Prison Break Season 4 Episode Guide

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Scylla

Original Air Date—1 September 2008
In Los Angeles, Michael is tracking Whistler and Gretchen seeking revenge for the death of Sara. They go to the Roosevelt Hotel to buy a fifty million dollars card called Scylla. Whistler kills the sellers, copies the card but he is surprised by Michael. When Gretchen arrives, she discloses that Sara is alive. Later Gretchen meets General Jonathan Krantz in the Mojave Desert in California and he tells her that she has failed and asks his black agent Wyatt to kill her. Michael calls Lincoln in Panama and he reveals that Sofia and LJ are all right, Sona has burns and Sucre, Bellick and T-Bag are not in the list of casualties. Sucre and Bellick meets Bellick’s mother in the Arizona Desert near California. Michael reads his e-mail and Mahone sends a message asking Michael to meet him. He tells him that Whistler and he are working against the company, Gretchen is dead and he explains the content of Scylla, indeed the company’s little black book with all the information of the corrupt organization. When Whistler joins them, he tells him that Sara is alive but he is murdered by Wyatt, who retrieves the card. T-Bag is with the prostitute in a hotel and hires two coyotes to cross him back to USA since he has a blood feud with Michael. However, he is double-crossed and left on the desert. General Krantz tells Wyatt that it is time to clean-up, and assigns him to kill Michael, Mahone and Lincoln. In Panama, Lincoln is attacked by a Company’s agent, but he kills the guy and is arrested. Sucre visits his son in the hospital, but he is double-crossed by his sister-in-law and arrested with Bellick. Wyatt kills Pamela and Cameron and Mahone is arrested in his house. Michael calls Bruce looking for Sara but he is arrested by the police. Then the National Security Agent Don Self meets Michael and proposed his freedom if he works secretly for the government to take the Company down. Michael refuses in principle, and Bruce pays his and Lincoln’s bails and they meet Sara. However, when Wyatt finds the safe house and shoots them, Michael calls Don and accepts the deal. He removes his tattoos and forms a team against the Company with Lincoln, Sara, Sucre, Bellick and Mahone.

Season 4, Episode 2: Breaking and Entering

Original Air Date—1 September 2008
In LA, General Krantz tells Wyatt that he wants Michael, Lincoln and Mahone dead. Agent Self forces Michael and his crew to wear monitor around their ankles, and their first assignment is to find the Scylla card. Mahone recalls that Whistler delivered the card to a card holder, and he noted that the driver probably would be a retired military. Using the information from the IRS, they find the identity of the driver. Meanwhile, T-Bag and Sancho head to San Diego in the desert. The hungry Sancho attacks T-Bag, who kills the Mexican while defending himself, and survives eating part of him. Later he gets a ride to San Diego with two bikers’ sportsmen. Michael’s team tracks the driver to the fortress of Spectroleum CEO Stuart Tuxhorn. The hacker Roland Glenn joins the team and gives a digital black hole device that copies any digital information when close to the source. Michael asks Sara to plant the device in the housekeeper’s purse to bring the device inside the house and they succeed in copying the card. However, the maid leaves the device inside the house and they are forced to break in the place to retrieve the apparatus. T-Bag discovers the meaning of Whistler’s code 36-24-36 in the Birds Guide. Michael and Sara conclude that Scylla is actually a six head monster from “The Odyssey” and therefore there are six cards. Gretchen is still alive.

