Fool On The Hill

Day after day, alone on the hill,The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still.But nobody wants to know him,They can see that he’s just a fool.And he never gives an answer ….. But the fool on the hill,Sees the sun going down.And the eyes in his head,See the world spinning around. Well on […]


Chains, my baby’s got me locked up in chainsAnd the ain’t the kindthat you can seeWoh, it’s chains of lovegot a hold on me, yeahpa-lum-pa-lum-pa-lum-pa Chains, well I can’t break away from there chainsCan’t run around’cause I’m not freeWoh, these chains of loveWon’t let me be, yeah I wanna tell you pretty babyI think you’re […]

A Hard Day's Night

It’s been a hard day’s nightAnd I’ve been working like a dogIt’s been a hard day’s nightI should be sleeping like a logBut when I get home to youI find the things that you doWill make me feel alright You know I work all dayTo get you money to buy you thingsAnd it’s worth it […]

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Oh look outShe came in through the bathroom window,Protected by a silver spoonBut now she sucks her thumb and wondersBy the banks of her own lagoonDidn’t anybody tell herDidn’t anybody seeSundays on the phone to MondayTuesdays on the phone to me.She said she’d always been a dancerShe worked at fifteen clubs a dayAnd though she […]

Do You Want To Know A Secret

You’ll never know how much I really love you.You’ll never know how much I really care.Listen,Do you want to know a secret,Do you promise not to tell, whoa oh, oh. Closer,Let me whisper in your ear,Say the words you long to hear,I’m in love with you. Listen,Do you want to know a secret,Do you promise […]

Blue Jay Way

There’s a fog upon L. A.And my friends have lost their way."We’ll be over soon," they said.Now, they’ve lost themselves instead. Please don’t be long.Please don’t you be very long.Please don’t be longFor I may be asleep. Well, it only goes to showAnd I told them where to go.Ask a p’liceman on the street.There’s so […]

Baby's In Black

Oh dear what can I do,baby’s in black and I’m feelin’ blue.Tell me oh, what can I do? She thinks of himand so she dresses in blackand though he’ll never come backshe’s dressed in black. Oh dear what can I do,baby’s in black and I’m feelin’ blue.Tell me oh, what can I do? I think […]

Not A Second Time

You know you made me cryI see no use in wondering whyI cry for you And now you’ve changed your mindI see no reason to change mineI cry it’s through, oh You’re giving me the same old lineI’m wondering whyYou hurt me thenYou’re back againNo, no, no, not a second timenot a second time You […]