I've Had Enough

Getting down, there’s a party in motionEverybody’s on the sceneAnd I can hear the sound, like the roar of the oceanAs it rushes to the stream Live it up, don’t ya hear people screamingGotta do it all their wayUntil they burn it up and the lights nowhere gleamingWhat a price you have to pay Why […]


Oh when I look around meThis old world seems so troubled to me* Does no one seeThe beauty that surrounds themTake a look around you now (sometimes)Pretty little blossoms, oh yeahJust as sweet as can be, yeah yeah(You know) It troubles my mindThese troubled times we need loveYou know it troubles my mindThese troubled times […]

Remember The Children

Remember the childrenChildrenRemember the childrenRemember the children See the message in their facesTell us what the future bringsFindin’ far-off placesBringin’ our souls and bathin’ them cleanSave, save, save the childrenKeep their minds so safe and freeSave, yeah yeah yeah

Help Somebody

No man should have face to faceHis problems alone, alone, aloneReach out and help the weak manMake him strong, strong, strongNow I want to help somebodyI’d like to help you, you, youNow don’t that make you want toHelp somebody too, too, too *The love you giveMight help somebody liveSo give yourselfGo out and help somebody […]


Heavenly sunshine, only you can stop the rainPouring in my heart, causing tears of pain.All of your feelin’, seems to make me glowLike beautiful sunshine, that makes the flowers grow. Chorus:You’re my sunshine, loving you is my dreamWhen I’m with you, I hear bluebells ringAnd the beauty, only you can bringKeep me smiling, my heart’s […]

Love Is Life '96

Have you ever, seen a flowerTryin to bloom in a dry barren landBut then comes a sweet, sweet shower,Just to lend a helping hand Like the love of you & IAll at once it came aliveYou brought loveand your love is life Did you ever watch a mother and how tendershe teaches a childAnd the […]

Love Is Life

Have you ever seen a flowerTryin’ to bloom in a dry barren landBut then comes a sweet spring showerJust to lend a helpin’ handLike the love of you and IAll at once it came aliveYou brought loveAnd your love is lifeDid you ever watch a motherAnd how tender she treats a childAnd the birds in […]

Boogie Wonderland

Dance boogie wonderlanddance boogie wonderlandMidnight creeps so slowly into hearts,of men who need more than they getdaylight deals a bad hand,to a woman that has laid to many bets The mirror stares you in the face and says"baby, uh uh it don’t work"you say your prayers through you don’t careyou dance and shake the hurtdance […]