Daphne Descends

With the sugar sicknessYou spy the kidnap kidWho kids you to oblivionIt’s the perfect hassleFor the perfumed kissHe makes you miss him more than home You love himYou love him more than thisYou love him and you cannot, you can’t resist You love himYou love him for yourselfYou love him and no one else, no […]

Not worth asking

not worth asking who i’m supposed to benot worth saying, seems i’m freenot worth reaching to anyone at allnot worth reaching out to stop this falli’m on my ownyeah, i’m on my own not worth being, i might already bei just want someone to reach for menot worth thinking*, it’s not worth digging down *or […]


cast the pearls aside, of a simple life of needcome into my life foreverthe crumbled cities stand as knownof the sights you have been shownof the hurt you call your ownlove is suicidethe empty bodies stand at restcasualties of their own fleshafflicted by their dispossessionbut no bodies ever knewnobodysno bodies felt like younobodyslove is suicidenow […]


All your seven dreams Look close, son, and you’ll believe As your things come undone See you are the only one Flower, seize the hour I did I wait Waiting, waiting for your wake I’ll wait When you wake up you’re all weak Throwing your life away Someday, sorry coming home Sorry snail What you […]

For Martha

Whenever I runWhenever I run to you, lost oneIt’s never doneJust hanging onJust past has let me beReturning as if dreamShattered as belief If you have to go, don’t say goodbyeIf you have to go, don’t you cryIf you have to go, I will get bySomeday I’ll follow you and see you on the other […]

My blue heaven

day is endingwords are wendingback to the show ?each little nestling lovenight sheds fallinglove words callingwhat makes the world go ’roundnothing my love when whippoorwills callthe evening is nighi hum it to my blue heaveni turn to the right? the light? to my blue heavenyou’ll see a smiling face,a fireplace,a cozy rooma little nestthat’s nestled […]

Marquis in Spades

And I’d love you to noticeI’m devotedTo destroy for no oneNow it’s that time again to take revengeOn all the debutantes and their friendsThe bitter charlemagnes so self-absorbedThe bodily remains such a bore Hey, yeahWas I good enough to break youHey, yeah And all I see is empty‘Cause now I’m one of themSo adoredThe slink […]


What moonsongsDo you sing your babies?What sunshine do you bring? Who belongsWho decides who’s crazyWho rights wrongs where others cling? I’ll sing for youIf you want me toI’ll give to youAnd it’s a chance I’ll have to takeAnd it’s a chance I’ll have to break I go alongJust because I’m lazyI go along to be […]