Vanishing Head Illusion

You like your eyes, right?  We certainly like ours.  Most of the time they work awfully well — despite a massive design flaw that any first-year engineering student would have caught.

It’s called the punctum caecum, an area at the back of the eye that the optic nerve passes through, obscuring the light-sensitive photoreceptor cells that make vision possible.

That blind spot also makes an awesome optical illusion possible. Richard Wiseman, who runs the Quirkology video channel on Youtube, has concocted a particularly striking demonstration of the human blind spot — by making his own head disappear! Weirder yet, he’s able to pass a black bar up and down within the blindspot and it still seems visible, because the human brain is capable of reconstructing such simple objects and filling in the gaps.

See — or don’t see — for yourself:

click below:

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