Self Bias Resistor

Hey you! Wake up!
Open your swollen eyes
Erosion invades your mind
A cancer that grows over time

Hey you! Rise up!
Rise to fight, eliminate
Burn your fuse to detonate
The human machines of hate

All these years they’ve tried to break you to your knees
Anger scours right through your veins
Now it’s time to put an end to all the lies
Now it’s time to take control of your life

Wake up! Rise up!
Open minds will dominate
Burn your fuse to detonate
The human machines of hate

Repeat chorus

You can’t believe
Machines of hate
A disease that infiltrates

Persist for resistance
Resist their insolence
You are a dissident
Burn away conformity (2x)

Repeat chorus

They have tried to break you
They have tried to break you (2x)

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