Long Term Parking Episode 64

Directed by: Tim Van Patten Written by: Terence Winter “We’re in a fucking stagmire.” At the FBI’s field office, Walter, an agent scanning surveillance video, notices something and has Agent Sanseverino take a look. On the tape, Adriana emerges from the back of Crazy Horse, carrying a small plastic bag. She locks up the club […]

In Camelot Episode 59

Directed by: Steve Buscemi Written by: Terence Winter “There’s no chemical solution to a spiritual problem.” Junior is quietly basking in the sun when Tony interrupts his reverie. “Long as we’re here,” Tony says, “I was gonna visit my father if you wanna join me.” The two of them – along with the rest of […]

All Happy Families Episode 56

Directed by: Rodrigo Garcia Written by: Toni Kalem “They go around complimenting you on your new shoes, tell you you’re not going bald. Do you think they really care? You’re the boss. They’re scared of you. They have to kiss your ass and laugh at your stupid jokes.” The burgeoning turf battle between Johnny Sack […]

All Due Respect Episode 65

Directed by: John Patterson Written by: David Chase and Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess “All due respect, you got no fucking idea what it’s like to be number one. Every decision you make affects ever facet of every other fucking thing. It’s too much to deal with almost. And in the end you’re completely alone […]

Cold Cuts Episode 62

Directed by: Mike Figgis Written by: Robin Green & Mitchell Burgess “Our bodies are 86 percent water. His last blood test he was 65 percent zeppola.” At a warehouse on the Hackensack River, Vincent “Vinny Pitts” Pitsaturo and Terry Doria are getting restless. They’ve been waiting for Johnny Sack’s guys to deliver a shipment of […]

Sopranos Season 5 Episode Guide

Season 5 Season 5, Episode 1: Two Tonys Original Air Date—7 March 2004 Some of the old guard return from prison and want to get back in the action. Chris and Paulie are at each other’s throats over matters of money and respect, and Tony decides to tell Dr. Melfi what’s really on his mind. […]

Where’s Johnny Episode 55

Directed by: John Patterson Written by: Michael Caleo “He never had the makings of a varsity athlete.” Because Carmine Lupertazzi died without naming his successor, Johnny Sack is moving quickly and ruthlessly to take over the New York organization. When “lady shylock” Lorraine Calluzzo twice ignores instructions to kick up to him instead of Little […]

Sentimental Education Episode 58

Directed by: Peter Bogdanovich Written by: Matthew Weiner “From now on, anytime somebody steps in a pile of shit – it’s gonna be called a ‘Blundetto Struggling with two huge laundry bags, Tony Blundetto sets his foot on the back of his Kim’s Southside Laundry truck. Just as he’s about to heave in the bags, […]