Prison Break Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Manhunt

Original Air Date—21 August 2006
It is the morning after their escape from Fox River, and the inmates narrowly avoid being caught by Bellick as they jump onto a freight train. FBI Special Agent Alex Mahone has been assigned to their case and calls a press conference urging the public to turn in the “Fox River 8.” Michael, Lincoln, Abruzzi, C-Note, and Sucre encounter a hunter and his daughter. He holds them at gunpoint until Abruzzi grabs the daughter and forces the hunter to give them his SUV and let them go. The escapees head for a location where Michael has things stored. Agent Mahone tracks Michael’s credit card to a storage facility in Oswego, but quickly figures out that one of Michael’s tattoos holds the real location. Michael’s tattoo “Ripe Chance Woods” is a clue pointing to a cemetery where Michael has items buried in the grave of “E. Chance Woods.” Just two steps behind, Agent Mahone arrives at the scene just as the inmates have gathered what they need. In the meantime, T-Bag discovers a veterinary clinic and forces the Vet to re-attach his severed hand. Dr. Sarah Tancredi recovers from her overdose. Inside her purse, she finds an origami swan left for her by Michael with a message, “There’s a plan to make all of this right”, and a code. The code is a series of numbers which reads 3221243324 for the first line, 4221312231 for the second, and 23133121 for the third. Veronica locates Terrance Steadman in Montana, and finds that the doors are locked from the outside, holding him hostage (albeit willingly). Veronica calls 911, and then talks to Lincoln and tells him what she has learned. Employees of The Company arrive and kill Veronica for having unraveled their plot and for having found Steadman. Lincoln hears Veronica’s final words as she dies, and is consumed with grief. Mahone studies Michael’s tattoos, and feels that they are the key to finding the escapees.

Season 2, Episode 2: Otis

Original Air Date—28 August 2006
The F.B.I agent Mahone decides to use L.J to get to Michael and Lincoln by cutting a deal with him and making him trick the two fugitives into revealing their location. Michael and Lincoln decide there’s only one thing they can do, rescue L.J in a daring raid at the county jail. Only one problem though, Mahone is personally guarding L.J and won’t let him out of his sight.


Season 2, Episode 3: Scan

Original Air Date—4 September 2006
With hospitals and clinics under surveillance, Michael brings Lincoln to Nika’s home to heal his wounded leg. Then he returns to the place where he parked his Accord and finds that the car has been towed. Meanwhile agent Mahone retrieves Michael’s backpack with his passport from a vagrant that broke the rear window of Michael’s car to steal the backpack. Michael goes to Brewster Towing yard to recover his car. Meanwhile Sucre finds that Maricruz will marry Hector in a couple of days and he heads to New York in a stolen car. Sara is arrested and her father visits her, pays her bail and orders her to tell a fake version about the incident in Fox River since he will be the next Vice-President of North America. Later she goes to rehabilitation where Kellerman is pretending to be an addicted patient. C-Note schedules a meeting with his wife, but his conversation is bugged by agent Mahone. Bellick and Geary meet each other by chance and later they team-up to get the US$ 400,000.00 reward for capturing Michael and Lincoln. They go to Fox River and Bellick interrogates Manche Sanchez, who discloses the plan of the fugitives. Michael and Lincoln forge a car accident to escape from Mahone, but they do not see that Bellick and Geary are in their tail.



Season 2, Episode 4: First Down

Original Air Date—11 September 2006
Michael, Linc, and Nika are captured by Bellick and Geary, who intend to retrieve Westmoreland’s money in Utah. Tweener continues his drive with Debra Jean. Abruzzi is reunited with his wife and children and is set to flee the country with them, but decides to take care of Fibonacci first. T-Bag has a close call with the police at a Nebraska gas station, and then poses as a Marine who lost his hand in Iraq. Mahone waits for confirmation of the deaths of Michael and Linc in the car explosion, and meanwhile gets a lead on one of the other fugitives. Kellerman (posing as a recovering addict named Lance) befriends Sara.

