hey blue, all your love is strange come out with all those crazy names so true when you lie for you, blue right or wrong i belong right or wrong hey blue, where’d you run to now? miss you since they found you out i’ve been waiting such a long time for your smile, for […]


Close your eyesUntil the sunlight diesIn your head a thousand starsThrough the darkness you can see a lightAnd if they steal your lifeYour heart is still mine I want to believe in you and I heard youYour song, you sing, a truth, there’s no otherI want to believe in you, dear On Sunday There’s a […]

Bye june

I’m going to the moonit better be by june’cause i’m going to the moon so juneyou’d better make it sooni hope you make it, june’cause i’m going to the moon bye june bye junei’m going to the mooni hope you make it soon’cause i’m waiting on this moon bye junei hope you make it twoi’m […]

Behold! The Nightmare

I faced the fathoms in your deepWithstood the suitors’ quiet siegePulled down the heavens just to please youAppease youThe wind blows, and I know I can’t go onDigging roses from your graveTo linger onBeyond the beyondWhere the willows weepAnd the whirlpools sleepYou’ll find meThe coarse tide reflects sky And the night mare rides onAnd the […]

By Starlight

y starlight i’ll kiss youand promise to be your one and onlyi’ll make you feel happyand leave you to be lost in mineand where will we go, what will we do?soon said i, will knowdead eyes, are you just like me?cause her eyes were as vacant as the seasdead eyes, are you just like me?and […]

Apples + Oranges

What if the sun refused to shine?What if the clouds refused to rain?What if the wind refused to blow?What if the seas refused to wave?What if the world refused its turn?What if the stars would hesitate? What if what is isn’t true?What are you going to do?What if what is isn’t you?Does that mean you’ve […]

Apathy's last kiss

What’s the matterWhat’s the differenceYou’ll feel better if you lieWith the stars in your eyes Honey, HoneyWhere’s my babyShe knows better than to cryWith the stars in her eyes There is no safe place to goI should knowThe lame and the droll have needsTo let their feelings show What’s the matterWhat’s the differenceWhat’s the questionYou’ll […]

Once Upon A Time

Mother, I’m tiredCome surrender my sonTime has ravaged on my soulNo plans to leave, but still I goFalling with the leavesFalling out of sleepTo the last goodbyesWho cares why? Mother, I’ve triedWasting my lifeI haven’t given up, I lieTo make you so proud in my eyesFalling out of sleepCrawling over meTo the last goodbyesWho cares […]