2011 Chinese Horoscope – Monkey

Monkey Outlook for 2011


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Monkey Overview

If last year was a whirlwind, you might need to hang on for another wild ride. In the Year of the Metal Rabbit, things will probably ebb and flow without much warning. You’ll have to buckle down and do some serious planning in order to get the most out of 2011, and you might be in for a challenge. You have plenty of ingenuity and flexibility, so call on those strengths when things get sticky. The Rabbit favors peace and order, which could clash with your love of fun and games. Use your favorable months to get ahead and lay low during the unfavorable ones. You might not have a blockbuster year, but there are lessons to be learned. Seek out the moral of the story and try to live by it.

Monkey Rating

Monkey Career

If other things are shaky this year, work might be a solid foundation to stand on. While I wouldn’t recommend rocking the boat, stay proactive at the office and offer to take on more. You might have to put in overtime, but your dedication won’t go unnoticed. Try to stay put for now, even if you’re restless. Can you make your cubicle more entertaining? Bring some headphones to work and get inspired by some tunes. Buy donuts and bagels for your co-workers. Chummy up with your colleagues at office outings. Anything you can do to make work more fun will probably help you stay productive.

Monkey Relationships

The land of love may be rife with conflict this year. The Rabbit loves to be adored and indulged, while you think such things are a bit frivolous. Your partner might have a laundry list of demands that seem ridiculous. Are you just going through a rough patch or are your differences too much to handle? Consider compromise before you go making any rash decisions. It could be you need to be more sensitive this year. Your jokes and Monkey antics aren’t understood by all. If you’re single, someone might feel like getting serious with you. Are you ready? Make a pros and cons list before you go signing any marriage licenses or mortgage papers.

Monkey Health

Remember that children’s song about monkeys jumping on the bed? You might be the first one to fall off this year, so make sure you don’t bonk your head. Take care of your health so you don’t end up missing out on play time. Are you putting off a doctor’s visit? Do you need a teeth cleaning? Better to get it out of the way now rather than wait until it gets worse. The Rabbit’s fondness for staying home might not sit well with your active nature. Make sure you get outdoors enough. Stale indoor air can be ridden with germs, so open plenty of windows and clean your surroundings with eco-friendly products. Take up tap dancing or salsa lessons to spice things up when you’re in a funk.

Monkey Wealth

Money matters might look brighter than other areas of your life in 2011. Your sign’s element is Metal, which bodes well for you in a Metal year. There will be a lot of Triple Metal days to look forward to, which means the element of our year, month and day all align. Mark those on your calendar. While you might not see the tangible rewards yet, your efforts now will bear fruit later. Make sure you’re saving a percentage of each paycheck. You could meet with some unexpected expenses this year. Try not to spend on frivolous things. Create a working budget and do your best to stick to it.

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