4th of July Cakes

A colorful, creative 4th of July cake is a fantastic way to top off a summer celebration, and it’s something that beginning and advanced decorators alike can create and design. Whether you choose to go all out and make a cake with an Uncle Sam figure perched on the top or a more simple frosted flag pattern, celebrating this holiday gives you a chance to polish your decorating skills and turn out a truly memorable confection.

4th of July Cake Ideas

Consider your decorating level and amount of free time as you think about the design you’d like to create. Stretching your abilities is always a fun challenge, as long as you have the time to hone your


Fireworks Cake

Making a fireworks cake is a great exercise in creativity. Rather than going with the traditional red, white, and blue colors that you’d normally find on an Independence Day cake, you’re free to use any colors on a fireworks cake because you have the opportunity to make the cake resemble a fireworks show. Using Wilton star tips or multi-opening tips can be helpful because they created scattered effects and can make frosting look explosive and dynamic. With a fireworks cake, you can decorate the surface to resemble just one round firework or frost a dark background and then decorate individual fireworks all over the cake.

Flag Cake

A flag cake is one of the easiest 4th of July cakes to prepare. The rectangular flag shape looks more natural on a square or rectangular sheet cake, but it’s also possible to make a flag shape on a round cake.

  1. Begin by using a thin round frosting tip and a pastry bag to pipe a white rectangular border in the size of the flag you want to create.
  2. Use the same frosting tip with blue frosting to outline a small blue rectangle in the upper-left corner of the flag. Fill in the rectangle with more blue frosting and a flat spatula.
  3. Using a star tip and white frosting, add several small stars to the top of the blue rectangle.
  4. With a medium round frosting tip and red frosting, add several horizontal stripes to the remainder of the flag.
  5. Fill in the remaining stripes with white frosting.

Berry Cake

If you’re not a big fan of frosting or you prefer to showcase fresh fruits rather than your decorating skills, this cake is a good choice. Simply frost the top of the cake with white butter cream or cream cheese frosting and place fresh red and blue berries along the border of the cake and across the top. You can use blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or even cherries to create a colorful pattern.

Uncle Sam Cake

Building Uncle Sam on top of your cake is a huge challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun. You can save time by buying prepared fondant in blue, white, and red and building your figure before you place it on the cake. If you prefer, you can use marzipan or gum paste instead of fondant to make the figure.

  1. Form a body, two legs, two arms, and a hat for the figure with white logs of fondant.
  2. Bend each leg, and secure all of the limbs together with toothpicks or slim wooden skewers.
  3. Make the head for the figure with a small ball of fondant colored to resemble any skin tone. Elongate the end of the head to form a neck. Then, hollow out small cavities for the eyes, and add small balls of fondant for a nose and ears.
  4. Use two balls of fondant, tinted the same skin tone color, and shape them into hands. Stick the hands at the ends of the skewers or toothpicks in the arms of the figure.
  5. Roll out a thin layer of blue fondant, and cut out rectangles to roll around the figure’s body and arms to form a blue coat.
  6. Finally, use edible paint to add stripes to Uncle Sam’s shirt, legs, and hat. Paint in any finishing details, and finally secure the figure to a layer of fondant on top of the cake.

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