Top Life Insurance Companies

There are so many ways to rank US life insurance companies. You could rank the biggest companies that take in the most premium dollars every year. Or your could do a financial ranking to determine which insurers are the most financially secure. Last, but not least, we could consider customer satisfaction. Which life insurance companies get the best customer satisfaction and the least consumer complaints?

Some Ways To Rank Life Insurance Companies

* Size, including revenues and assets.
* Financial stability as analyzed by 3rd parties like AM Best.
* Low consumer complaints and high customer satisfaction.
* A company that is friendly to an applicant like you. For instance some companies may be more willing to underwrite people with health issues while another company may offer you a fantastic discount for good health habits.

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies By Premiums (From the Insurance Information Institute):

Rank Revenue Assets
1 MetLife $53,150 $558,562
2 Prudential Financial 34,401 485,814
3 New York Life Insurance 29,280 179,621
4 TIAA-CREF 27,526 420,315
5 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance 25,268 172,911
6 Northwestern Mutual 22,597 156,547
7 AFLAC 15,393 65,805
8 Genworth Financial 11,443 114,315
9 Principal Financial 10,907 154,520
10 Lincoln National 10,738 191,43

When we look at the amount of premium or policies that insurers write, it certainly says something about the company. But it may say more about their marketing efforts than their actual products since many consumers do not do a lot of research before they buy life insurance.

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