EPISODE 421 “Rates of Exchange”

Krantz holds Sara captive, Christina even shot Linc in a lung for urgency, each demands Scylla as ransom. Michael tries to cheat his mother, but only a driver is hurt in his tripwire explosion. FBI Agent Chris Franco finds and tortures Self in hospital with a splintered leg, who gets an immunity deal. Linc tells […]

EPISODE 113 “End of the Tunnel”

Airdate: 2005-11-28 The slow and labored thumping of a heartbeat pulses. Abruzzi strains to remain conscious as Sara pushes him across the yard in a stretcher. Sara presses a towel against the wound in his neck to help stem the flow of blood, meanwhile urging him to stay with her and keep breathing.A medical helicopter […]

EPISODE 407 “Five the Hard Way”

Airdate: 2008-10-06 Gretchen holds T-Bag hostage in his house and she cuts his arm with a knife. He reveals what little he knows about Scylla. At the warehouse, Michael and the team explain to Agent Self why they have to go to Las Vegas in order to get to Scuderi and his card. Self pulls […]

EPISODE 303 “Call Waiting “

Airdate: 2007-10-01 Sucre comes to Lincoln, looking for money. He refuses to help Linc look for Sara and LJ. Meanwhile, Michael finds that Lechero isn’t interested in any kind of truce with him. Lincoln visits Michael and shows him today’s photo of Sara and LJ. Sara’s pointing to the words “Santa Rita” on the paper […]

EPISODE 419 “S.O.B.”

Airdate: 2009-05-01 Michael calls Lincoln and tells him that Sandinsky’s been working with Christina. He then calls Christina and asks about Sandinsky. She won’t talk about him and asks to meet. Michael says no Scylla, no meeting. She’s got ten minutes to decide. Downey has traced the call; Michael’s at an industrial park in El […]

Final Break Episode Guide

Season 4 Final Break Episode 1: Final Break The story starts off with Sara being arrested for the murder of Christina Scofield, during her and Michael’s wedding party. At the female penitentiary, some new characters are introduced, along with returning character Gretchen.Across the yard is a neighboring men’s prison, where General Krantz and T-Bag are […]

EPISODE 308 “Bang and Burn”

Airdate: 2007-11-12 Sammy is upset; the inmates keep uncovering Papo’s body. He tells Lechero that the inmates don’t fear them any more, and he’s doubly infuriated that Michael seems to have impunity. Lechero tries to convince Sammy not to kill Michael. Meanwhile, Michael brushes past McGrady, who has new clothes in honor of the fact […]

EPISODE 418 “Versus”

Airdate: 2009-04-24 Christina’s sniper takes aim at Lincoln just as he moves behind some trees, giving Self and Mahone enough time to spot the sniper. Mahone runs up to the roof and a fight begins. The sniper runs from Mahone down the stairwell, and Linc’s waiting at the bottom. He demands to know where Christina […]

EPISODE 216 “Chicago”

Airdate: 2007-02-05 Sara steps off the train and looks around for Michael. Kellerman watches her from a distance. His cell phone rings, it’s the President. She tells him that she’s in Chicago and she can fix everything if he takes care of Michael and Lincoln. Sara slowly walks towards Michael and the two share a […]

EPISODE 112 “Odd Man Out”

Airdate: 2005-11-20 Michael, five years younger, adjusts his tie in a streamlined office of an architecture firm overlooking the Chicago cityscape. The interviewer across the desk comments on Michael’s impressive resumé, then asks why Michael is interested in architecture. Michael speaks with a quiet passion about structure, design and function. The interviewer appears impressed in […]