Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Welcome to the Mafia Wars Strategy Guide. Click on any of the section headers to read about that particular topic:
Getting Started

If you haven’t played Mafia Wars at all yet, this is a full walk-through on getting started in a mafia war. It will give you a high level overview of getting into the game and making your choices for character type and your first skill points.

The Basics

If you haven’t been playing for long or just have some general questions about how things work, you should find most of what you need here in the basics. There are general strategies for what to do your first few levels, how to get started with jobs, inventory, properties, and leveraging your stamina. The Godfather and using your reward points are also covered.

Rolling a Bankroll

In Rollin’ a Bankroll you will find specifics on going from your paltry initial income to the wealth that comes from high amounts of passive income. This is the place to start if you are currently broke. There is also some general advice on banking, expenses, and getting through the rough patch of $250,000 to $10,000,000 an hour. If you are just looking for property selection advice, you should start with Property Moguls instead.

Using Skill Points

Usin’ Skill Points provides a breakdown on all the factors that go into how to spend your skill points and how to generate them quickly. The acquisition of skill points leads to the strategy behind leveraging your energy for maximum leveling speed.


Achievements is a full break down on all the achievements that are currently in Mafia Wars and every known trick for making it as easy as possible to earn them.

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