Falling In Love (Is Hard On Your Knees)

You’re so bad you’re so bad you’re soYou’re so bad you’re so bad You think you’re in loveLike it’s a real sure thingBut every time you fallYou get your ass in a slingYou used to be strongBut now it’s ooh baby please‘Cause falling in love is so hard on the knees You’re so bad you’re […]


I got a rip in my shoes and a hole in my brand new shoes I got a Margarita nose and a breath full of Mad Dog Booze I got the fever, fever, fever, fever Yeah, they threw me outta jail I tell ya it ain’t fair I tried to kiss the judge from the […]


Come ‘ere baby You know you drive me up the wall The way you make good for all the nasty tricks you pull Seems like we’re makin’ up more than we’re makin’ love And it always seems you’ve got something on your mind other than me Girl, you gotta change your crazy ways – you […]

Girls Of Summer

When winter hush turns summer pinkIn half the time it takes to blinkBut it all depends on what’choo thinkAbout the girls of summer When all you think of all day longIs a pretty face inside a songWith a thought like that you can’t go wrongAbout the girls of summer Oh yeah… (Do you know… everybody […]


Sitting on a castleOn the floor with EzmoreldaWaiting for the GeezerCaptain Crunch to come aroundFeeling suicidal´Coz of certain situationsHanging from the stairsToo longI think I’m coming down It´s time to crashLosin´ my mind, losin´ my mind, losin´ my mindYeah it´s time to crash Doin´ tons on colon blowStuffing it in every holeMiles high so am […]

Fallen Angels

There´s a candle burning in the world tonight For another child who vanished out of sightAnd a heart is broken, another prayer in vainThere´s a million tears that fill a sea of pain Sometimes I stare out my windowMy thoughts all drift into spaceSometimes I wonder if there´s a better place (Tell me)Where do fallen […]

I'm Back In The Saddle

I’m back!I’m back in the saddle againI’m back!I’m back in the saddle againridin’ into town alone by the light of the moonI’m lookin’ for old Sukie Jones, she crazy horse saloonbarkeep gimme a drink, that’s when she caught my eyeshe turned to give me a wink, that’d make a grown man cryI’m back in the […]

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

I could stay awake just to hear you breathingWatch you smile while you are sleepingWhile you’re far away dreamingI could spend my life in this sweet surrenderI could stay lost in this moment foreverEvery moment spent with you is a moment I treasure Don’t want to close my eyesI don’t want to fall asleepCause I’d […]