Long Term Parking Episode 64

Directed by: Tim Van Patten
Written by: Terence Winter

“We’re in a fucking stagmire.”

At the FBI’s field office, Walter, an agent scanning surveillance video, notices something and has Agent Sanseverino take a look. On the tape, Adriana emerges from the back of Crazy Horse, carrying a small plastic bag. She locks up the club for the night, places the bag in the garbage dumpster and heads for her car. “But then,” Walter points out, “she changes her mind.” Adriana retrieves the bag, puts it in the trunk of her car and drives away. “Interesting,” says Agent Sanseverino.

In New York, Tony has a sitdown with Johnny Sack where the topic of discussion is the fate of Tony Blundetto. Tony tells Johnny that he doesn’t know where his cousin is, but Johnny is unappeased; he wants Tony B. “on a fucking spit” for the killings of Joe Peeps and Billy Leotardo. “You either deliver that prick to my door,” Johnny warns, “or I will rain a shit storm down on you and your family like you have never fucking seen.”

Family has been on Tony’s mind quite a bit lately. Following much discussion, he and Carmela have decided to reconcile. But before Carmela will allow Tony under her roof, she wants assurance that there will be no one else under his sheets. “I swear to you on our children,” he tells her, “that my midlife crisis problems will no longer intrude on you anymore.” In addition, Carmela wants “something else in her life,” i.e., a creative project. She wants to build a house on speculation and needs $600,000 for a piece of land. Tony agrees and shortly after moves back home where, at dinner with Carmela and A.J., he makes a champagne toast: “To the people I love. Nothing else matters.”

But Tony still has to decide what to do about his loved one who’s on the lam. Despite the untenable position in which Tony B. has put him, Tony S. remains protective of him. When his cousin phones him one night, Tony agrees to look after the twins and then confesses that he’s always felt responsible for Tony B.’s incarceration. “Now we’re even,” Tony S. says. After hanging up he has the call traced and discovers that his cousin is hiding out in upstate New York, probably at Uncle Pat’s vacant farmhouse.

Meanwhile, the FBI learns that the plastic bag in the surveillance video contained evidence of a murder. A drug dealer named Matush stabbed a dissatisfied customer in Adriana’s office. Threatened with twenty-five years for obstructing an investigation, Adriana offers as a last resort to attempt flip Christopher although she is unsure if he will actually do it, and is sent home. After a long, at times violent, confrontation, Christopher finally seems ready to join Adriana in witness protection. But then he goes out to get some cigarettes and, a couple hours later, the phone rings. It’s Tony, telling Adriana that Christopher, who’s started drinking again, has attempted suicide in Ramapo and that Silvio is on his way to take her to the hospital. But it soon becomes clear that Tony was lying. Instead of going to the hospital, Silvio drives Adriana to a secluded spot in the woods and fires two bullets into her as she attempts to crawl away through the leaves.

Shortly after, Tony meets Johnny Sack beside the East River. Johnny is now the undisputed boss of New York (Little Carmine, finding he has no stomach for bloody conflict, withdrew from competition) and it’s already gone to his head. He tells Tony, “This is the last time we’ll meet like this. It’s undignified.” Then, when Tony accedes to Tony B.’s execution but requests, as a friend, to be allowed to handle it himself, Johnny flatly refuses. He similarly rebuffs Tony’s request that the death be quick. The reason for his refusal is curt: “I choose not to.” Taken aback, Tony steps away for a moment to consider his options. Then he goes to Johnny and looks him square in the eye. “You know what, John?” he says, smiling, “I’ll give you undignified. Go fuck yourself. And Phil and whoever. He’s my fuckin’ cousin.” Then he climbs into his Escalade and drives away.

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