EPISODE 406 “Blow Out”

Airdate: 2008-09-29

Bellick causes a disturbance at a betting window of a racetrack to distract security. This allows Michael and Mahone to sneak into the operations manager’s office and tape the device to the man’s desk. Roland picks up the signal. Cardholder four is Nathaneal Edison, who has bet on a horse named SparkleKid. Lincoln does something to cause SparkleKid to get a late start from the gate. Edison is furious and goes to speak to the operations manager. With the card near the desk, Roland pulls all of the information off Edison’s device.
Mahone goes to retrieve the device, but he is trapped by the guards and taken to the police station. The cops put the device in his personal effects bag. Lincoln calls Agent Self for help. Self notices a strange IT guy fixing his computer without notifying him.

A battered and bloody Gretchen arrives at her sister Rita’s house. She takes a statue that she gave Rita and smashes it. There’s a gun inside. What appears to be Rita’s daughter is really Gretchen’s. Gretchen kisses the girl and leaves.

T-Bag studies the Bird Book for clues in his office at Gate. His co-worker calls him out on his sales reports and accuses him of fraud. Knowing he might be found out, T-Bag runs out of the office.

Wyatt briefs Pad Man about Agent Self. The IT guy from Self’s office comes in and explains that he could not break the firewall on Self’s computer.

Self cannot get Mahone out of prison, but he has him sign for his personal effects to get the device out of holding. Mahone is furious. Back at the warehouse, the team is divided on what will happen to Mahone. They could all be caught. Michael insists that they stay on course.

Wyatt accosts Self about his investigation on General Krantz. Self refuses to tell Wyatt anything. “The General,” Wyatt threatens, “He likes his privacy.” Yet Wyatt sees the parking pass on Self’s dashboard of the municipal lot where Self met Michael.

Self suggests to Michael that he eliminate Mahone to rid a potential problem. Meanwhile, the policeman at the jail offers Mahone a deal if he trades the name of his accomplice at the racetrack. Mahone considers turning in Michael, but says nothing.

The team considers breaking Mahone out of prison, but Michael knows that is too dangerous.

Gretchen goes to a morgue claiming to be Whistler’s widow. The orderly asks for documentation, so she knocks the guy out and grabs Whistler’s cell phone from his belongings. She plays back a message from an apartment rental company.

Wyatt shows up at the police station and sees Mahone in the cell. Wyatt asks the desk clerk which courthouse he is being transferred to for arraignment. Mahone calls Michael to warn him and to explain that he won’t squeal. Mahone makes Michael promise to kill Wyatt. Michael now knows he must change plans.

Michael and Lincoln are at an electrical transformer behind the courthouse. Inside, Mahone enters court. Sucre is there. So is Wyatt. Sara goes to the defense table pretending to be Mahone’s lawyer and takes his paperwork. Sucre calls the guys outside and gives them the OK to go. Suddenly, the overhead lamps explode and the power goes out in the court. Sucre slips out with Mahone, and Wyatt chases them. Sara escapes with Mahone’s arraignment file. Wyatt is about to shoot Mahone when police arrive on the scene.

Back at the warehouse, Mahone thanks the team. Sara gives him his fingerprint sheet. He cannot be traced.

Mahone goes outside and dials the number on the red slip of paper. It is Wyatt. Mahone threatens to take revenge. He hangs up and throws out the red paper. Roland sees this and grabs the paper.

While T-Bag tries to flee his apartment, Gretchen pulls a gun on him. “Who the hell are you?” she asks.

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