Season 4, Episode 3: Shut Down

Original Air Date—8 September 2008
In Los Angeles, Michael argues with Agent Self since there are six cards and not only one. The agent gives the rest of the day to find a second card holder; otherwise the project would be shutdown by The Powers That Be and the group would be sent to prison. Mahone calls Agent Lang in Gainesville, Florida, and asks her information about the death of his son. Lincoln overhears the conversation. Wyatt tortures Bruce with drugs; when he gets the information that Sara is in LA, he kills his victim. Agent Self meets Director Herb and ask him to call Senator Dalo to give more time to Michael and his crew, but Herb refuses. Roland discovers that his device has copied the PDA of Tuxhorn, and he notes that he received one e-mail from London and two others from a server in Anaheim. They use Sara to help Michael and Roland to break in the building where the server is located. Sara steals a security card, and when she is arrested by the security guard, Michael activates the fire alarm, but he is trapped with Roland in the server room without oxygen. Lincoln rescues them with an ax, and while checking the e-mails from the data copied by Roland, the computer freezes and they discover that the project has terminated. They try to escape but the GPS in their ankles give their position to Agent Self and his agents. They hijack a cab and Michael discovers the fives card holders in a meeting in a power plant in Newport Beach. Agent Self calls himself Senator Dalo and the project restarts, but with him isolated like an island and without the support of Herb. Meanwhile T-Bag deciphers part of Whistler’s codes and contacts the Gate’s executive White using the identity of Cole Pfeiffer. Lincoln promises Mahone to help him to capture the responsible for the death of his son.

Season 4, Episode 4: Eagles and Angels

Original Air Date—15 September 2008
The boys now know who the five other Scylla-holders are, and trace one to Turkish consul Tabak’s wife Lisa, who is about the leave on mission for the General but first attends a fallen LAPD men benefit, ‘Eagles and Angels’. The team first accidentally spots and corners T-bag must let him go as a cop passes, so ‘Mr. Cole Pfeiffer’ can take the corner office as sales record breaker according to the bird book plan. Team Scofield steals police badges and he gets close enough to Lisa to scan her card, while Linc is recognized and held at gunpoint but kills her Company bodyguard. Wyatt tortures Gretchen and goes after Sara.

Season 4, Episode 5: Safe and Sound

Original Air Date—22 September 2008
Sara notes that Bruce’s credit card is missing from her purse and she sees Wyatt on her tail; she runs and succeeds in escaping from the hit-man. Agent Self recognizes the Treasure Department Director, Griffin Oren, in one of the pictures took by Michael in the card holders gathering. Mahone meets Pam in a dinning and she recognizes Wyatt in one of the pictures. Sucre and Bellick chases T-Bag telling to the receptionist Trishanne that he has an award to receive from an insurance policy; Trishanne recognizes his picture, but she decides to negotiate with T-Bag a better deal, demanding 3% of his commissions. T-Bag tells that Trishanne has found a Leprechaun and agrees with the deal. Later he is visited by Feng Huan, who gives him a short period to deliver the Scylla card he believes Pfeiffer has. Sara tells to Mahone what happened with her when she left the Towne Lounge and she recognizes the picture of Wyatt for Mahone; the former agent checks with Sara and Roland the possible hotel where the killer might have been lodged and they find fifty-three hotels matching the criteria. Agent Self visits Griffin and Michaels finds that the Scylla card is kept: inside a sophisticated and impenetrable safe with an insignia on the 10th floor of a Federal Building that needs the secret and Oren’s fingerprint to be opened. However Michael plots a scheme to get the card. Meanwhile Wyatt tortures Gretchen with bad smell but later she escapes. Michael’s team discovers that Lisa is in Laos and now Griffin is going also to Asia. Sara finds that the fragile economy of Laos is chaotic and the country needs to be rebuilt after the release of a large amount of false money. Agent Self investigates General Krantz and tells Michael that he is a ghost in charge of The Company. However the security system of The Company finds that Self has investigated Krantz.

