EPISODE 120 “Tonight”

Airdate: 2006-05-01

Bellick kneels on the floor and peers into the escape hole. He can hardly believe what he’s seeing. He’s about to stand up, when WHAM! A shovel slams him square in the face. Westmorland menacingly advances toward a stunned and staggering Bellick. Westmorland lands one more solid blow before Bellick recovers enough to fight back. Bellick blocks the next swing and pushes Westmoreland back against the lockers as he wrestles the shovel away. Bellick takes the offensive, landing a few gut punches on Westmorland. Bellick then shoves Westmoreland onto a countertop. Westmorland lands on a glass coffee pot, which shatters during the struggle. Bellick grabs for the shovel, then rears back for a vicious swing, but Westmoreland grabs a nearby metal thermos and smashes it against Bellick’s head. Bellick is knocked backwards, landing on his back. He slips into unconsciousness. Westmoreland takes a few breaths to collect himself. He looks down at his side and realizes a shard of glass from the coffee pot has been pushed deep into his abdomen. He grabs the shard and slowly pulls it out, trying his best not to cry out in pain. He then stands over Bellick, panic starting to show on Westmorland’s face.Guards walk the fence line being led by several German Shepherds. The escape crew watches them as T-Bag notes that each time he’s been caught, it was always because of the dogs.

Charles pushes a small dumpster out of the Guard Room and does his best to conceal his wound.

T-Bag continues tell the cons that if you can’t get rid of your smell, the dogs will always find you. Abruzzi agrees and Michael tells them that they have to scrub anything in their cells that will have their smell on it. C-Note asks how much time they have left. Abruzzi tells them it will be three days until they will be allowed back into the Guard Room. Manche says that he will also have the extra suits by then. All that is left is for Michael to find a way to unlock the door in the infirmary and to figure out how to get Lincoln out of Ad Seg. Michael thinks three days will be plenty of time to sort out the last details.

Westmoreland then approaches the group. His face dead white, he tells them, “We’ve gotta get out of here…NOW.”

Westmoreland doesn’t know how, but Bellick found the escape hole. Westmorland tells them he covered the hole as best he could, but it’s only a matter of time before the other C.O.s notice that Bellick is missing. The cons look to each other and Michael asks Charles, “What do you mean, missing?”

A C.O. fills a cup of coffee in the Guard Room. Amazingly, there is no evidence of the earlier fight. However, just under the table of the Guard Room, Bellick still unconscious, lays bound and gagged.

Sucre contends that Fox River is a big place and no one will notice Bellick is missing. But C-Note tells him nothing happens inside those walls without Bellick’s approval. Michael, as focused as we’ve ever seen him, tells the group, “Soon as it gets dark, we go.” The crew is stunned. They aren’t sure they’re ready. Michael lashes out at them, “Then stay.” A tense moment, but the group quickly realizes there’s no other way. Michael asks if Abruzzi can have the plane ready tonight. John says he can. Next, Michael tells C-Note to grab as much peroxide from his kitchen duty as he can. Michael will get the infirmary key. The rest of them are to scrub down their cells to get rid of as much of their scent as they can. Michael tells them they’re leaving after dinner, during “Tier Time.” They’ll all exit through Michael’s cell, one by one. C-Note points out that they were supposed to leave through the Guard’s Room. If they leave through Michael’s cell they won’t have much of a head start. T-Bag nervously blurts out that if they plan to leave at seven that night, and eight o’clock is head count, that only gives them sixty minutes. Michael just nods and says, “Sixty minutes to get over the wall and as far away from here as possible.” Sucre interrupts, “They’ll be right on our asses!” Michael responds coldly, “They already are.”

Michael and Sucre walk the tier back to their cell. Sucre reminds Michael that Lincoln is still under 24-hour surveillance and if Michael can’t get to him tonight, the cons still need to make their break. Michael is well aware of that. Michael then looks across the tier, where he meets Tweener’s eyes looking back at him.

In Ad Seg, Lincoln calls for a C.O. He tells the guard his brother doesn’t know he was in an accident and asks if there’s anyway to get a message to him. The guard grimly replies, “Yeah. Put it in your will.”

Veronica finishes a phone call and hangs up. She tells Nick that she has a friend at the title company that was able to get the address for the phone number they found in Blackfoot, Montana. She continues, saying that the property was paid for through an offshore holding company bankrolled by a trust financed by Terrence Steadman’s estate. Veronica connects the dots, “Looks like you and I are going to Blackfoot, Montana.”

In the dark tunnel under the Guard Room, Bellick snaps back into consciousness. He quickly realizes he’s tied up and struggles to get free.

