‘Lost’: The Questions

With Sunday night’s incredibly anticipated “Lost” series finale almost here, we join millions of fans in hoping (though not necessarily expecting) that the last episode resolves some of the show’s most burning mysteries: What’s Jacob’s brother’s name? Why was Walt so special? Who built the statue? What is the light? Why can’t women get pregnant on the island? Who told Ben how to summon Smokey?… We could go on and on. However, there are plenty of other open questions from the past six seasons of this program that we hope are actually not addressed in the finale, especially if that leaves more time for the bigger themes and storylines to come together in a satisfying way.

Here’s what we don’t need to know:

The Hurley Bird

A long time ago we would have cared about the giant green bird that sounded like it was speaking Hurley’s name. Did it really say that, or did he just hallucinate it? What kind of bird was it? For now, we’re just chalking it up to a whisper in the winds or attributing it to the fact that Hurley is a bit of a head case.

The Polar Bears

How did the polar bears get to the island? What sort of freak accident led to them being in a tropical climate that isn’t their natural habitat? Maybe they were just really good swimmers, or there was a freak ice floe? Could the Dharma folks actually fit them into their subs? We don’t care.

Henry Gale

Ben impersonated Henry Gale, who had crash-landed on the island via a hot-air balloon. But how did Gale manage to get there? Where did he come from? Given that the show never explored his origins, we’re going with the fact that the name is a “Wizard of Oz” reference and assuming that maybe he just came from somewhere over the rainbow.

Room 23

The Dharma Initiative created this creepy room to conduct psychological experimentation on people, and the Others sure took advantage of it. But what was the real purpose of it? Did someone in the writers’ room really just watch “A Clockwork Orange” a few too many times and think the room would be a good way to brainwash Walt, and later Karl? Maybe that’s as good an explanation as any.

Kate’s Horse

Why did Kate keep seeing horses? It’s doubtful that they could have been the Smoke Monster, since he only seems to be able to appear as people whose dead bodies are on the island. Unless Smokey has more animal instincts than we’ve been made aware of.

Pierre Chang’s Changing Names

We’ve got a host of Dharma-related questions, but finding out why Dr. Chang went by different monikers on the tapes for each of the hatches is way low on our list. Perhaps he was just a frustrated actor?

The Food Drops

Why didn’t the food drops stop after the Dharma purge? Was there no way for anyone off-island to realize that they shouldn’t continue? Who exactly was making the drops, and how did the planes fly over the island? We admit that we’re sort of curious about this, but not finding out the truth won’t haunt us one bit.


Ben had few people who were nice to him in his life. But one was his childhood friend Annie, who seemingly left the island never to be heard from again. We used to wonder about who she grew up to be, but considering everything that has happened since then, we hope the girl never had anything more to do with the island — for her sake.

The Books

We spent a great deal of time analyzing all of the books whose titles were glimpsed on the show, but while we acknowledge that are thematic similarities between “Lost” and, say, “A Wrinkle in Time” or “The Brothers Karamazov” or “Slaughterhouse-Five,” none of those tomes appears to contain any clues that could help us unravel the series’ complex mythology. We’re just going to chalk it up to a writer who took advantage of the “You Might Also Like” feature on Amazon by typing in “time travel” and “daddy issues.”

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