Season 4, Episode 6: Blow Out

Original Air Date—29 September 2008
Michael and his group are in the jockey chasing card number five. Michael and Mahone plant the device in the office of the operation manager; Bellick argues with the clerk in the counter and Lincoln plants a device in the horse’s gate, provoking a delay in the opening of one of the gates. When Nataniel Edison goes to the office to complain with the manager, the fourth card is copied. However Mahone is arrested while retrieving the device and sent to the precinct. Meanwhile the disturbed Gretchen arrives at her sister’s house in Riverside, California, and gets a pistol, money and credit card hidden in a glass owl she sent to his sister from Germany. T-Bag is pressed in some businesses by his coworker Andy, and uses his position of top-seller in Northeast area. Lincoln calls Self to release Mahone, but even using his badge, he does not succeed. Wyatt meets General Krantz, who tried to hack Self’s computer, but the equipment is protected by a powerful firewall. Then Wyatt startles Self in the garage, identifies himself as a hired contractor and gives a friendly advice to Self, telling that General Krantz likes his privacy. Then he goes to the police station and Mahone sees him; later he calls Michael asking him to promise to kill Wyatt and tell Pam. However, Michael and the group plot a plan to release him from the court in the Los Angeles Municipal Building and rescue his fingerprints. Gretchen seeks the possessions of Gary Miller in the morgue and finds T-Bag in Whistler’s apartment.

Season 4, Episode 7: Five the Hard Way

Original Air Date—6 October 2008
Gretchen tortures T-Bag and asks about the Bird’s Guide and Scylla. Meanwhile, the Agrishow executive Howard Scuderi travels with his wife and the fifth card to Las Vegas. General Krantz calls Wyatt and tells him that Don Self is the head of the snake that is threatening The Company, and he asks the killer to eliminate Self, simulating an accident. Trishanne calls Bellick and says that she has information about T-Bag, and requests the promised reward. Michael stays with Bellick and Mahone to chase T-Bag while the rest of the group travels to Las Vegas. Bellick calls Michael and tells him that Trishanne is requesting more money, and when he goes with Mahone to meet the receptionist, they are captured by T-Bag; however, Mahone escapes from the van. Michael is forced by T-Bag to work with the Bird’s Guide, but the hidden Gretchen sees the GPS monitor around the ankle of Bellick. When Mahone arrives in the apartment tracking the equipment, he finds it empty and the monitors on the table; however Michael left an origami with a clue for him. Lincoln tells Sara that his mother had a brain tumor with an aneurysm and that she died when she was thirty one years old. He says that Michael is the same age and his nose is also bleeding. Gretchen kidnaps Andy, forces him to sign a resignation letter and kills him. Wyatt arrives in Self’s house (but it is empty), while the agent pays a visit to General Krantz and tells him that if he disappears or dies, he has sent documentation to five lawyers implicating him. Lincoln and his group find that the fifth card is in Scuderi’s apartment and Sara tries to seduce him to go to his room. However, the bartender tells that Scuderi is gay, and Sucre is assigned to “visit” him, having a surprising encounter. Meanwhile Michael finds an access hatch below the carpet of the locker and T-Bag has a surprise. Roland is recognized by the surveillance cameras and is arrested with the device by the security guards of the casino. Gretchen calls Self and talks to Michael.

Season 4, Episode 8: The Price

Original Air Date—20 October 2008
Lincoln proposes to crash the General’s car to copy the last card using the trick he did in 2001, in Chicago, to rob a wallet. Michael tells Sara that Gretchen is alive and dealing with Agent Self a partnership together with T-Bag. Sara is disturbed with the new partner and recalls the torture she was submitted to. Roland sends an untraceable message to Wyatt asking how much he would pay for Michael and Lincoln. Mr. Feng visits T-Bag in his office in Gate, but Gretchen negotiates Scylla for US$ 125 million, offering US$ 25 million to T-Bag. Lincoln plans the accident with Sucre while Lincoln and Michael rob an ambulance in a federal yard. Gretchen gives a message to Self inviting Sara to meet her in a motel room. Sara is worried about Michael’s health. Roland tells Wyatt where Michael and Lincoln are, and the killer shoots Sucre. Michael presses Roland who denies being a rat. Self makes clear to Gretchen and T-Bag that they are worthless. T-Bag plots with Trishanne against Gretchen. Gretechen proposes a cease-fire to Sara, and she asks about Michelle Taylor. Roland removes the GPS monitor and escapes to meet Wyatt, who shots his knees. Roland gives the address of the warehouse in Pier 31, San Pedro, but Michael, Lincoln, Bellick and Mahone arrive just in time and capture Wyatt. The general concludes that the attempt was against his card and orders to move Scylla.

