Prison Break Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 3 Season 3, Episode 1: Orientación Original Air Date—17 September 2007 Michael is once again imprisoned, but now in SONA (Panama), together with T-Bag, Mahone and Bellick. The prison is solely rules by inmates, whose local prison-lord Lechero feels threatened by Scofield’s ‘fame’. Lincoln tries legal means to get Michael transferred, and gets a […]

Prison Break Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1 Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot Original Air Date—29 August 2005 Michael Scofield is imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary. He finds his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is a death row prisoner, and tells him that he is going to break them both out of the prison. Season 1, Episode 2: Allen Original Air […]

Prison Break Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2 Season 2, Episode 1: Manhunt Original Air Date—21 August 2006 It is the morning after their escape from Fox River, and the inmates narrowly avoid being caught by Bellick as they jump onto a freight train. FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone has been assigned to their case and calls a press conference urging […]

Final Break Episode Guide

Season 4 Final Break Episode 1: Final Break The story starts off with Sara being arrested for the murder of Christina Scofield, during her and Michael’s wedding party. At the female penitentiary, some new characters are introduced, along with returning character Gretchen.Across the yard is a neighboring men’s prison, where General Krantz and T-Bag are […]

Prison Break Season 4 Episode Guide

Season 4 Season 4, Episode 1: Scylla Original Air Date—1 September 2008 In Los Angeles, Michael is tracking Whistler and Gretchen seeking revenge for the death of Sara. They go to the Roosevelt Hotel to buy a fifty million dollars card called Scylla. Whistler kills the sellers, copies the card but he is surprised by […]