As Always You Were Wrong Again

We’ll raise the price of parking finesA boost for the economyIf that don’t work we close the minesAnd starve the poor of industry We proved again we rule the wavesA blow for white democracyThat Britains never shall be slavesSo long as they agree with me We’ll close the roads, divide the landPut out the rage […]


Baby be true and I’ll give my love to you,I need you baby.Treat me right and I’ll love you day and night,I mean it baby. When you’re down I’ll be around,To guide you baby.When you’re free just call on me, baby.I’ll give my heart to you, now babe.I’ll do what you ask me too, now […]

Oracabessa Moonshine

Oracabessa moonshineIs washing over meThe Jacaranda treeAnd bathing in the seaOracabessa sun upWill chase the night awayAcross the Lada bayAnd back to yesterday A warm Blue Mountain raincloud, welcomed by the landMade the morning cooler, left a rainbow in the sandSweet Hibiscus lingers in my own backyardWith a million different colours of a Hummingbird Orocabessa […]

Guns In The Ghetto

Daddy don’t go out tonightJust stay home till morning lightMe and mamma don’t feel rightPlease hold us tight Daddy why did you go to workWhen you know just how much we love you soPlease come back tomorrow Chorus They’re giving out guns in the ghettoThey’re saying they will set you freeOne day I’ll have children […]

Hold Your Position

Now here comes the great musical thing called "hold your position"Rasta, them style ya a just levelment Uncle seenHold me position, Just a hold me positionI ya, hold me position, just a hold me positionGo on, hold me position, just a hold me position Just like Jesus Christ in the valley of decisionDevil come along […]


Well hello babyCome sit down, make your self comfortableTell me somthing, how long have we known each other?About ten months huh?Say what’s that on your finger? An engagement ring?So you and John are getting engaged, huh?You know he’s a mighty lucky guyShould be proud to have a woman like youListen, I’ve got something to tell […]

Here I Am (Come And Take Me)

I can’t believe that it’s realThe way that you make me feelA burning deep down insideA love that I cannot hide I know it’s you and me babeThat makes the world go roundAh keeping you in love with me babyLaying all my troubles down Chorus Here I am babe, come and take meHere I am […]

I Really Can't Say

Chorus I really can’t sayHow I feel right nowI would if I couldBut I don’t know howJust give me some timeAnd I’ll come aroundI’ll pick myself upI’ll dust myself down Verse One Let’s leave it at thatI don’t want to fightDon’t say anything that you may regretIn fact, it’s the last thing I need tonightYour […]