Season 4, Episode 9: Greatness Achieved

Original Air Date—3 November 2008
Lincoln unsuccessfully beats up Wyatt, trying to force him to call General Krantz and tell him that he killed the brothers. Then Self arrives with a wallet and says that he needs to talk with Wyatt – Sara goes to the cell under the surveillance of Mahone. Lisa tells Krantz that she needs three days to move Scylla, and he orders the distribution of the pictures of Michael and his group to the press. Michael, Lincoln, Bellick and Sucre go to T-Bag’s office in Gate, find the pipe conducting the water supply of LA and conclude that it is impossible to dig the concrete beneath. Self tells Mahone that he sympathizes with him and he also lost his wife and baby. White is worried with the disappearance of Andy Blauner, and T-Bag is interrogated by a detective that is investigating it. Gretchen arrives with a pistol in General Krantz’s office; he calls her “my girl”, kisses her and recalls her failure in the Police Academy because of her psychological test. T-Bag changes Andy’s sale records and convinces White that he has embezzled Gate. Bellick has a surprising attitude in the water duct.

Season 4, Episode 10: The Legend

Original Air Date—10 November 2008
Michael’s group is sad with the death of Bellick, and they demand that Self sends his body to his mother. Michael asks for the missing pages from Self and Gretchen returns and tells that The Company is moving Scylla to a bunker in Pennsylvania. Michael tells that the map does not make sense, but he deciphers the message “CME David Baker” meaning “See me David Baker”. Trishanne commits a serious mistake, mentioning the name of Frank Whistler to T-Bag while giving Gretchen’s file to him. The smart criminal investigates and finds that the receptionist is actually a Federal Agent working for Self. Michael faints and Sara takes him to a neurologist in a hospital using fake identities and he is submitted to a tomography. Dr. Malden recognizes Michael but protects him. Mr. White calls T-Bag to have a meeting with clients to see his “magic”. The transportation of Scylla is complicated and General Krantz asks his men to bring David Parker; however Mahone is trying to convincing him to give information about Scylla. Sucre tells Lincoln that Bellick saved him in Sona, and he calls Bellick’s mother. While in the underground of The Company’s headquarter, Sucre steps on a land mine and Lincoln calls Gretchen to help him. Meanwhile The Company arrives at David Parker’s home and Mahone escapes; but David Parker’s wife gives the code to understand the map. Lincoln calls Mahone and tells about Sucre and Mahone finds that there is a manual override and the mine is connected to an alarm system; he avoids that Gretchen disarms the mine and saves Sucre. Now Scylla is behind the wall protected by an electronic alarm barrier. However Dr. Malden calls Sara and says that Michael needs to be operated on the next day.

Season 4, Episode 11: Quiet Riot

Original Air Date—17 November 2008
The team is finally ready to break into the Company’s Scylla facility. After his diagnosis, Michael considers taking Sara’s advice to have his urgent surgery immediately, but still presides over the job. Gretchen meets her lover, the General, to get his sixth and last card, but he finally sees through her. Client Feng cuts her and Bagwell a deal, nonetheless, to take on Self.

Season 4, Episode 12: Selfless

Original Air Date—24 November 2008
Despite his headaches, Schofield successfully breaks in. The General rushes a security team down, and thus provides the last missing element: his sixth card! He’s still confident to bribe the team or just keep them locked in, but Sara provides leverage: Lisa, his daughter. Bagwell and Gretchen are found out and shoot their way out. Scylla is delivered to Self, who promises the boys their freedom in half an hour, but doesn’t deliver, and… worse.

