Simon Says

American Idol star judge Simon Cowell spoke to the press via conference call on Thursday afternoon, and he answered multiple reporters’ burning questions regarding Howard Stern and other possible replacement judges, the recent scandal regarding disqualified contestant Chris Golightly, rumored tension between him and Ellen DeGeneres, potential Idol mentors, this season’s most promising new contestants, […]

New office buzzwords to know (and avoid)

Avoid These Office Buzzwords Last year about this time, I posted a list (plus definitions and correct usage) of the office cliches least loved by a random sampling of executives polled by Accountemps. You may — like me — be too snobby and old-fashioned to want to sling the lingo, but you’ve got to know […]

Commendatori Episode 17

Directed by: Tim Van Patten Written by: David Chase This week Tony goes to the old country to conduct new business while Carmela stays home and contemplates the nature of marriage. As part of the spoils of being Boss, Tony now controls the family’s luxury car “export” business. This new responsibility takes Tony, Paulie and […]

Wackiest Grammy Fashions

Lady Gaga at The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2010 Gaga was expected to sport an extreme ensemble — and did just that — in this custom-made, crystallized Armani gown, two-tone wig, heelless platforms, and out-of-this-world accessory. Alicia Keys at 44th Annual Grammy Awards in 2002 On the night she would go on to win […]

6 Unusual Jobs

Bounty hunters, private investigators, body guards–you’ve seen these jobs on TV, but do you know how they function in reality? Ever wonder what the job’s about, how you get paid, and how much? Here are six strange professions, along with the skinny on pay and duties. Many of these careers are seeing growth in a […]

Weakest Banks and Thrifts in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 Name State Total Assets ($000) 1st Advantage Bank MO $124,705 1st American State Bank of Minnesota MN $20,559 1st Commerce Bank NV $45,075 1st Commonwealth Bank of Virginia VA $25,160 1st Equity Bank Northwest IL $57,542 1st Financial Bank KS $113,825 1st Manatee Bank FL $55,655 1st National Bank OH […]

A Woman Will Win ‘Idol’

LOS ANGELES – Simon Cowell believes a woman is likely to win his final season on “American Idol.” The acerbic British judge told a teleconference Thursday he thinks one of the 12 women among the ninth season’s 24 semifinalists has a good shot to win the Fox singing contest. “We’ve had a few years of […]

Microneedles May Make Getting Shots Easier

At least that’s the hope of researchers developing a new method of vaccine delivery that people could even use at home: a patch with microneedles. Microneedles? That’s right, tiny little needles so small you don’t even feel them. Attached to a patch like a Band-Aid, the little needles barely penetrate the skin before they dissolve […]