Real Love

fall into the century of supersonic cross
blessed she in aching silence
eternal loss
calling out a warm surrender
a locket of her hair
I sympathize her pious pleasures
go down the stairs
into the dark again
to feel alive again
can’t wait for
real love
or is it me you’re after
is it time
cause it’s now or never
real love
real love forever
real love
born of the ball and chain
into a world sustained with sorrow
real love
a real touch we’re speaking
is it lies
or is it what we’re seeking
real love
in the eyes behold and you’ll find the 21st century
detonate her will and her widowed speech
buried in the backyard shadow
the rusty coffee tin
that held her mother’s first kiss of nameless dream
fall down the stairs again
to feel alive against tomorrow
real love
or is it me you’re after
is it time
cause it’s now or never
real love
real love forever
is it mine
or just yours to treasure
real love
real love
real love
we never listen
real love will listen
and tell of our fortune
real love is riches
scratch through the changes
real love is nameless
so tired and hopeless
real love is painless
nobody mentions
we ever move to collect
the solar questions
demons’ scorn surround relax
the laws of gravity
real love

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