Rope Burn

hmmm my lips hurt

chorus: tie me up tie me down
make me moan real loud
take off my clothes
no one has to know
i wanna feel the soft rope burn
wanna feel a rope burn

when you walk into the room
you knew just what to do
you could have gone from door to door
but you knew just where to go to
come into my velvet room
and tell me fantasies
the passion in your voice i wanna hear
as you start to tell me
while you’re at it take the blind fold
tie it gently on me
don’t wanna see but feel the things
you’re gonna do to me


one in the mornin’
i’m feelin so free and sensual
lyin’ here wearin’
just my imagination for you
sensation will do
can you feel the warmth of the
candlelight embrace your body
i’m feelin the hot candle wax
drippin’ down the small of my back
(you wanna know what my tongue feels like?
hmmm you like that??)


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