Season 4, Episode 13: Deal or No Deal

Original Air Date—1 December 2008
Self calls Herb and says that Lincoln has killed Miriam and pretends that he was also shot by Lincoln. The disturbed General Krantz recalls Michael’s words; during a meeting with the board of The Company, he is questioned by Howard Scuderi and he unexpectedly kills him and asks if there were any further questions from the other participants. Lisa is shocked with the attitude of her father. Herb calls Michael believing that Lincoln has killed two federal agents. Self brings T-Bag seeking out Gretchen. Michael faints in the toilet, Lincoln helps him and Sara injects a drug and tells him that he can not have any physical stress for eight hours. Lincoln calls Gretchen and says that Self has double-crossed them and stolen Scylla. They schedule a meeting at the Grand Hope Park in one hour; however Gretchen’s sister Rita is forced to calls her as Self points his gun to her head. Meanwhile, Special Agent Richard Sooter arrives to investigating the case. Gretchen arrives at her sister’s house and Self forces her to call the National Security and tell them where Michael and his group are. Lincoln is arrested in the park, but the rest of the group escapes. Self forces Gretchen to contact a buyer (actually a conduit) called Viking, since there are only five potential buyers in the world. T-Bag stays with Rita and Emily, while Gretchen and Self go to a meeting with Viking. Meanwhile the truth about Self is disclosed through a deleted file in the name of Robert Walker, and Senator Conrad Dallow apologizes to Lincoln. He calls Michael and the group and the senator promises full immunity if they agree to testify against Self. Michael asks Mahone, Sara and Sucre to travel out of Los Angeles and he goes to a meeting with Herb and the senator. However, Herb and Senator Dallow discusses about the consequences of the unauthorized operation, meaning at least fifteen years in prison, and they decide to eliminate all the evidences of the operation. However, Michael and Lincoln are saved by Agent Sooter that kills Herb but discloses that he works for The Company, and brings the brothers to “an appointment with the General”. However, Sucre appears out of the blue and saves Michael and Lincoln that kills Sooter, but let Senator Dallow go. The Senator leaves all the documents and tells that the operation has never happened. Meanwhile Self and Gretchen meets with Viking, but he tells that there is one piece missing in Scylla that Michael has secretly withdrawn. Self calls Michael that invites him to come and get it.

Season 4, Episode 14: Just Business

Original Air Date—8 December 2008
Sara injects another shot and tells Michael that he needs a doctor. The lookout Lincoln keeps watching on the outside of the warehouse; when Self throws gas bombs trying to force Michael and his group to leave the place, Lincoln surprises Self, hits him on his back and brings him into the warehouse. Self justifies that his motivation was not personal, just business, and proposes to sell Scylla and share the amount among the whole group; however Gretchen appears out of the blue and balances the situation and they leave the place without a shootout. Meanwhile, Mahone meets agent Lang and tells her what happened in the last days, and asks who would be trustful in FBI since the agency and the National Security are compromised with infiltrated agents from The Company. General Krantz decides to chase Gretchen using a satellite; Lisa gives her resignation letter to he father. Michael does not want to sell Scylla; Sucre hides himself in the truck of Self’s car and finds the low budget Fauntleroy Hotel where Self and Gretchen are lodged. He calls Michael and steals several cartridges of gas from the car. Michael hides the missing chip of Scylla on the ceiling of the bathroom, but Self sees the location using a camera he planted in the warehouse. Self calls T-Bag and asks him to kill Rita and Emily if he does not return the call within two hours. When the seller Ralph Becker arrives on the front door selling Bibles, T-Bag sees his ring and knock-outs the guy, telling Rita that he is a Company agent. He interrogates the man and Rita convinces T-Bag to release Ralph and T-Bag lets Emily and Rita go. However the seller is actually an agent and T-Bag is arrested by The Company. Meanwhile Mahone has a meeting with Agent Wheeler, asking to see someone to trust; Wheeler proposes the Scylla per a meeting with thee General Attorney. General Krantz also locates Gretchen and Self in the hotel, but Sucre fights against Gretchen while Michael disassembles the emergency exit; when Self leaves the room through the fire stairway trying to escape, he falls on the ground and Michael recovers the complete Scylla; however, he starts bleeding though his nose and faints. Self retrieves Scylla and The Company catches Michael. Sara and Sucre see on the screen of Self’s notebook the hidden camera in the warehouse. When they return to their hideout, they find that Self has found the chip. When Mahone calls Lincoln and finds that Scylla was lost, he is betrayed by Agent Lang and arrested by Wheeler. Lincoln surprisingly arrives at The Company to see Michael, and General Krantz proposes the best doctors and facility to Michael’s surgery per Scylla, and gives a file named Tombstone II to Lincoln. Meanwhile Self kills the intermediate Vikan and his bodyguard to deal Scylla directly with the buyer.

