Stand Inside Your Love

You and meMeant to beI’mmutableI’mpossibleIt’s destinyPure lunacyIncalculableInseparable And for the last timeYou’re everything that I want and asked forYou’re all that I dream Who wouldn’t be the one you loveWho wouldn’t stand inside your loveProtected and the lover of A pure soulAnd beautifulYouDon’t understandDon’t fear me nowI will breathFor the both of usTravel the worldTraverse […]


i really love you, and i mean you, the star above you, crystal bluewell, oh baby, my hair’s on end about you i wouldn’t see you, and i love to, i fly above you, yes i do, well, oh baby my hair’s on end about you floating, bumping, noses dodge a tooththe fins a luminousfangs […]


I am sleepingin hereWe need a little hope For yearsI’ve been sleepingHelplessCouldn’t tell a soul Be ashamedOf the mess you’ve madeMy eyes never forget, you seeBehind me SilentMetal merciesCastrateBoys to the bone JesusAre you listening?Up thereTo anyone at all We are the fossilsThe relics of our timeWe mutilate the meaningsSo they’re easy to deny Be […]


I hear your winterI hear your rainI’ve failed your summer waysAnd I feel no pain I hear what you wantAnd I feel that wayI hear what you wantAnd I feel that way I hear you fade awayAnd I hear you crawlI gave my life awayAnd I feel no painAnd I feel no painAnd I feel […]

Hello Kitty Kat

say hello before you say goodbye i should go before you make me cry she wants to bleed every drop inside of me but i aim to please the little girl inside of me, too yeah, yeah you know i hate to say (it) oh no, i always stay i don’t want to be like […]

Silvercrank london 1994

i hear your winteri hear you rainand i’ve failed your summer waysand i feel no pain i hear what you wantand i feel that wayi hear what you wantand i feel that way i hear you fade awayand i hear you crawli gave my life awayand i feel no painand i feel no painand i […]

Bullet With Butterfly Wings

The world is a vampireSent to drainSecret destroyersHold you up to the flamesAnd what do I getFor my painBetrayed desiresAnd a piece of the gameEven though I knowI suppose I’ll showAll my cool and coldLike old job Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cageThen someone will say what is […]


eautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the sunwonderful, you’re wonderful, as wonderful as they comeand i can’t help but feel attachedto the feelings i can’t even matchwith my face pressed up to the glass, wanting youbeautiful, you’re beautiful, as beautiful as the skywonderful, it’s wonderful, to know that you’re just like Iand i’m sure you […]