In the chow hall, C.O. Stolte asks C.O. Patterson if he’s seen Bellick yet. Michael walks behind them, listening in. Stolte continues, telling Patterson that Mack was looking for him, but Bellick hasn’t shown up yet. C-Note walks closely behind Michael, worried that the guards are going to find Bellick before they make their break. Michael asks when he can get the peroxide. C-Note says he probably won’t have it until after yard duty.

T-Bag zig-zags through the mess hall. He stops at the table of an inmate eating alone and asks the inmate for his brussel sprouts. The inmate is more than happy to hand them off, noting that they stink.

Michael finds Tweener sitting at a table alone and quickly whispers, “We’re leaving tonight.” The news catches Tweener off guard, when he asks for more info Michael tells him to find Sucre, he’ll fill Tweener in.

Inside an exquisitely decorated room, Vice President Reynolds stands surrounded by a group of men in expensive business suits who are interrogating her about the President passing the Energy Bill. Clearly they are unhappy with the Presidents change of heart. They expected the Vice President to make sure the President vetoed that bill. One man then asks Reynolds if she has enjoyed their support. He also advises her not to take their power for granted. Another man follows by telling her that eventually they always get what they want, that she may no longer be the right person to help them get their agenda done. A concerned look washes over the Vice President.

Michael stands in the infirmary waiting for Sara. Sara walks into the room without any pleasantries, locking the door behind her. Michael then tries to talk his way out of the trouble he’s made for himself. Sara cuts him off and tells him she has had enough of his stories and lies. She then asks if Michael is man enough to admit what he’s done. Michael admits to stealing the keys. Sara pounces on his every word. She just wants to know what he’s after. Michael apologizes, “Please understand, I never meant to involve you in this.” Then Michael lays it all on the line, “I came here to tell you something. I’m getting my brother out of here. Tonight. And I need your help.” Sara leans against the desk, her eyes locked on Michael. She knows he is telling the truth.

Sara begs Michael not to say anymore. She tells him escaping is not the way to save his brother. “You understand that I’m required to report everything you’re telling me,” she warns. When Sara asks why he would tell her, Michael says she is the only person who can help him. Sara grows agitated when she thinks Michael is trying to manipulate her with guilt. Michael contends that he is not asking her to hurt anyone or steal anything, he is simply asking her to make a mistake. All she has to do is leave the door open when she leaves tonight. Then it hits Sara, she has been part of Michael’s plan all along. Michael admits that at first his feelings for her were an act, but later he truly wanted to be there with her. Michael begs, “Whatever you might think of me, this is about Lincoln. Don’t make him pay for my mistakes.” Sara storms out.

Abruzzi stands at the phones talking to Maggio, his contact on the outside. He tells Maggio that they need the plane to be ready tonight. Maggio complains a little, but John sets him straight. John also asks if Maggio has arranged a van. Maggio says, “Waiting up Fitz street. Two hundred yards behind the body shop.” Then Maggio asks John if he wants a bigger plane because the one they have will only seat three and John mentioned that it will be seven or eight cons. John tells Maggio that not everyone is going to have a ticket. The three who are still breathing will get on the plane.

Veronica hurriedly arranges travel over the phone to Blackfoot. Nick’s cell phone rings and he answers it in the other room. Abruzzi is on the other end and tells him that Nick must take Veronica to the airstrip tonight. Nick is reluctant and tells John that it could get messy. John flippantly says, “Then wear a smock,” and hangs up. Nick’s head drops, knowing what he has to do.

Bellick continues to struggle in the pipes below the Guard’s Room. When Bellick hears two C.O.s enter above, he does his best to make noise. But the C.O.s can’t hear him over their own conversation.

As the P.I. crew tends to an area of the yard, Michael watches the entrance to the Guard’s Room. Sucre asks if Michael has handled their access to the infirmary. When Michael says, “I’m working on it,” Sucre walks away, looking unhappy. Michael watches the two guards exit the break room. The escape crew’s secret appears to be safe for now.

Tweener, raking the yard, moves closer to C.O. Patterson and asks if he’s seen Bellick. Westmoreland stands nearby, listening in. Patterson tells him that he hasn’t shown up yet. Charles barks for Tweener to come help him.

Behind them, John pockets handfuls of manure fertilizer to cover his scent later.

C-Note walks up to Michael and tells him things are about to get ugly between T-Bag and Abruzzi. He shows Michael the blade he took from T-Bag and tells Michael that if he had been ten seconds later, Abruzzi would have been dead. C-Note tells Michael if he wants to be the boss then he needs to set T-Bag and Abruzzi straight. There can’t be any complications. C-Note shakes Michael’s hand and passes him the shank.

