Strongest Banks and Thrifts in the U.S.

Data Date: Second Quarter 2009 1st Bank MT $101,053 1st Bank & Trust OK $107,209 1st Constitution Bank NJ $617,401 1st Equity Bank IL $116,107 Abbeville Building & Loan LA $34,020 ADB Bank UT $59,140 Alamerica Bank AL $85,483 Alamosa State Bank CO $145,529 Albany Bank & Trust Company, NA IL $530,704 Alpine Capital Bank […]

EPISODE 310 “Dirt Nap”

Airdate: 2008-01-21 Sammy again tries to convince Lechero to kill Michael. Lechero says that Michael’s a folk hero in Sona now that he’s survived the box – kill him, and it’ll spark an uprising. Surprisingly, Sammy seems to agree. Mahone, now through the worst of his withdrawal, receives a picture of his son, Cameron, in […]

EPISODE 111 “And Then There Was 7”

Airdate: 2005-11-14 Another day begins in the grim confines of Fox River. Michael walks over to his cell’s sink, splashes water on his face and takes a deep breath.He flashes back to a few months ago. Inside a high-end jewelry store, Michael removes his sunglasses and indicates, “That one.” A salesman removes a platinum wedding […]

Alvin and the Chipmunks Part 1

In a tree farm, three musically inclined chipmunks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, find their tree cut down and sent to Los Angeles. Once there, they meet the frustrated songwriter David Seville, and despite a poor house wrecking first impression, they impress him with their singing talent. Seeing the opportunity for success, both human and chipmunks […]

Celebrities who have served time in jail

Rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) pled guilty to felony charges of peddling heroin and crack cocaine in 1994 at age 19 in New York. He served a total of six months in boot camp. In 2003, he was sentenced to two years probation for battery and assault. This undated photo, supplied by the Teton County […]

Online Dating as Honest as Real Life

For the millions looking for love on the Internet, the nagging question remains: Is my virtual paramour the person they say they are? A new survey of more than 5,000 U.S. online daters finds that the answer to that question is — by and large — ‘yes,’ or at least as honest as they would […]

Janice Soprano

“I’ve been looking for my soul mate all my life. Madonn’ have I looked.” Janice is Tony’s big sister, the eldest child of Livia and Johnny Boy Soprano. Unlike her brother, who’s spent most of his life within a short radius of his birthplace, Janice had a serious case of wanderlust. She hated her home […]

Explaining the Easter Bunny

In Christianity, Easter marks the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead. So why then do so many equate the holiday with a giant rabbit that, somehow, lays multicolored eggs? What exactly is the origin of the Easter Bunny? Folks are clearly curious. Web searches on “easter bunny origin” and “who created the […]