Voice Actors of Toy Story 3

The beloved “Toy Story” franchise releases its third (and supposedly final) chapter this weekend. The movie not only features many of the beloved characters from the previous two installments, but also a whole raft of new ones. Click ahead to see some characters from “Toy Story 3” — both new and old — along with the actors who voice them.

Tom Hanks played Woody for all three of the “Toy Story” movies. However, if you see Woody in a commercial or TV spot, that’s not the voice of the Oscar-winning actor you’re hearing. Instead, it’s his brother Jim Hanks.

Though Tim Allen played Buzz Lightyear for the first two movies, he voices the toy rocket man for only part of “Toy Story 3.” The other part is done by Javier Fernandez Pena when Buzz is stuck in Spanish mode.

Michael Keaton is an old Pixar hand, having played Chick Hicks in “Cars” and reprising the role in next year’s “Cars 2.” In the meantime, he plays everyone’s favorite plastic heartthrob, Ken.

Whoopie Goldberg has done a lot of voice acting over the years, from “Monkey Bone” to “Snow Buddies,” but this is first time she played a toy cephalopod for the silver screen.

Dalton has performed Shakespeare and played James Bond, but he’s never been in an animated movie until “Toy Story 3” where he plays a method-acting stuffed hedgehog.

Though Garlin is new to the “Toy Story” franchise, he did provide the voice for the Captain in another Pixar classic, “Wall-E.”

Bonnie Hunt played the Porsche love interest Sally Carrera in “Cars” and in the upcoming “Cars 2.” In “Toy Story 3”, she plays the googly-eyed rag doll aptedly named Dolly.

Another new character to the “Toy Story” universe, Trixie — played by Kristen Schaal of “Flight of the Conchords” fame — was designed to look like it was from the same line of toys as “Toy Story” alum Rex.

Best known for shouting “Inconceivable” in “The Princess Bride”, Wallace Shawn also played Rex — the neurotic, insecure toy dinosaur — in all three of the “Toy Story” movies.

Joan Cusack is a talented Oscar-nominated actress and comedian, but she can’t yodel. For her part as Jessie the Cowgirl, yodeling duty went to actress Mary Kay Bergman.

Not only did John Ratzenberger play Cliff Clavin in the hugely popular series “Cheers,” he is also the only person to have voiced a character in every Pixar feature made to date.

Don Rickles has been in the business for a very long time. He’s worked opposite Dean Martin, Clark Gable and Clint Eastwood. He was the guest host for the Tonight Show. He performed during presidential inaugurations. In spite of that, Rickles’ grandchildren were most impressed that he played Mr. Potato Head in all three “Toy Story” movies.

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