Tips on How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter Time

When that unpleasant chill hits the air, it’s time to school yourself on tips on how to keep your skin hydrated in the winter time. Let’s face it: dryness can be quite uncomfortable, and it’s important to fend yourself against the elements in order to maintain smoothness and suppleness all season long. Even if you suffer from dryness year round, you can take advantage of these tips and avoid the flaking and itching that often accompanies parched skin.

Why Skin Gets Drier During Winter

Keep your skin supple with these helpful tips!

Keep your skin supple with these helpful tips!

Ever noticed a certain trend that accompanies frosty weather – besides snow, that is? If you’ve experienced flaky, raw skin, chapped lips or witnessed scaly spots that weren’t there a month earlier, then chances are you’re dealing with dry winter skin.

The skin tends to react this way during the coldest time of the year because of the lack of moisture in the air. When winds blow furiously and heaters are cranked up inside, the results can be disastrous for the skin. Knowing that this is almost always inevitable, though, can also be a blessing in disguise. Since you’re armed with the knowledge that your skin will likely respond negatively to the change in temperature and the harsh elements, you can prepare yourself by doing a few things that will ensure your skin maintains its hydration and even gives off that same glow you showed off during spring and summer.

Tips on How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter Time

Though it may seem like slathering on some lotion is the only way to go, you’ll find that it simply isn’t true. In fact, using the same lotion you apply during the rest of the year may not even be very effective during a harsh winter. These tips on how to keep your skin hydrated in the winter time go beyond the obvious, offering you a few other alternatives that, when combined with traditional methods, will make for much softer, more touchable skin.


The old saying “you are what you eat” holds true when it comes to your skin. Moisturizing your body from the inside can reap huge rewards for the way your skin appears on the outside. Case in point: adding foots rich in omega-3 fatty acids can improve the condition of your skin remarkably, often in a matter of just a few weeks. That’s because omega-3s are responsible for keeping your skin cells well lubricated, thereby contributing to a younger, more rejuvenated appearance. Skin that lacks essential omega-3 fatty acids can be dry all year round.

In order to make the most of this nutrient, add foods like salmon, walnuts, olive oil, soybeans, navy beans, kidney beans, winter squash and ground flaxseeds to your regimen. Incorporating these foods into your diet will not only help your skin, but contribute to your overall wellbeing.


You’ve heard it time and again, but drinking water is more important than ever during the winter. It helps keep you hydrated internally, and of course helps the rest of the body in so many of its functions. Clearly, water is essential. Though experts have recently questioned the benefits of drinking copious amounts of water to keep the skin soft (some state that this water can not have any effect on the epidermis itself, since the skin’s condition is determined specifically by external factors), it’s still a good idea in general to drink water. It certainly won’t hurt the skin.


Avoid bath and shower gels, which can have a drying effect on the skin. Instead, opt for thick soaps infused with moisturizing oils and butters. Shea butter, olive oil and sesame oil are all common ingredients in exceptionally moisturizing cleansers.

One of the best ways to seal moisture into your skin after a shower is to use body oil. Once you’ve stepped out of the shower, gently pat (don’t rub!) your skin dry. When your skin is still slightly damp, apply the body oil all over yourself, massaging gently. Note that the oil won’t “sink in” the way a lotion will; you can expect to feel it for a little while. If your skin is exceptionally dry, follow up with a coat of a rich body cream after a few minutes. This is a great pre-bedtime ritual that can even help lull you off to sleep!

The concept of applying moisturizer to damp skin applies to your facial routine, too. It’s always more effective to do this, because your moisturizer essentially “captures” the water on your skin and seals it in. You’ll notice a remarkable difference if you practice this regularly

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