Season 2, Episode 5: Map 1213

Original Air Date—18 September 2006
Michael and Linc arrive in Tooele, but the map they need to locate the double-K ranch is missing. They run into T-Bag and Tweener, who have also come to Tooele for Westmoreland’s money. Meanwhile, C-Note makes his way by train toward Tooele. Sucre reaches Las Vegas and attempts to halt the wedding of Maricruz and Hector. Sara invites Kellerman to her apartment, believing he is harmless. At the FBI office in Chicago, Mahone reviews files recovered from Michael’s hard drive, and begins to piece things together.

Season 2, Episode 6: Subdivision

Original Air Date—25 September 2006
Mahone arrives in Salt Lake City, trying to locate exactly where in Utah the escapees are. Michael and Linc hatch a plan with T-Bag and Tweener that will enable them to dig in the right place. C-Note and Sucre meet on the highway and head toward Tooele. Kellerman, in Washington, D.C., briefs Kim. Governor Tancredi phones Sara with a warning.

Season 2, Episode 7: Buried

Original Air Date—2 October 2006
Michael’s plan has hit a snag when the home owner’s daughter, a cop, arrives. Mahone argues with Lyle Sands about how to proceed, but ultimately hopes that Tweener, in FBI custody, will reveal the location of the other escapees. Sara is now suspicious of Kellerman, so he tries something different to find Lincoln Burrows. In an Arizona detention facility, L.J. finds out he’s to be released the next day; Linc drives to get him. Haywire, in Wisconsin, steals supplies from a camping shop.

Season 2, Episode 8: Dead Fall

Original Air Date—23 October 2006
In his efforts to try to get hold of all of the money Sucre runs into some unexpected difficulties. And Captain Bellick and his partner have not given up on finding their old inmates.


Season 2, Episode 9: Unearthed

Original Air Date—30 October 2006
Michael tries to retrieve an item from Blanding Botanical Garden in Utah, but Mahone’s people got to it first. Mahone believes that someone on his team is leaking information to the press; meanwhile Michael does some research on Mahone at an Internet café, then makes a trip to Durango, Colorado, to see a woman there. Linc and L.J. are on the road in Arizona. C-Note is in Chicago, and Agent Lang tries to use his wife to capture him. Bellick and Geary phone C.O. Patterson, at Fox River, to get information on where they should look for T-Bag. Sara is at a motel in Elgin, Illinois, trying to crack Michael’s code. T-Bag arrives in Tribune, Kansas, for (as he puts it) “romance”. Kellerman is on the trail of Sara.

Season 2, Episode 10: Rendezvous

Original Air Date—6 November 2006
Captain Bellick tortures T-Bag for the money during which T-Bag swallows the key and Bellick uses dirty tricks to get the key out.Bellick and Mac leave T-Bag on the boundary of the police.Sarah and Michael Scofield meet,but they are constantly chased by Alexander Mahone.Michael gets close to Mahone’s helplessness.Meanwhile Lincoln Burrows and LJ are rescued by Lincon’s dad but they are still not shielded from the dirty political games. Sucre tries to contact Maricruz but that plan fails because of the state police doing rounds.

Season 2, Episode 11: Bolshoi Booze

Original Air Date—13 November 2006
In Maljamar, New Mexico, Michael takes what he needs from a sporting-goods store, then has a crisis of conscience. In Tribune, Kansas, T-Bag narrowly escapes the police but has to leave his hand behind. In Trinidad, Colorado, the three Burrowses discuss politics, but face an unexpected threat. In Gila, New Mexico, Kellerman ties up Sara and resolves to get what he needs from her. Mahone meets Kim for the first time. Bellick receives treatment for the blow to his forehead, and interacts with a local police detective.

Season 2, Episode 12: Disconnect

Original Air Date—20 November 2006
Picking up from where we left off, Sucre, Michael, Linc, and Aldo are together, with Mahone on their trail. Sara is face-down in the bathtub as Kellerman prepares to dispose of her body. C-Note is in Harvey, North Dakota with Kacee and Dede, who needs her medication. In Tribune, Kansas, Detective Slattery questions Bellick.

