Six amazing hybrid animals

Ligers, tigons and grolar bears, oh my! Take a look at some of these otherworldly hybrid animals and you’ll realize the possibilities are endless. Though they rarely occur in nature, individuals from different but closely related species do occasionally mate, and the result is a biological hybrid — an offspring that shares traits from both […]

Criminal convictions of 22 CIA agents in Italy

Criminal convictions of 22 CIA agents in Italy The accountability imposed by another country for the CIA’s kidnapping and torture reveals much about our own. The criminal conviction of 22 CIA agents (and 2 Italian intelligence officers) by an Italian court yesterday — for the 2003 kidnapping of an Islamic cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, […]

Ancient Greenland gene map has a surprise

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Scientists have sequenced the DNA from four frozen hairs of a Greenlander who died 4,000 years ago in a study they say takes genetic technology into several new realms. Surprisingly, the long-dead man appears to have originated in Siberia and is unrelated to modern Greenlanders, Morten Rasmussen of the University of Copenhagen […]

Facebook Exodus

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold. Facebook, the online social grid, could not command loyalty forever. If you ask around, as I did, you’ll find quitters. One person shut down her account because she disliked how nosy it made her. Another thought the scene had turned desperate. A third feared stalkers. A fourth believed […]

Crystal Bowersox, Boyfriend Split On Eve Of Idol Finale

“American Idol” runner-up Crystal Bowersox and boyfriend Tony Kusian have split. After losing the “Idol” crown to Lee DeWyze on Wednesday night, the singer revealed to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” on Thursday morning that she’d also lost her relationship. “Big Tony… he went home. He wasn’t cool with […]

When Should Kids Get Cell Phones?

Every parent of a young child today knows the dilemma: When is your child old enough for a cell phone? A computer? A TV in their room? Good questions, and while the scientific and psychological consensus tends to skew toward encouraging later adoption of gadgetry (12 years old is a common figure for My First […]

What Price Suits Gold?

Leading Gold Bugs See Prices Tripling Someday, But Others Say its Current Level Is About Right Gold bullion just crossed $1,000 an ounce. But what’s it really worth? Bud Conrad, chief economist at Casey Research and a leading gold bug, says it’s worth far more. Based on long-term analyses of macroeconomic trends such as the […]

Tribes Show Best Camels At Beauty Pageant

DUBAI (Reuters) – Ten golden-colored camels adorned with sparkling ornaments line up for the finale of a beauty contest in one of the UAE’s northern emirates, awaiting the selection of two proud winners. Gulf Arabs from across the region gather in a large sandy plot in Ajman to sit in for a four-hour competition, which […]

Weakest Property & Casualty in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 Name State Total Assets ($) 1st Auto & Casualty Ins Co WI 29,811,501 1st Choice Auto Ins Co PA 10,497,267 AAA Mid-Atlantic Ins Co PA 24,720,306 AAASouthern New England Ins Co RI 61,618,240 AAATexas County Mutual Ins Co TX 61,308,797 ACA Financial Guaranty Corp MD 418,183,284 Academic Hlth Professionals Ins […]