2011 Chinese Horoscope – Rabbit

Rabbit Outlook for 2011


1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

Rabbit Overview

Ah … it feels good to be home, doesn’t it? The Year of the Metal Rabbit should be a welcome shift after dealing with the Tiger in 2010. In your home sign, you’ll have a lot to look forward to. With 11 favorable months and only one unfavorable, you can probably count your eggs before they hatch and eat dessert before dinner. Your talents and assets should shine brightly with the Rabbit’s influence. Are you ready to reap the rewards of your creative genius? Do you want recognition for your contributions? You might get all of that and more if you plot your course wisely. Bring forth a bit of bravery. Stand tall and proud. Claim what’s rightfully yours.

Rabbit Rating

71% (11 favorable, 1 unfavorable)

Rabbit Career

If last year was a bit shaky, you’ll probably find yourself on solid ground. Did you make some progress in your career? If so, expect it to continue. Burning the midnight oil could help you get that promotion you’ve been striving for. Or, you might think of the next big thing. Does your job description feel limiting? It’s possible you’ll create your own position and make more money. Think about what you bring to the table. Use your lucky days to make a case for yourself to your boss. You might be the only one around who can do the job.

Rabbit Relationships

If you’re a typical Rabbit, nothing makes you happier than order and harmony at home. This year might find you settling down and cozying up for the long haul. If you’re attached, relationships could move into more stable territory. Still single? You might meet a partner with some serious lasting potential. Make sure you’re being ultra sensitive to your partner’s needs — the Rabbit can be emotionally squeamish. Are you ready to commit? It could be time to move in together or buy a home. In any case, enjoy what should be a peaceful year for you and your loved ones.

Rabbit Health

Are you feeling spunkier than usual? The Year of the Rabbit might bring out your inner animal. A renewed sense of vigor might make you feel more alive in the coming months. Use your extra energy to help tend to those around you. Do your friends and family practice good eating habits? You might need to lead by example and promote your healthy lifestyle. Be on guard against mental fatigue or anxiety. With so much happening this year, make plenty of time for rest and relaxation.

Rabbit Wealth

You may not have the business savvy of the Snake, but your creative genius is probably an untapped moneymaker. What can you do this year to turn your talent into a profit? The coming months will deliver a boatload of Triple Metal days — where the year, month and day element all align. Since Metal is the element most closely associated with wealth, get ready to roll the dice! You’ll also have some Triple Rabbit days early in the year, and those should be mighty favorable too. You might have to step out of your comfort zone to start a new venture or change careers, but luck is on your side.

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