Season 2, Episode 13: The Killing Box

Original Air Date—27 November 2006
In Kansas T-Bag assaults and presumably kills a veteran and steals his prosthetic hand. He singles out an employee of the post office named Denise and romances her. In order to locate his ex-girlfriend (Susan Hollander) who turned him into the authorities, T-Bag lies and convinces the post officer worker to give him Susan’s address. Just as she provides him with the information, Denise spots his wanted poster on the post office wall, and T-Bag kills her. In Kansas, Susan opens her door and finds T-Bag standing there. Faced with a potential death penalty sentence, Bellick takes a plea deal and agrees to serve time for Geary’s murder, if he can do it at Fox River. After his transfer, the former C.O. discovers the new warden has taken a harsh approach to the treatment of the inmates, and Bellick will not be afforded any special treatment. Sent to gen-pop , Bellick meets his new cell mate, Avocado. Sara desperately attempts to contact Michael, but sees his capture reported on the national news. Aware that she’s on her own, Sara changes her appearance by cutting and dying her hair, and throws out her real identification. Sucre’s plane is shot down by the US military, but he parachutes to safety in the desert. The pilot of the plane, however, dies when his chute fails so no one knows Sucre is still alive as he heads to find Maricruz. At gun point, Agent Mahone prepares to kill Michael and Lincoln, but the border patrol arrives and interrupts his plan. The brothers are taken to a holding facility, and Agent Kim orders Mahone to kill them. Agent Kellerman pleads for his job back, and Kim receives hand written instructions from a mysterious person hidden in the shadows. Kellerman initiates a plan to ambush Michael and Lincoln in Albuquerque as they are transferred back to Fox River. Agent Kim tells Mahone about the plan and orders him to assassinate Kellerman when the convoy is stopped. Just as planned, the convoy is stopped in a tunnel by a jack-knifed semi. Michael and Lincoln realize it’s a trap but the two decide to make a break for it anyway. The brothers run through small access tunnels, and are chased by Mahone. Trapped between Mahone and Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln can travel no further. In a surprising move, Kellerman shoots Mahone, and offers the brothers an opportunity to uncover the truth and expose President Reynold’s and The Company’s conspiracy.


Season 2, Episode 14: John Doe

Original Air Date—22 January 2007
Linc and Michael have decided to take the keys and escape, figuring at least they’ll go down fighting. FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone chased them while staying in contact with Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman who suddenly shot Mahone and gave the brothers a ride because he wants revenge on the White House; Linc wants his instead, but is offered the location of Terence Steadman. T-bag visits his wife, who tells him the children think he’s their Uncle Teddy on an oil rig, but he moves in; when his wife gets the gun, he attacks her and son Zach him, so he turns the home into a private prison. In prison, former boss Bellick, who naively had made a deal in order to do his time in Illinois, shivers in general population among the prisoners he abused and their mates, he has none as the new warden sees him as an example of his new, clean ship; he soon realizes there’s no pleasing them, and tries hitting hard; a loyal guard warns him the night shift is on his enemies side as he treated them badly. Benjamin Miles ‘C-Note’ Franklin tries to save his Kacee who is in custody, advising her to put all the blame on him; after hearing how scared his girl is, he asks one of his friends for help to run while she’s on bail but the judge refuses bail. Mahone awakes in hospital, and reports to Kim on Kellerman’s betrayal and the brothers’ escape, which is hitting the TV news, but refuses to play anymore, even if that means jail; when his wife Pam phones their son is hurt he rushes out for Colorado, but is stopped to hear it’s a warning to force him back in line; however he is trough doing Kim’s bidding and shoots his man. Kim calls Steadman’s bodyguards: he must be evacuated to a safe house as Kellerman knows his residence, but he is already there with the brothers- Kims orders to kill everyone, but only the FBI men are shot; Kellerman explains Steadman is made unrecognizable, including plastic surgery, so their only option is to get him to Washington, where FBI agents who know can still make the truth stick. Michael decides instead to turn himself in while informing the press, despite Kellermans gun aimed at him, but Steadman prefers to commit suicide, and his corps is worthless for the brothers.