Sara stares out the infirmary window as Katie walks in talking about some paperwork from the county. When Sara snaps to, she asks Katie to handle the paperwork because she needs to leave. Sara grabs her coat and purse, offering no further explanation to Katie.

In the locker room, Westmoreland redresses his bleeding wound with another clean sock. He shuts his locker door and stands near the other P.I. guys. Michael walks in and orders the guys to, “Put your blues on over your P.I. gear.” Michael tells them that if they don’t get the suits they need, then they’re going to have to make them. C-Note grits his teeth and alerts Michael to the fact that Tweener is sitting nearby, hearing every word. Michael says it’s okay, he’s going to be part of the escape. The cons are stunned. Michael tells them that when the plan changed, so did the timing and now everyone can be included in the break. But C-Note speaks up, “One more person means one more thing that can go wrong.” Michael defends Tweener, telling C-Note that he owes Tweener. Michael tells Tweener everything will be fine. John stares at Michael, unsure of how good of a leader he really is.

The men walk single file back to A-Wing. One of the C.O. storms out of the locker room and tells them to stop. He tells them he saw drops of blood on the locker room floor and needs an explanation. When no one speaks up, Michael thinks fast and puts his hand into his pocket with the shank. He clenches his jaw and slices his thumb open. Then he turns to the C.O., “That’d be me boss. Happened while I was loading equipment into the shed.” The C.O. tells Michael to make sure he gets that patched up, then sends them all on their way. Michael then turns his attention to Westmoreland. Michael asks him if he’s okay. Westmoreland assures Michael that he’s okay enough to make it out.

Sara sits in her parked car with her eyes closed, muttering to herself. She then digs out her cell phone, “Hey, Shelly, it’s me. I know I’m supposed to call you as my sponsor in case I have…um…” Sara never finishes her thought as she stares at the bar across the street. She hangs up and gets out of her car, making her way toward the bar.

Michael kneels next to the Taj Mahal model with his hand high inside the dome. Suddenly, he snaps off a thick “L” shaped piece and puts it in his pocket. Pope walks in, excited that his Taj is nearly complete, just in time for his anniversary. Pope tells Michael that he feels fortunate to have met him because “not many decent men make their way into Fox River.” Michael solemnly replies that there are a few decent men down in A-Wing. Pope walks behind Michael and says, “If there’s anything you need, well, I owe you one.” Michael slowly turns, “Actually…there is one thing you can do for me.”

Michael, now inside Lincoln’s Ad Seg cell, looks around the cell for any way that he can get his brother out. Lincoln sits on the floor, chained to the wall. He gives Michael the back-story about their father’s involvement with the Company, but Michael isn’t paying attention. Michael kneels down next to Lincoln and tells him they must escape tonight because Bellick found the hole. Michael continues to analyze the situation, but Lincoln snaps at him, telling Michael to go without him. Lincoln says there’s no way Michael will have enough time to get him out. Michael finally sits still, knowing that he may have no choice but to leave his brother behind.

C-Note carefully pulls his pant leg down to conceal several plastic bags of peroxide that are taped to this leg. He kneels next to a counter and continues filling up additional bags. Trumpets walks in on C-Note, catching him off guard. Trumpets closes in on C-Note and reminds him that he’s no longer in business. But C-Note says this is personal. Trumpets spots the bag of peroxide that C-Note is holding close to his leg, “What you got over there anyway, some kind of cleaner? What’chu trying to clean up, Sergeant Franklin?” That pushes C-Note over the edge. He splashes the peroxide in Trumpets’ face. Trumpets staggers and grabs for his burning eyes. C-Note pounces, delivering several furious punches before Trumpets collapses to the floor. C-Note is relentless as he stomps on Trumpets again and again. Finally, C-Note backs off. He spits on Trumpets as he turns and walks away.

Sara sits alone at a bar, her eyes fixated on the untouched glass of scotch in front of her. In the background, a reporter chatters on about the Vice President’s possible running mates for her Presidential campaign. On a TV above the bar, the Reporter drones, “Rumors coming out of Vice President Reynolds’ camp detail a preliminary ‘short list’ of running mates should she, as expected, win her party’s nomination. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the inclusion of Illinois Governor, Frank Tancredi.” The mention of her father’s name gets Sara’s attention. Sara’s listens intently as the reporter finishes, “His consideration is being attributed to his reputation for being tough on crime. And some point to his recent refusal to grant clemency to Lincoln Burrows, the murderer of the Vice President’s brother, which was certainly welcomed with deep appreciation from within the Oval Office.” Sara starts to put the puzzle pieces together. She doesn’t like what it adds up to. She jumps from her chair, leaving the drink behind.

