Dr. Greenthumb

[a short skit opens the beginning of the song]Hello, I’m Dr. GreenthumbHave you ever had the problem of running out of weedand just can’t find some anywhere?Well try my Dr. Greenthumb grow tipsI’ll show you how to grow inside and outFrom seed to clone, and the best homegrownAnd if you’re afraid of those pesky pork […]

From the Window of my Room

[B-Real]Now lately I’ve been findin myself, pourin my guts outExpressin my thoughts, lettin my nuts out in the wallsof sleep, I can’t keep it all in the hall clearWhile others keep it inside for the pride they hold dearShoulda been, woulda been, coulda been the copsStop look and listen, you’ll get a vision of hip-hopIndividuals […]

Dead Men Tell No Tales

[B-Real]Pam Pa Ra Ra (4x) Any die, if the beholder the soldier begins to boreFour score, seven bullets (Yeah hit the floor nigga!)Take you outdoor, darkness frightens you even moreI’m here to enlighten you, with the hardcoreBring it raw, like the red, dead meat, in your plateAnd I’ll fill you up with the energy the […]

Looking Through the Eye of a Pig

[B-Real]I wake up every morning, kiss my wife goodbyeHug my kids, tell em I love em, my mouth, hit the friedI’m out on patrol, in my squad car, do I layWhere you never know, if you’ll be makin it home todaySo many different attitudes, that I come acrossI’m hard to console tonight, feeling nobody’s lostHookers […]

Steel Magnolia

Attendant: "That takes a fourteen shot clip You expecting an army?"Serpico: "No….just the division" [Barron Ricks]"Yeah, once again, (that’s right) We about to attack this (Harlem Inc, Murder Inc) Yeah (Nicky Bond) Jimmy Cagney type shit, Nicky Santoro All my little short niggaz Joe Pesci and all that shit like this yo" Fillin out the […]


[Sen Dog]Bout to mash these niggaz manDon’t come in my backyard motherfuckerHahaha, B-Real and the DOG, motherfucker!Ha! Yeah Here we go y’all, that’s the nigga head dogLunatic smokin loops, loose in your sectorGot my eye on em, on the apparatuslike a bone to a dog, yea you know I gotta have itAnywhere you get it […]

Lightning Strikes

"Attention all personnel The time has come! Attention all personnel Attention all personnel" "The world’s famous The world’s famous Cypress, Cypress Hill The world’s famous Cypress Hill Cypress Hill Cypress, Cypress Hill The world’s famous Cypress Hill Cypress, Cypress Hill The world’s famous" "Attention all personnel Attention all personnel" "The Soul Assassin button has now […]