Mafia Wars Achievements

Mafia Wars Achievements

Napoleon Complex

(Earned by defeating someone with a bigger mafia)
This achievement is most trivial for new characters. The 10 first fights on a character are fake fights where the outcome is randomly decided. So to get this attack first player on the fightlist with a higher mafia size than you and repeat until you win. Alternatively you could pick someone from the leaderboards and do the same. For old characters, 501 vs 501 should work just fine.

Unstoppable, Brawler

(Earned by winning 15/100 fights in a row)
Since the removal of critical hits, these achievements are trivial. You need ONLY one player that you can beat, go to his/her profile and copy the attack link on your address bar and refresh for 15/100 times or until you run out of stamina, in which case, bookmark the link for later when you have stamina. 100 times attacking isn’t considered abuse even by Zynga standards and you can even do this while the other player is Iced so they never knew they were attacked.

Armed and Dangerous, Personal Fleet, Slum Lord, Cashing Out, The first is the Hardest, Personal Bailout

(Earned by owning 10 Tommy Guns/500 Town Cars/30 Apartment Complexes/selling 50 Mega Casinos/banking 1 million at once/banking 1 billion at once)
All these achievements can be completed when you have $NY1,111,111,111 or more money on your character. This amount of money is trivial and is earned when you are mastering consigliere or underboss at latest. To get these achievements, bank more than $NY1,111,111,111 in one go, the bank fee will reduce this to $NY1,000,000,000. Buy 50 Prime Downtown Lots and 30 Commercial Blocks. Buy 30 Apartment Complexes. Buy 10 mega casinos for 380 million, sell 10 mega casinos for 380 million.
Rinse and repeat until you have no Prime Downtown Lots left. Buy 500 Town Cars and sell 460 of them, 40 is the maximum you need to do jobs, you might wanna keep more for fights if Town Car is the highest attack and/or defense vehicle for you. Armed and Dangerous will be automatically gained just by going for job requirements.

Giver, Spreading it around, That’s Amore, My Little Friend

(Earned by giving a Diamond Ring to any player below level 8/an M16A1 to a friend/10/501 gifts to your mafia)
These are trivial for anyone that has ever traded, I have over 30000 gifts sent. If you don’t trade much, you can get this when you reach more than 501 useless brass knuckles, butterfly knives, firebombs, and so on and you can go to the gifting page and gift these to random members of your mafia for 20 per time. To find an under level 8 player, add friend requests to those people under 8 in the fight list or simply find an inactive player already in your mafia. Diamond ring is found by default when you get well into Hitman tier jobs. M16A1 starts dropping from fights after reaching level 60, this level unlocks the job in Cuba that drops M16A1’s. Alternatively you could put it in your wishlist, publish it and when someone gifts it to you, you gift it back.

Wing Man, Mercenary

(Earned by helping out 10/200 friends who call for backup)
Zynga is constantly changing around the job help limits, which at the moment seem to be lifted from Cuba and New York, and only apply in Moscow. Simply put, the larger mafia you have the faster you will get this, so better go raise that mafia size of yours.

One Down, What else you got?, Next!

(Earned by mastering at least one job tier in New York/All job tiers in New York/All job tiers in Cuba)
If you are a low energy account, these will take a long time, make sure you login every day to use your energy pack and energy regenerated.

Collector, Curator, Master Collector

(Earned by vaulting at least one/nine New York collections/all Cuba and New York collections)
By mastering jobs you will by default find all the collections in their tier by the time you have it mastered 3 times, except for soldier and enforcer. You can add the missing pieces from soldier and enforcer to your wishlist and get lucky. Most reliable way is just trading the missing pieces from people. All my characters had lotto collection vaulted when Master Collector was added in the game so I am not sure if it was included in the “all New York collections” requirement.

Getting the Crew Together, Crime C.E.O.

(Earned by promoting one person in each Top Mafia slot/having at least a 100 level person in each top mafia slot)
The first one requires no more than 6 mafia members, given there is at least one mogul, maniac and fearless in your mafia, as some positions are only allowed for certain class type. The more mafia you add, the more likely it is that you will have six over 100 level players in your mafia for the Crime C.E.O. Keep checking the players in your mafia if you are still missing this achievement.

Dependable, Dedicated

(Earned by doing a job 7/20 consecutive days in a row)
These achievements don’t have any tricks, you simply log in every day and play the game.

Hitman, Bounty Hunter

(Earned by collecting a bounty/50 bounties from the hitlist)
I wouldn’t try for these if I didn’t have sufficient attack skill and offensive mafia strength. Nevertheless, these are achievable for everyone, you don’t need to win in a fight to kill someone. Any attack you do will deal damage to the target, even if you lose. If you deliver the damage that kills the player (I.E. Killing Blow) on the hitlist, you will get the bounty and it will count towards these achievements.

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