C.O. Stolte looks over the monitors in the guard shack outside of A-Wing. He then looks up at the sign in board with all the names of each C.O. written out. Every C.O.’s name has an “X” next to it except the first name on the list, B. BELLICK.

In his cell, T-Bag crushes the brussel sprouts he acquired earlier and spreads the goo throughout his bed to cover up his scent.

Similarly, Abruzzi pulls his bed apart and spreads fertilizer all over everything he has touched. His cellmate sits at the desk watching John and thinking he’s crazy.

Westmoreland leans against his cell wall doing what he can to forget the pain of his injury while he grinds a bar of soap against the wall to get rid his scent. He stops as a C.O. walks by. Once it’s clear, he continues with the soap.

Tweener stands at his cell door, doing nothing to prep for the escape. C.O. Stolte barks out, “Open on 88!” and then enters Tweener’s cell. He tosses a small package onto Avocado’s bunk. Tweener asks what’s in the package. Stolte tells him, “Avocado’s gear. He’s getting out of the infirmary tonight.” The urgency of escaping from Fox River has just sunk in with Tweener. Stolte asks Tweener about what he told Patterson earlier, “I heard you were asking Patterson about Bellick? He said you thought you saw him this morning?” Tweener looks across the floor and locks eyes with Michael. Tweener knows he can’t betray Michael now and tells Stolte that he saw Bellick yesterday morning, “You know, time just sorta blends together up in here.” Stolte leaves Tweener to worry about Avocado’s return.

Sucre holds up the peroxide bag, confused about what he’s supposed to do with it. Michael tells him to pour the peroxide into the toilet. They’re going to use the peroxide to bleach their blue P.I. jumpsuits white so they can move through the Psych Ward without drawing attention. Michael folds his suit and Sucre’s, then hands them to Sucre who shoves them in the toilet. Sucre says it looks like they will have everything they need to make their escape, except for Lincoln. Michael turns and walks to the cell door, holding the piece he broke from the Taj Mahal, “You worry about those suits, let me worry about Linc.”

The President of the United States shakes the hands of several foreign dignitaries as Vice President Reynolds moves in. The President asks his aide to give them a few minutes. The President and Reynolds walk down a road followed closely by a team of Secret Service agents. The Vice President wants to know why the President changed his mind about the energy bill. The President admits that while the bill is flawed, it is better than doing nothing at all. But what’s more interesting to him is that Reynolds is there asking him to veto a bill that she voted in favor of. When Reynolds tells him she’s only thinking of her future, the President tells her that he’s now considering backing someone else. This is a serious blow to Vice President Reynolds. The President tells her that she is everything that is wrong with politics. Reynolds tells the President not to take the moral high ground because the only reason he chose her as a running mate was because she was a woman. Reynolds quickly realizes she may have said too much. She tries to back track, but the President simply walks away.

C.O. Patterson stands next to the Taj Mahal model and jokes to Warden Pope, “You know what I got my wife for our anniversary? A scarf.” Pope reminds Patterson that this anniversary is a big one for him and he needed to do something special. Pope, Patterson and another C.O. get ready to move the massive model downstairs. When they lift it, the dome suddenly collapses inward. Pope panics. The men gently put the model back on the table. Pope sends the C.O.s to get Michael immediately.

Michael hurries Sucre to get the bleached jumpsuits out of the toilet. They need to be dry in forty-five minutes, right at tier-time. Sucre wonders if everyone else will be ready. Michael says they don’t have a choice because they’re going to need every second. C.O. Mack barks out, “Open on forty!” Sucre crams the suits back into the toilet, then pulls his pants down and sits over them. Mack tells Michael that Pope needs to see him immediately. Sucre whispers out, “It’s 6:15 bro! You can’t!” But Mack pulls Michael out.

The C.O.s escort Michael through the floor of A-Wing. C-Note, Abruzzi, T-Bag and Westmoreland watch him pass from their respective cells. Their apprehension evident.

Bellick, exhausted, continues to futilely struggle with his restraints. When he finally relaxes, he feels something with his hands. A jagged bolt protrudes from the concrete walls of the tunnel. With new hope, Bellick begins to furiously rub the rope across the jagged bolt.

