Seventh ‘Idol’ hopeful eliminated

On the “Twilight”-inspired “Vampire Idols” Ford commercial that ran during Wednesday night’s “American Idol” top six results show, Michael Lynche portrayed the victim of the five vampires played by fanged castmastes Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, and Siobhan Magnus. So when Michael then landed in the bottom three yet again, I assumed this musical vignette would prove prophetic: that in the end, the other five contestants would suck away all of his votes, and Mike would bite the dust.

I of course did not want to see Michael go, but the alternatives were even worse: Inexplicably and infuriatingly, this week’s bottom three was rounded out by my girl Siobhan Magnus, who delivered a fine and fiery comeback performance Tuesday night and was considered a frontrunner not long ago, and Casey James, who this week gave what all four judges declared his best performance to date.

And then, Ryan Seacrest shockingly told Michael he was safe. Whoa. Casey and Siobhan in the bottom two? Man, what a Sophie’s Choice. But apparently Sophie, along with many other women in America, preferred golden guitar god Casey. And so, Siobhan was cut, in one of the more shocking results shows of Season 9. And she exited the series just as she entered it: screaming her lungs inside-out, like a woman going through natural labor (to borrow Simon Cowell’s simile). You gotta love the girl for staying true to herself till the very end.

By the way…so much for this being a “girls’ season,” huh? Now Crystal Bowersox is the last girl standing. And on the subject of Crystal, she and Lee–now clearly the ones to beat this season–were never even at risk this week, although their performances were both their personal worst. Lee embarrassingly struggled with his lower-register vocals on Tuesday, and Crystal, in a Season 9 first, was panned by all four judges. Yet both were completely safe. I’m not saying either of them should have gone home (my personal choice would have been Aaron), but I think both deserved to be in the bottom three over Casey and Siobhan–especially over Casey, my favorite performer this week.

Casey got a much-needed wakeup call last week when his so-so song earned him a bottom-three placement for the first time all season, and he subsequently turned it around this week and killed it. It wouldn’t have been such a bad thing if Lee and Crystal had received similar wakeup calls, but instead they were safe, while Casey and Siobhan went unrewarded for their efforts to step it up and get back on track. It’s a shame. I already miss Siobhan, and I hope Casey won’t be the next to go.

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