Season 2, Episode 15: The Message

Original Air Date—29 January 2007
In Cutback, Montana, Kellerman lures the police and Michael and Lincoln abduct the cameraman Greg of Fox News and succeed in escaping from the siege. Michael and Lincoln decide to tape a message to be released in the Breaking News. Mahone is back in Chicago and analyzing the message; he interrogates Greg and he tells that he had overheard Michael tell that they should cover 460 miles in six hours. Mahone deducts that they intend to meet President Caroline in Denver. Wheeler discusses with Mahone and yells that the internal affair asked him to follow all moves of Mahone. Bellick is badly wounded in the infirmary of Fox River. Sucre befriends an old passenger in a bus to Ixtapa; however the driver asks him to leave the bus in a small town and Sucre robs the Volkswagen of the old man. In Algoma, Winsconsin, Haywire befriends a young couple and the girl has bruises on her arm; she tells that her abusive drunken father uses to beat her.

Season 2, Episode 16: Chicago

Original Air Date—5 February 2007
Sara meets Michael and Lincoln in a train station in Evansville, Indiana; when she sees Kellerman with them, she becomes disturbed and upset. Kellerman tells that she has a key of a private cigar club in Chicago. Caroline calls Kellerman and he tells that he is heading to Chicago by train, and she promises his life back, inclusive the chief of staff position. T-Bag tells Susan that they are passing through an “adjustment period” in their lives; when she tells him that she will have a guest called Patty Wallace, T-Bag welcomes Patty with a magnificent family brunch and uses the strong father figure to discipline Zack, seducing the guest with his charm and attitude. Wheeler is reporting the actions of Mahone to the FBI Headquarter and they find that Haywire killed a man in Algoma, Wisconsin. Mahone visits Bellick in River Fox, releases him using a habeas-corpus to make his dirty work, and gives a car, a pistol and an FBI badge to the despicable man. Bellick chases and traps Haywire, and waits for Mahone. In Benson, Minnesota, C-Note and Dede are leaving a snack bar when an addicted thief announces a heist. When Kellerman sees a road block on the train, he realizes that he was betrayed.

Season 2, Episode 17: Bad Blood

Original Air Date—19 February 2007
Michael Schofield and Sara Tancredi fail to get the tape from the Corona de Oro cigar club in Chicago, where security was at the ready, and turn to former warden Henry Pope, a club member, but he wants to call the police, so Michael draws his gun and hands it over to prove his veracity; Sarah convinces him to go in with her late fathers humidor key- he finds a computer memory stick. In Mexico, Fernando Sucre has car trouble and gets a ride- from an Ixtapa airport security employee, who sees his wanted-poster just after they parted at the airport, so he must run with his bride. T-bag and his forced-along family find his own house vandalized and looted except for the family bible, which arouses in him youth memories of his perverted father, and assures Suzy he wants their love and is happy to be infertile, her bloodline should take the Bagwells’s place; when she refuses he locks them up, considers ax-murdering but just leaves them behind. FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone has tracked down Benjamin Miles ‘C-Note’ Franklin and his daughter, but lets them escape in a bus rather then shoot the kid; C-Note brings her to a doctor, worried about the kidney disease PKD, but won’t allow inserting a catheter, rather turns himself in to Mahone, who is with his own boy in Colorado, and makes a deal to get him Schofield. Pope is out of the club, but is greeted at the entrance by Secret Service Special Agent William ‘Bill’ Kim, whom only Paul Kellerman, watching from a roof with Linc, knows at sight; Michael drives over Kim and gets away with Pope, Sarah and Linc, locking Kellerman out. When Michael tells the others he’s prepared to honor his promise to Pope -which the others didn’t know about- to turn himself in for his help, Henry hands him the stick and lets them go.

