Charmaine Bucco

“All these years I sat here and kept my mouth shut. And I didn’t want you boys here and look what happened, look what you’ve done to my husband.”

Charmaine Bucco is Artie Bucco’s wife. No longer able to tolerate her husband’s relationship with Tony Soprano, Charmaine once left Artie, telling him, “and you’re not getting the kids.” During the split, Charmaine considerably improved her personal appearance and she continued to work at the Nuovo Vesuvio, where she made a point of antagonizing Tony and his crew: “Those two guys over there? I think they’re FBI…I’m kidding. Enjoy.”

Things weren’t always bad between Charmaine and the Sopranos; in fact, she and Carmela had been good friends since high school. But that relationship has soured, too. When the old Vesuvio was destroyed (see Artie’s bio), Carmela decided to “help out” the Buccos by hiring them to cater a benefit. But during the event, Carmela – surrounded by people she wanted to impress – treated Charmaine like her servant. Charmaine was hurt, got mad and ultimately got even: she told Carmela that once, before Carmela and Tony were married, she and Tony had slept together. “But don’t worry,” Charmaine told a speechless Carmela, “I made my choice and I’m fine.”

Now back together, Artie and Charmiane’s marriage remains a testy one. Charmaine is one tough little civilian.


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