Challenges to the skyMan took his first moon rideGenius mastermindsGonquered changing timesAnd thought he’d done everythingWhen he walked on the moon, they sang Here I am, down on earthAnd baby for all it’s worthMeaning the world to me, lovin’ you faithfullyWe got a better song to singLet’s make the love bells ring Wanna take you […]

Straight From The Heart

Only when my arms are holding youThen I can close my eyesAnd know our love is oh, so trueAnd softly like a warm and gentle rainSomething comes over meLike nothing that I can explainMemories in the past, they seem to fade awayLike a storm that leaves a new love in its placeSo let’s go on […]

Rock It

Peace, Peace to all the wonderful peoplein the east, West, North & SouthYea, – EWF comin at ya ’96 style Let us run it downon yawl nowEnergy inspiresDino hypes da place ‘pon bass howcrowds heat up the fire Now ’95 found high night flyin’tight as Sonne EMo Pleasure chords towardsgroovin’ yoursWe mash up St. Marteen(and […]


Come sailaway and touch love sweet loveCome sailaway fall in love with loveAh, sailaway and touch love sweet loveCome sailaway fall in love with love Love is like a parade, on a clear summer’s dayRide your heart and you may sailawayOh the wind as it blows, has the touch of a roseand wherever it goes, […]

Sunday Morning

Intro Chorus:Ooh, Sunday morningYou;re gonna find my love shining on you Oh, I’m waitingAnd my heart is anticipatingYour faceOn my pillowFeel sunshine pouring through the window Like the grapes on the vineLove gets sweeter with timeYou were made to love Chorus:Ooh, Sunday morning (I’ll see you Sunday morning)Ooh, Sunday morningIt’s like the best of everything […]


As we float through time as energySeeking no place, filling all space with songCreating, giving and integrating all moodsHappiness and sorrow, joy and painRemain the same as always, as energyBreathing aire filled with pranaAwaiting the timeless times of NirvanaTo speak and learn secrets of lifeEnergy, now we can call on youBecause we love youWe call […]

Just Another Lonely Night

Intro:Lonely night, just one lonely nightWithout youLonely night, just one lonely nightWithout you I remember that could SeptemberYou packed your bags and you went awayYou were my only loveBut you were searching forA better life in L.A. Oh this loneliness I’m feelingHas got my body chillingI’m in need of your touchWon’t you rescue my desireI […]

Fair But So Uncool

Glory seeker, fortune hound, don’t you ever,break it on down.Ain’t you been to schoolAin’t you learned the rulesAin’t you paid them duesThe life you need is fair, fair but so uncool Rip off artis, shootin’ down.If you dig it, you’re a clown-Can’t you understandCan’t you lend a handCan’t you be a manGreedy joker, slidin’ by, […]