Season 2, Episode 18: Wash

Original Air Date—26 February 2007
Captain Brad Bellick walks in the FBI office demanding Mahone pays him. Michael and his companions are impressed with the recordings on the stick, but it only helps if Kellerman’s contacts in Washington use it right, notably high Justice official Cooper Green, who accepts to meet and cooperates, but is tailed by Kim’s men. Linc calls his boy L.J., who refuses to give up his relatively normal life till further notice. Sarah meets Bruce Bennett. Bellick tries to bribe Sucre’s incarcerated cousin into betraying his Mexican whereabouts. T-Bag finds therapist Dr. Stammel who looks like him, and murders him to steal his identity. Mahone is ordered to dispose of C-note for good once Kim believes he has Schofield; he promises to keep taking care of C-note’s family, but only if he uses the content of a package he’ll send to his cell- a noose. Sarah is too late calling Linc the real Cooper Green is in his office, but Michael tricks the fake one who pretended to be asthmatic just in time and knocks him down. Paul Kellerman visits his sister Kristine. Fernando Sucre is in heaven in bed with Maricruz Delgado when their baby kicks. The real Cooper Green could help with the tape, but then finds the memory stick has the copy date, not the recording date without which it is not admissible as proof, only to blackmail the president into signing a pardon.


Season 2, Episode 19: Sweet Caroline

Original Air Date—5 March 2007
C-note has jumped with the noose around his neck, but is saved by jailers; he has Malone told he’ll still do it. At a Chicago hotel, president Caroline Reynolds is expected for a speech. Michael sends the real Cooper Green away and agrees a meeting point with Linc and Sarah. Malone enters Sarah’s room and only pretends to fail looking under the bed to trap her, she pretends the brothers left her. In Mexico T-bag finds Bellick is waiting at the luggage conveyor and must get his from the service side, but the laborer he knocks down falls onto it, so he must run. Lincoln surprises his old mate Derrick Sweeney and calls a favor: three tickets on a freighter for Panama. Kellerman is in position to shoot the fiendish president, but when she’s in his sight Michael gets arrested just after shaking her hand, and is interrogated by Kim who demands to be left alone with him, to ask where Linc is, then tries literally to beat it out of him; the president barges in and sends Kim out just when he was about to shoot Michael; he tells her the tape is a delicate conversation she had with her brother after his ‘death’, and he still has copies at twenty locations. Fernando sees on TV T-bag is in Mexico and was videotaped trying to steal, so he deduces the $5,000,000 must be around and tells Maricruz he’ll be right back; at his return only Bellick is there, armed and cuffs Sucre, in order to collect the reward, so Fernando offers to share the $5,000,000 by finding T-bag. Sarah guesses right Malone is on an addictive drug. Caroline calls Linc, who plays the tape which proves her brother was alive on the isle of Terrence and hated conspiring with her Linc’s faked conviction; Michael tells her about his suicide and dares her to make a decision: let him walk and sign a pardon for both brothers the very day, on live TV; Kim fails to stop him being released and walking out. When the phone rings, Sarah surprises Malone and escapes- actually he arranged this and has her followed. Kim talks to a grim man in power; Reynolds announces on TV she has a malignant cancer and resigns immediately.

Season 2, Episode 20: Panama

Original Air Date—19 March 2007
Now Caroline Reynolds has stepped down as president, she can no longer sign a pardon, so the brothers must immediately disappear, forever. At the pier, Sarah realizes she’s being tailed and pretends on the phone already to be on board, so they sail without her while she is arrested; Lincoln stops Michael from returning for her. A week later, an FBI big-whig offers C-note a lesser sentence for testimony against Mahone, even freedom and witness protection for his family- bingo. Fernando grabs Bellick’s gun while looking for T-bag, but he shows a crucifix to prove he has Maricruz. The scumbag enjoys his fortune with a street whore playing his Susan-Q. The brothers arrive at Cristobal, Panama; meanwhile Malone’s team figures out Schofield’s tattoos refer to Michael’s mother Christina, presumably dead, and he presumes his computer contained much info on Panama for a reason. The man in power grills Kim on a small boat, and decides to change the strategy. Mahone sees trough FBI-colleague Wheeler. C-note is reunited with his family and released. The brothers have a fight, torn by guilt for too many innocent people suffering trough their well-meant deeds, then board a yacht, named- Christina. Mahone tells Kim he’s not happy with the results as he remains separated from his family, but is told he now needs help to escape, and therefore must go to Mexico- to help T-bag… [last bit not summarized].

