EPISODE 313 “The Art of the Deal”

Airdate: 2008-02-18

Michael and Linc pursue Whistler. Whistler thinks he’s lost them and calls Susan to tell her to come get him, but Linc tackles him. They call Susan and tell her to meet them in the Plaza de Francia in Panama in ten minutes.
Mahone goes to a bar, and, penniless, starts a tab – and starts eyeing the bank across the street.

Alphonso and McGrady have no way to turn around and avoid the checkpoint. McGrady hides in a compartment behind the seat and manages to avoid being discovered in a search.

Sucre is badly beaten, but won’t give up information about Michael and the others. He is dragged off to dig his own grave; Rafael takes his cell phone, then begins to have him buried alive. Meanwhile, Bellick finds that without Lechero and Sammy, Sona has descended into anarchy. T-Bag insists on helping Lechero, even though it’s now a liability to be seen with him. They find other prisoners looting Lechero’s room; they mock him and call him Norman. Lechero finds Sammy’s gun and orders them out. T-Bag tells Lechero that the rules have changed now that there’s a new general; there’s a guard who will let them buy their way out of Sona. It’ll cost $50,000, and T-Bag knows somebody who can get them the money.

Susan arrives for the exchange, LJ and Sofia in town. She’s impressed – nobody’s ever escaped from Sona. She tells Michael he should work for the Company. Linc’s got a gun to Whistler, but there’s a Company sniper on a nearby rooftop ready to take Linc out the second the exchange goes down. However, Michael says this isn’t the exchange point – this is just confirmation that everybody’s alive. She’ll get the next meeting place in five minutes. Next up is the Museum of Antiquities, where Michael picks up a replica arrowhead from the gift shop. Susan arrives to find there are metal detectors at the museum’s entrance. She has to leave her gun with the Company agents before she goes in. The agents are left posted outside as she enters with LJ and Sofia. LJ begins to laugh at the thought that Susan thinks she can outsmart his uncle Michael. Susan tells Michael she’ll snap LJ’s neck if she doesn’t walk out with Whistler. As she hangs up, Michael sneaks the arrowhead into Whistler’s pocket, telling him that nobody’s going to get hurt.

Susan finally meets up with Michael, Linc and Whistler. LJ crosses to Linc as Whistler crosses to Sofia; both pairs embrace. Susan tries to get Whistler and Sofia to move along, but Sofia asks her why she isn’t asking him for the rest of the coordinates, and insists on seeing them. Whistler tries to stop her asking questions, but Susan, tired of Whistler trying to keep Sofia innocent, tells her there are no coordinates. There’s a tense moment – and then Sofia walks to Linc. Susan tells Michael he’d best get a move on, but Michael knows there must be agents posted at every exit – and deliberately trips the museum alarm, locking the room down. He’ll leave – with her in tow. Everyone in the museum is herded towards the front door, and searched by police as they leave. Sofia gets separated from Linc as Whistler grabs her wrist, swearing he can explain. At the door, the police find the arrowhead in Whistler’s pocket, though they’re embarrassed when Susan points out it’s plastic. However, the cop recognizes Whistler as an escaped criminal. Susan, with no other option, signals an agent to come help. Shots ring out; in the pandemonium, Susan gets away with Whistler – and Sofia is shot.

Linc tries to tend to Sofia, but LJ convinces him to run before the cops start asking questions. Whistler also tries to get away from Susan to go help Sofia; she tells him he’ll be arrested if he goes back there. He’s thrown into the van as Michael grabs Linc’s gun from the car and advances on them, but his clear shot at her is ruined when some cops fire at Susan. They miss, and Susan ducks into the car and peels away. In the car, Susan is enraged to find that Whistler’s book is gone.

T-Bag betrays Lechero and smothers him with a pillow. This was his plan – the money was actually a bounty from Sister Mary Francis to kill Lechero. She can only shove so much through the gates at visitation; she’ll hold onto the rest for T-Bag until he gets out.

Alfonso and McGrady come to a shady-looking neighborhood in Acandi, Colombia. Behind a dingy doorway is a beautiful courtyard, where McGrady’s family is waiting. The tears flow as he finally makes it home.

Sucre is yanked from the grave before being buried alive; he hasn’t given up anything. The General is about to give up when Sucre’s cell phone rings. It’s Michael. Rafael forces Sucre to try to find out where Michael is, but Sucre gets off the line quickly, while also letting Michael think he’s escaped, and then smashes his cell phone. Rafael says that soon, Sucre’s going to wish he were dead, and throws him into Sona, now a prisoner.

T-Bag goes to the courtyard and announces that Lechero is dead, makes a speech that all cons should be equal, with no one person lording over them, making money off their backs. And throws the money into the air, saying he’s giving them back what Lechero took.

As Sofia is taken into the hospital, she whispers something to LJ. LJ gives Michael Sara’s origami rose – he found it in the house where he and Sara had been held. LJ tells Linc that Sofia said there’s something under her bed at her apartment regarding Whistler. Linc says he’s not interested; he wants this to be over. But it’s too late – Michael has overheard.

Whistler meets Mahone at the bar. Mahone hasn’t been eyeing the bank after all, but the clock; this meeting was planned. Whistler pays Mahone’s tab. Mahone asks for his money, but Whistler points at Susan waiting outside and says she handles the cash. Mahone’s been hired by the Company for $300,000.

At Sofia’s apartment, Michael and Linc find the mysterious case under the bed; Michael opens it with a crowbar. It contains a dossier on a man named Jonathan Lief, from Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael’s going to investigate, and can’t be talked out of it. This is about getting back at those responsible for killing Sara. The brothers hug and bid each other farewell. He drives off over the horizon, the origami rose lying on the passenger seat, next to his gun.

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