Sara walks into a quiet restaurant. Sitting near the window is large table of well dressed men and women. At the head of the table is Governor Tancredi. The Governor sees his daughter and excuses himself to speak with her. Sara, with current suspicions lingering in her mind, asks her father if he looked at the information from Lincoln’s lawyers. The Governor dismissively tells her to move on. Dodging the question, he tells her that Lincoln’s attorneys had a chance to present new evidence, but that time has passed. Sara asks one more time if he actually looked at the information. The Governor finally says he didn’t need to look at the information because he agreed with the findings of the court. Sara lashes back and asks, “Just tell me one thing – did they promise you the Vice Presidency before or after you signed his death warrant?” But her father punches back, “I will not discuss morality with an addict and a thief. You wanna talk reality, Sara? How many times did I use my influence to keep you or one of your junky boyfriends out of jail? How many was it? Three? Four times? I swear Sara, it’s funny you know? You have no trouble whatsoever with me bending the law, especially when it’s bent in your direction. Grow up.” The Governor walks back to his table and Sara leaves with fresh wounds from her father’s words.

Stolte and Patterson continue to debate Bellick’s whereabouts. Abruzzi listens in from his cell. Stolte finally takes charge and tells Patterson, “I’m just sayin’…it’s 6:30 and no one’s heard from the guy. We gotta tell Pope.” Patterson, reluctant, say’s he’ll tell the Warden.

Veronica hurries around her apartment getting ready for their flight to Blackfoot. Nick sits on the couch doing the best he can to slow her down. Nick tells her that he thinks going to Montana might not be a good move. Veronica tells Nick she’s getting on that plane with or without him. As Veronica moves to grab one of her bags, Nick gets behind her and pulls a revolver from waistband. Veronica turns and sees Nick aiming the gun at her. Nick tells her that he can’t let her go to Blackfoot. Veronica goes on the offensive and begins asking Nick questions, ” All this time and you’re one of them. Who’s pulling your leash, Nick? Is it Steadman? Kellerman? Who?” When she demands that Nick look her in the eye, he can’t. He hates that it had to come to this. She tells him he’s a coward.

Michael sits outside Pope’s office, fidgeting with the broken piece of the Taj Mahal model. Pope and Patterson exit the Warden’s office with some urgency in their step. Patterson continues on. Pope has his assistant, Becky, dial the number for Bellick’s mother. Pope takes the phone and speaks with Bellick’s mother who confirms that she hasn’t talked to Bellick since he called her early that morning. Pope hangs up and asks Becky to have C.O. Mack check the parking lot for Bellick’s truck. Michael watches closely through the glass, knowing exactly what’s happening. Pope signals to Michael to come in.

Sucre stands in his cell, holding a picture of himself and Maricruz. His mind lingers on things she has said, “I’m pregnant Fernando, I’m going to have your son…I’m really scared to do this alone.”

Abruzzi removes the silver crucifix from his neck and hides it under his pillow. There’s no looking back now. Soon he will have his revenge on Fibonnaci.

Sitting on his bunk, T-Bag unfolds a napkin. Written on it is Susan Hollander’s name and address.

C-Note paces the small space between the bunks and wall, knowing that he’ll get to see his family soon. He looks up and sees Trumpets keeping a close eye on him. C-Note knows when the cell doors open, Trumpets and his boys are coming for him.

Tweener rests his head on the cell door and then looks back at Avocado’s belongings on the top bunk. Knowing that he has no choice, Tweener grabs his P.I. jumpsuit from under his bunk, throws it in the toilet and covers it in the peroxide.

Charles opens his gold pocket watch and looks at the old black and white photo of his daughter. Time is running out. He must see her before she dies. He lifts up his shirt and exposes the wound. It’s still bleeding. Charles fights the urge to scream in pain as he applies another clean piece of cloth.

Still chained to the wall, Lincoln stoically sits contemplating the memories of his near-execution. As the terrifying images flash through his mind, he wonders whether or not Michael listened to him and is leaving without him.

Nurse Katie gets ready to leave for the night. She closes the infirmary door, being sure to lock it behind her

Sara walks along Chicago’s lakefront alone, her world falling apart. We’re left to wonder what she will do with the information she’s put together.

“I’ve read that the actual Taj appears pink in the morning, milky white in the evening, and golden when the moon shines. The changes, they say, depict the different emotions of a woman,” Pope rambles on to Michael as they stand around the model. Michael stands quietly with something clearly on his mind. Pope tells Michael about the dome collapse. As he finishes, Michael places the “L” shaped piece on the table. Michael’s tone turns sinister as he tells Pope he broke the piece because he needed to make sure he’d be allowed back into Pope’s office. Michael slowly removes his hand from his pocket, revealing the shank C-Note passed to him earlier. Pope struggles to comprehend what’s going on.

Michael holds the shank close to Pope and with intense determination tells him, “I’m breaking out. And you’re going to make sure my brother goes with me.”

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