Sweet Emotion

Sweet emotionSweet emotion You talk about things and nobody caresYou’re wearing other things that nobody wearsYou’re calling my name but you gotta make clearI can’t say baby where I’ll be in a year Some sweet talkin’ mama with a face like a gentSaid my get up and go must a got up and wentWell I […]

Heart's Done Time

met a woman, she had a mancouldn’t help it, I had a planright around midnight he was gonesaw her red light, she left it on and oh my heart’s done timeand oh now she’s mine if there’s a reason for these chainsit’s like we suffer to ease the painnow I got this feelin inside of […]

Hoodoo – Voodoo Medicine Man

Silence, I’m ashamed, I was left as a childDragged from the cradle, I was weaned in the wildRan with the wolf pack, flesh torn to shredsIn the compensations, I was left there for dead Read it in the paper it ain’t fairYou know who today don’t seem to careLivin’, lovin’, gettin’ looseMasturbatin’ with a nooseNow […]

Chip Away At The Stone

you act like a prima donnaplaying so hard to getsittin’ so cool and nonchalantdraggin’ on a cigarette you keep a wall all around ya‘n I’ll get through some day‘n I want your love babe, if push comes to shovegonna chip that wall away chip awaychip away at the stoneI won’t stop ’til your love is […]

Don't Get Mad, Get Even

I’ll tell you little secret make you want to jump and shoutWhen you talk to me in circles take your foot out of your mouthIt’s hard enough to make it when you’re livin’ on the streetAnd you want to tell somebody but you got to be discreetThen you catch your girlfriend with her skirt hiked […]

Mama Kin

It ain’t easy, livin’ like a gypsyTell ya, honey, how I feelI’ve been dreamingFloatin’ down stream andLosin’ touch with all that is realWhole earth lover, keepin’ under coverNever knowin’ where ya beenYou’ve been fadin’, always out paradin’Keepin’ touch with Mama kin Well you’ve always got your tail on the wagShootin’ fire from your mouth just […]

I Ain't Got You

Got a ’56 CadillacWith a spare tire on the backGot a charge account in my ol’ bankSaid, I ain’t got you Got a classic and a poolAnd a big hair ghoulNo matter who I foolSaid, I ain’t got you Chorus:Got a baby and a liquor storeI played the number four-forty-fourGot a mojo and dontcha knowI’m […]

Ain't That A Bitch

Up in smoke you´ve lost another loverAs you take the hit of your last cigaretteStrung out, burnt outYeah you´re down on your luckAnd you don´t give a…´Til the best part of you starts to twitchAin´t that a bitch Freak out! I’m alone nowI feel just like I’m losin´ my mind´Cause love is like the right […]