EPISODE 411 “Quiet Riot”

Airdate: 2008-11-17

Sucre drills a hole in the wall outside Scylla and threads a camera through it. Mahone pulls up a visual of the room on a laptop. There are fortified steel walls, audio sensors and thermal sensors. Sara urges Michael to see the doctor today, but he is hesitant to take time away from the mission. He reluctantly agrees. Sara explains the medical procedure to him. They will need to drill into his skull.

T-Bag takes racy photos of Gretchen, and she texts them to Pad Man with a note. He meets her at a hotel room and tries to seduce him. Yet he bluntly tells her that he did not bring his card because he knows that what she wants. Pad Man warns her that he will shoot her on sight if he ever sees her again.

T-Bag flirts with Trishanne, who rebukes his offer of payment for her jacket. The Gate boss invites T-Bag on the company cruise, which leaves today. T-Bag refuses.

The team prepares for the Scylla break-in. Mahone sees that Michael is in pain, and says that he should not go down.

T-Bag tells Gretchen that Trishanne must be a federal agent. Gretchen calls Feng.

Self lets Michael know that Gretchen didn’t get the sixth card. Trishanne calls Self to tell him that the buyer showed up at the Gate. Gretchen asks Feng for help.

When it’s time for his appointment, Michael doesn’t want to leave the team. He’s afraid the others could all get killed. He goes with them, but Sara angrily gives him an injection to prevent a seizure for the next few hours.

Pad Man alerts Lisa that she was right about Gretchen wanting the card. He wants Scylla moved immediately.

Trishanne listens in on T-Bag’s call to Gretchen when she says there is another buyer interested in Scylla. Trishanne notifies Self of the handoff.

At the wall outside Scylla, the team operates in silence to break through the wall of concrete. They use an electromagnetic field to move the concrete’s steel fibers aside for drilling. Sucre breaks a hole as concrete sediment falls into open umbrellas they inserted to protect the sensor-filled floor. He turns on a tank to maintain the room’s temperature. As he is climbing across a gangplank to get to Scylla, the tank falls. Sucre grabs it before it hits the floor, his feet dangling on the plank. Lincoln must climb out and pull him back up.

Agent Self and Trishanne plan the raid on the safe house address she heard Gretchen give T-Bag. When they enter, Feng’s crew ambushes them. Back at the Gate, Gretchen gets word that Self is captured. T-Bag wants Michael.

Lisa updates Pad Man that she is ready to move Scylla. Sara sees Lisa leave the office.

As Michael is making his way across the gangplank, he becomes dizzy. But he regains focus and cuts a hole in the glass wall. He enters the Scylla chamber. When he touches it, an alarm goes off in Pad Man’s office. He sees Michael on a monitor and alerts his security.

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