s a sweetness in your smileisn’t it fun lovea wild […]


Magic mirror come and search my heartCan you tell me what you seeThere’s a thousand voices whisperingSongs and you’re the melody So I imagine my heart with youSee what imagination can doIt’s not hard to conceiveLove ecstasy imagining you with me Many, many days our shadows passedSeeing visions of a new bright horizonSet the morning […]

Build Your Nest

Build yo’ nestBuild yo’ nestBuild yo’ nestBuild yo’ nest on tenderness The nest is yo’ home and launcin’ padVibes ain’t good gotcha’ feelin’ sad Build yo’ nest on love that tells it allGives you the strength to walk mighty tall With a song in yo’ heart most every day,is what you need along the way […]

Change Your Mind

You said you’ve had itWith insensitive guysNot keepin their promiseAnd telling sweet liesWhen he stopped callinAll of your dreams fell though I’ve seen you troubledI’ve seen you cryI think I knowHow to treat you rightI just wanna give my sweet love to you How can I change your mindI got so much to show youIf […]

Money Tight

I’m always dreamin’ bout my babyRent is due, I’m slipping on the jobNo time to think about survivalPush for the cash ain’t in my heart‘Cause there’s nothing more thatI’m living forThan you baby, oh my babyIn this crazy world there is just one girlIt’s you baby, oh my baby (Chorus)Money tight don’t feel rightRichest man […]

Back On The Road

Time to get back on the roadGonna leave these troubles behindTime to carry the loadwhat my life is a true designYou won’t reach me by phoneI’ll be moving round between the lineTime to get back on the roadGonna mend this heart of mine Don’t you cry, when I say goodbyeBaby, baby, carry onDon’t you cry, […]

Spread Your Love

As we speak about love todayMany men will let it drift awayUntil inner feelings recognizeThat inner joy will harmonizeThere is one possibilityThat we share universallyIt don’t take much abilityTo let it shine naturally Spread your love around and around the landSpread your love to every grain of sandSpread your love, let’s spread our love togetherSpread […]


So you say you triedBut you just can’t find the pleasurePeople around you givin’ you pressureTry to resist all the hurt that’s allAround youIf you taste it, it will haunt you So come, take me by the hand,We’ll leave this troubled landI know we can, I know we can, I know we can, I know […]