Season 4, Episode 15: Going Under

Original Air Date—15 December 2008
General Krantz tells Lincoln that the price of Michael’s surgery is the safe return of Scylla. Lincoln tortures T-Bag to find the location where Self and Gretchen will deal with the buyer; after losing two teeth, T-Bag says that the meeting place will be at Arlington Pier at 3:00 PM. Lincoln and Sucre head off to the Pier, but Rita calls Gretchen and says that the Company abducted T-Bag. When they arrive, Self and Gretchen have already gone. Sara stays with Michael and she does not recognize the equipment and the procedure in the surgery room, but the doctor informs that it is a state-of-art technique. Michael meets Charles in Fox River, and he asks for his forgiveness. Charles advises that things are not as they seem to be, and Michael tries to find the true meaning of his words and the word Bargain on the wall. Meanwhile Mahone asks if he can go to the bathroom and the reluctant Wheeler finally stops the car. Mahone steals a pipe and jumps from Wheeler’s car after shattering the window. He is chased by Agent Lang and Wheeler, and Lang covers his escape route in the end. The Company tracks Gretchen’s call from her cellular, but when Lincoln and Sucre arrive, the buyer escapes with Scylla and they capture Self and Gretchen. Michael deciphers that Scylla is not what he appears to be. Lincoln discovers information regarding his mother.

Season 4, Episode 16: The Sunshine State

Original Air Date—22 December 2008
Lincoln calls Sara from Miami asking for news about Michael and tells that he is trying to retrieve the Scylla for The Company with Gretchen, T-Bag and Self. They find a lead in the Grafton Club, and Lincoln goes to the place where he abducts Tia Hayden trying to find the representative of the owner of Scylla. Meanwhile Michael awakes locked in a house in the woods under the surveillance of bodyguards of The Company. The psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Knowlton, tells him that his mother is alive and is working for ‘The Company’ in the Madagascar Rainforest. He wants to prepare Michael to join ‘The Company’ and use his skills on a global scale working with his mother. Tia lures Lincoln and manages to escape, but he keeps her wallet and finds her address. Sara tells General Krantz that she wants to stay with Michael, but he says no to her. T-Bag and Self go to Tia’s house and Self plots against the Lincoln’s leadership. They bring pictures and a HD they found in the house. Self argues with Lincoln and Mahone arrives to balance the situation. Michael sees pictures of his childhood and recalls his family reunion while Dr. Knowlton evaluates him for General Krantz and is pressed to use a quick and nasty process to force Michael to join The Company. Lincoln and Mahone go to the marina to investigate the representative of the owner of Scylla. Sara receives a mysterious cellphone message for a meeting and is abducted near a public phone by Lisa’s men, and Lisa tells her that Michael is 60 miles northeastern downtown. Gretchen finds Scott, the representative of the owner of Scylla, while researching a database, but she lures the rest of the group and meets with Scott who promises ten million dollars for her. T-Bag overhears the conversation between Sara and Lincoln and calls General Krantz. He in turn orders Dr. Knowlton to drug Michael for transportation. However Michael reverts the situation and escapes running through the woods. Sara manages to rescue Michael. When the group meets Scott, there is a shootout and Gretchen is hit and left behind. In the end, the surprising owner of Scylla finally appears.