Season 2, Episode 21: Fin del camino

Original Air Date—26 March 2007
Linc finds Michael is gone from their Christina Rose yacht after receiving Sucre’s message (also intercepted by Mahone, who thinks to have found his way out) scary scumbag T-bag is in Panama City’s Fin del Camino hotel with the money. A fire-cracker he pays a local boy to plant shows Michael Mahone’s two plants on the plaza, but Bellick pulls his gun at him, accompanied by Fernando who denies sending the message- Schofield smells a trap and states their goals: money for Bellick, Maricruz for Sucre, T-bag for him, then reminds Fernando in private Maricruz is his legitimate priority, not revenge. Sarah Tancredi’s trial proceeds, and the judge allows showing Michael’s tape clearing her; her lawyer advises to take a twelve year plea, in effect nine years in hard security. When T-bag leaves Mahone’s two men tail him, followed by the escapee trio, then Mahone, who is suddenly attacked by Lincoln who calls him the murderer of his dad. The trio surprises and disarms Mahone’s duo which carries no FBI-identification, and next T-bag, but hears police sirens outside. After lining up his medals and putting on his uniform, Paul Kellerman shoots himself in the head, but his pistol jams; his sister insists it’s a sign to make a new start in life; he goes testify on Sarah’s behalf. Instead of money, Fernando finds a girl shot, T-bag makes a run past Bellick while police forces entry; Michael and Sucre follow over the fire escape, a car slightly running over him causes T-bag to be caught again; he deals with Michael to trade his escape -without the money- for information but Schofield decides to dump him at the embassy; the monster finds a screw driver, stabs Fernando and thus causes a car crash, allowing him to run with his precious backpack; Sucre insists Michael runs after him in a palm wood, till he makes a stand with a knife; a broken bottle allows a fight, in no time Michael has the knife on T-bag’s throat, who taunts him but still gets stabbed- in the arm, so the police can easily take him in. . .


Season 2, Episode 22: Sona

Original Air Date—2 April 2007
Only back at the yacht, Michael notices Lincoln is gone and calls him- Alex Mahone tells him Linc is no cold-blooded killer, so he was overpowered and hand-cuffed, and the ransom is the yacht and the fortune he assumes to be in it, to be agreed in five minutes, now Mahone is even more wanted then the brothers. Kellerman’s self-incriminating testimony and documents he brings get all charges against Sarah and Lincoln dropped, him arrested. Mahone calls Kim to fly over immediately. Alex calls his wife, to make her bring the kids for a holiday in her native Colombia, at Cartegena. Despite 30% blood-loss Fernado leaves hospital to report missing Bellick, who is already in jail and gets T-bag’s company. Vendor Chaco gets Michael introduced to a local yacht owner to whom he suggests collecting the $100,000 reward on his head, then makes a better offer. Mahone called the police intending to frame the brothers for his intended murder on ‘an Asian’, but Michael refuses to hand over the money and Kim turns up early, with armed back-up; Mahone runs but is arrested. Kellerman knows the situation he is involved in, and expects to be assasined (unless we are towards a plot surprise,) so his transport to prison is arranged to get car trouble and a masked man shoots him. Chaco delivers to the brothers, who got away with the money and intended to run and never look back, a crummy boat with a priceless surprise: Sarah and the great news for Linc, with good hope for Michael. Just then Kim turns up, refuses the money, aims at Linc- and is shot by Sarah; the police arrives, chasing and trapping the trio- Michael takes the gun and pretends to take Sarah hostage, then lets himself be arrested and locked up in Sona. Malone calls his wife to forget he ever existed- from jail. T-bag expected to be released as agreed reward for baiting the brothers, but the man he hoped to bring him the good news says getting caught broke the deal.

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