Hands on the wheel gridlock and steel dogs are barking out in the streetIt’s a neighborhood war better lock that doorFlesh and blood and cold concreteBaby can’t make it. Baby can’t make itStanding in line at the tabloid shrine in the middle of the public nightAddict consumers consuming the rumors with a killer, killer appetite […]

Black On Black II

Daddy’s little soldier boyMama’s little pride and joyBoth hands on her apron strings"Don’t you touch that dirty thing"A warning signal from aboveInspection with a clean white gloveThey say that opposites attract like right and wrongBlack on black Like pleasure and a little painThe sacred and profaneIce and fire counteract like black on blackThe oldest story […]

My Crazy Head

I keep my secrets locked up tightI keep my emotions out of sightBut you got me memorizedWhat’s in my heart and what’s behind my eyesYou hold me tight you hold me fastWon’t let go until the storm has passedAnd when I finally break down I’m so in love I ain’t afraid to askI am not […]

Back To Avalon

Forgive me I can’t stay here anymoreI’m leaving with the tideThis evening another breeze blew round my door and stirred me up insideI’m breaking out of this tired old spellI braved it out long and so wellAnd the phoenix flies straight and high back to AvalonNow I’m on my way back where I belong, gonna […]

Ring Them Bells

Ring them bells yea heathen from the city that dreamsRing them bells from the sanctuaries cross the valleys and streamsFor they’re deep and they’re wideAnd the world’s on it’s sideAnd time is running backwards and so is the brideRing them bellsRing them bellsRing them bellsRing them bells! Ring them bells Saint Peter where the four […]

In Walks The Night

The night is falling like an angel on your memoryAnd we are well acquaintedWe are sworn enemiesAnd the lonely beating of my heart tonight is only one more thingI gotta fightWell I think about you baby, days of heaven that we hadThen I get to thinking maybe, maybe too much thinking’s badWell, my mind takes […]

Desire Walks On

Stand at the window, pull back the laceI feel the night wind on my faceAll that I long for – All that I craveAm I master, Am I slave?The night’s so stillI feel that lovers out in the hillsThe breathing of young girls lying in bedVisions of love in their headsDesire walks onDesire walks onA […]