Season 4, Episode 17: The Mother Lode

Original Air Date—17 April 2009
Lincoln and his men (Self, T-Bag, Mahone) are trying to find Scylla. They try to find a clue for the key from the fake buyer who killed Gretchen. They find a Church and an Estate that matches with key. When Lincoln and Mahone investigate the Estate, Lincoln finds a picture of him with his mother. Mahone finds out that, picture was edited and some clue about meeting place. Lincoln takes the meeting and finds his mother. Christina wants 2 days from Lincoln for eliminating Krantz. By the way Company’s men finds Michael and Sara, they run away with truck and escape again. At last Lincoln goes to meeting place again and beginning of the end starts.

Season 4, Episode 18: VS.

Original Air Date—24 April 2009
Realizing Linc isn’t going to stay out for days as she asked ‘to give the Company a maternal head’, Christina orders her own son sniper-shot, but the team saves him. They follow her to the Indian embassy, where she offers the Skylla virus data. Michael and Sara have escaped and agree to collaborate with Mahone. The general and Vincent Sandinsky, the man that Michael discovers is hunting him, rival with Christina.

Season 4, Episode 19: S.O.B.

Original Air Date—1 May 2009
Michael warns Linc that scientist Vincent Sandinsky is somehow in league with their mother Christina. The general takes torturous charge, and traitor Vincent, Company expert. Michael and Sara fail to reason with captive Christina, who says Lincoln is adopted. Bagwell wants Company tenure, his ‘exam’ being an execution. Christina escapes. Everyone heads for the Miami global energy technology congress. Malone smells a set-up.

Season 4, Episode 20: Cowboys and Indians

Original Air Date—8 May 2009
Michael and Lincoln are trapped in the Panda Bay Hotel and seek a means of escape. Self tries to help them while General Krantz sends a man to capture the brothers. Meanwhile Christina sells Scylla to the grieving president of India for ¾ of billion dollars; then she decides to contact the China government to sell Scylla also for them. However, Michael, Lincoln, Mahone and Self steal Scylla from Christina and her henchman in a bank, while she is checking the deposit but In the runaway, Lincoln is captured by Christina’s men. T-Bag abducts Sara and General Krantz calls Michael to demand Scylla in one hour; immediately after, Michael receives a phone call from Christina and the bitch shoots Lincoln’s lung to force Michael to return Scylla to her. Michael has to choose which beloved he should save.

Season 4, Episode 21: Rates of Exchange

Original Air Date—15 May 2009

Krantz holds Sara captive, Christina even shot Linc in a lung for urgency, each demands Scylla as ransom. Michael tries to cheat his mother, but only a driver is hurt in his tripwire explosion. FBI Agent Chris Franco finds and tortures Self in hospital with a splintered leg, who gets an immunity deal. Linc tells Michael Sara is pregnant. He now offers Scylla for her to Krantz, who still plans him killed and leaves her to Bagwall. PM Naveen Banerjee looses his patience with Christina. Malone promises her Scylla, yet lets Michael take the box. Downey poisons Self. Michael sneaks in, in time to save Sara.

Season 4, Episode 22: Killing Your Number

Original Air Date—15 May 2009
According to Michael’s plan, Malone hands a fake Scylla to Christina. It’s booby-trapped but ends up in the hands of FBI Agent, Chris Franco. Bagwell meets Sucre and C-note, but is caught while they hope that an offer of help is real. The General catches the brothers and raises the stakes with more kidnapped relatives. Michael manages to escape with Scylla. The gang must decide whether to believe an offer from Paul Kellerman, and hand it to UN representatives in exchange for full pardons.

Season 4, Episode 23: The Old Ball and Chain

Original Air Date—24 May 2009

Season 4, Episode 24: Free

Original Air Date—24 May 2009

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