EPISODE 310 “Dirt Nap”

Airdate: 2008-01-21 Sammy again tries to convince Lechero to kill Michael. Lechero says that Michael’s a folk hero in Sona now that he’s survived the box – kill him, and it’ll spark an uprising. Surprisingly, Sammy seems to agree. Mahone, now through the worst of his withdrawal, receives a picture of his son, Cameron, in […]

Prison Break Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 3 Season 3, Episode 1: Orientación Original Air Date—17 September 2007 Michael is once again imprisoned, but now in SONA (Panama), together with T-Bag, Mahone and Bellick. The prison is solely rules by inmates, whose local prison-lord Lechero feels threatened by Scofield’s ‘fame’. Lincoln tries legal means to get Michael transferred, and gets a […]

EPISODE 303 “Call Waiting “

Airdate: 2007-10-01 Sucre comes to Lincoln, looking for money. He refuses to help Linc look for Sara and LJ. Meanwhile, Michael finds that Lechero isn’t interested in any kind of truce with him. Lincoln visits Michael and shows him today’s photo of Sara and LJ. Sara’s pointing to the words “Santa Rita” on the paper […]

EPISODE 308 “Bang and Burn”

Airdate: 2007-11-12 Sammy is upset; the inmates keep uncovering Papo’s body. He tells Lechero that the inmates don’t fear them any more, and he’s doubly infuriated that Michael seems to have impunity. Lechero tries to convince Sammy not to kill Michael. Meanwhile, Michael brushes past McGrady, who has new clothes in honor of the fact […]

EPISODE 307 “Vamonos”

Airdate: 2007-11-05 Michael and Whistler are locked into a fight to the death – but Michael privately tells him it’s just a distraction. The escape plan still holds; one guard is drugged and they’re leaving when the sun gives them cover from the other guard at 3:13pm. Meanwhile, Lincoln is worried that Whistler won’t go […]

EPISODE 309 “Boxed In”

Airdate: 2008-01-14 Sofia confides to Lincoln that she doesn’t trust Whistler any more. There seems to be some attraction between Sofia and Linc. Suddenly, Susan arrives and kidnaps Linc, telling Sofia to go home. Susan takes Linc to LJ, giving them one minute together in order to keep Linc motivated. Linc whispers to LJ that […]

EPISODE 313 “The Art of the Deal”

Airdate: 2008-02-18 Michael and Linc pursue Whistler. Whistler thinks he’s lost them and calls Susan to tell her to come get him, but Linc tackles him. They call Susan and tell her to meet them in the Plaza de Francia in Panama in ten minutes. Mahone goes to a bar, and, penniless, starts a tab […]

EPISODE 306 “Photo Finish”

Airdate: 2007-11-05 Michael confronts Tyge about Whistler; Tyge says he worked at the Ambassador Hotel in Nice, then clams up and won’t say more. Tyge then spies on Michael, Mahone and Whistler, but can’t hear them. At her hideout, Susan tells LJ about being captured while serving in Mosul. When she heard US choppers coming, […]